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Trying to find support and advice in Arizona

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My wife and I (married California 2008) are beginning the long road to parenthood!  We're in the research phase now, hoping to start TTC in the summer.


We live in Tucson, Arizona, where unfortunately there is a State Constitutional Amendment stating that marriage is only between one man and one woman.  Therefore, second-parent adoption will be impossible for us.  I'm trying to find any other couples who live in Arizona who may be willing to tell us how their family works, what legal procedures they did to protect themselves, and also wondering if maybe there's a sperm bank close by that we're missing?  Only interested in Willing to be Known donors.  


Or anyone else who lives in a state with similar restrictions to ours would be greatly appreciated as well!  


Thanks everyone.  By the way, I've been leafing through all the threads and posts here and I can't express how much joy it fills me with to see all these happy alternative families :)  I'm so pleased to be a part of this community.

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Hi, my aprtner and I are in AZ (Mesa though) and we basically contacted a family lawyer to have all the paperwork drawn up (legal gaurdianship wills and such). There are not any banks around here, we have a known donor who is a long-time friend. If you have any other questions I would be happy to help!

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Hi desertsunsets hola.gif

My wife and I moved from Phoenix to NC two years ago. We found some lesbian lawyers online (Rainbow Law) and had tons of paperwork drawn up to protect each of us and our future child.

We searched high and low last year for a sperm bank in Arizona because we have a really good friend there willing to be a donor, but there just aren't any in the area.

Be sure to join us on the Queer Conceptions thread! I've never found a more supportive, knowledgeable group of people.
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Hey ladies,


Thank you for the replies!  We've been researching and learning a lot in the past couple weeks, so I think we're pretty well set in the legal department.  At least, as far as knowing what we need to do, not that we're done with it yet, lol. 


It's just nice to know that there are others in our state going through the same things we are!  And that you (firefly) have successfully began your family and have to deal with the same logistical issues as us.  That makes me feel good.


AMom, I've been lurking over at QC for about a month now.  I'm really enjoying learning about everyone and appreciating what everybody goes through to start the crazy journey of parenthood.  We won't be starting inseminating until August, so I'll probably pop up and introduce us sometime a few months before then. 


Again, thanks to you both.  tiphat.gif



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