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Is your DH jealous of babywearing?

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My hubbie gets a tinge of jealousy every now and then. He feels like i am all wrapped up in DS and maybe he feels a little neglected. But i'm pretty sure this is my last baby (we have 3) and i am just enjoying being so close to baby. i enjoy that baby enjoys being so close to me during the day.

anyone else have this sit??
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I dont think he gets jealous of my babywearing but I do know he got jealous of our co-sleeping. Mackie is our 3rd and it took 3 kids to find our groove with the whole AP thing! Mackie was my only breastfed and co-sleeping baby... when we slept at night she would snuggle up next to me and when daddy tried snugglign in with us she would fuss. I told him it was because I have the boobs!! When I stoped breastfeeding I was in teh doghouse a bit with her and she only wanted to snuggle with daddy for sleeping. He LOVED that! Now shes indifferent and we are trying to ge ther in her own bed. lol. As we speak she is upstairs snuggling with daddy in bed
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Not jealous, but he was VERY paranoid of my using slings when DD was a newborn . . .now that she's 2 years old, he "gets" it!
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My dh isn't jealous but he just dosn't get the baby wearing thing at all... i didn't wear my son at all (had a nojo, it didnt' work i gave it up) then i didn't find all the other options online till my dd was 13 months old so i started in there. One day while we were at the mall i had her in a KKAFP and he said it was imbarissing and people were giving me looks and he didn't like it... it really bugged me that he was that closed mind. I don't hardly wear my dd anymore b/c she's 21 months, prefers to walk, i'm 4 1/2 months pregnant, and all that. But do plan on wearing my newborn a lot when he/she comes along just for the breasfeeding ease while chasing after my 4 y/o and 2 y/o! LOL Hope he dosnt' give me greif then...

SAHM to austin 4 y/o
and abby 21 months,
EDD 8/20/04
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No, my Dh 'wore' our son all the time.
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yeah, the co-sleeping thing effects us a lot. ironically it's not the baby that ends up in our bed, it's the 3 yr old. but she was just learning to potty train at night and she would wake up to go potty and want to share it with us. it was really cute because she was so proud of herself. sleeping with us was kind of a reward for going potty. and i didn't mind at all. i was really proud of her and liked the special snuggling time at night.

DH is another story. he doesn't understand why she needs us at nighttime. he doesn't like sharing his bed (sometimes i think i'm included on that list j/k)

he also doesn't understand my needs to do extended breastfeeding.

i think it just boils down to the heart vs the head. sometimes men are just more logical and AP doesn't make logical sense to them.
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My DH always loved wearing my son. He helped me figure out how to get the sling thing working. For the co-sleeping thing, he was okay with it in the beginning. He said it didn't bother him. Now instead of being all about mommy he likes to cuddle at night with daddy. I think my husband really appreciates that special time. They are so cute reading books together all cuddled up.
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yeah, Dh wears baby in the backpack every now and then and likes to be "that dad". I just think men need a little encouraging to teach them to be nurturing like that.
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karl wears ds (and has since birth) as much or more than i do, even though i with ds more often! it is an unspoken rule that karl gets to wear tristan when he is home- unless karl has a backache or something, which is rare. he loves and uses pocket slings, meitai, the ergo... just loves being close with our son.

he has never needed any encouragement !

we also all cosleep, together. so no jealousy there. i do think if there is any jealousy, it is benignly directed towards the fact that i get to be pregnant and not him!

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at our house, there's plently of baby to go around! :LOL

dh wears the babies alot. for us, it's about keeping the babies happy. they are usually happiest with us holding them, so that's what we do.

plain and simple
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tabitha, that's exactly the same in our house. Dh loves having a family bed, in fact he was the first one to suggest it. he wore DD all the time, proudly!

I feel so lucky to have married a man who shares my views on parenting. I can't imagine having to pick between my children's needs and a whiny insecure DH, lol!
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Well, my hubbie is on again off again about AP. I can see it from his point of view because we've been in baby mode for awhile (my last 2 are 23 months apart). But he is (slowly) learning the value of listening to your baby and using your intuition to guide you in parenting.
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Nope! My dh wears baby all the time too. He has even worn her out in public in a heart print OTSBH! I told him I was impressed, that a lot of men would be too macho to do that, and he shrugged and said "Why? The proof of my virility is right here."
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Mine isn't either. My first sling was very bright and girly and he would wear her at home to play computer LOL. So I got a blue sling for him and he has never used it :/ He hasn't worn her since she was little, he holds her instead (which seems like hard work to me!)

He has commented on the looks people give us too, actually everyone who goes out with us has LOL.
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