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Replacing a dishwasher or just going without?- *more info post 38

Poll Results: Would you take money from family for a new dishwasher, knowing you cannot pay it back, even though it is not a necessity?

  • 20% (11)
  • 52% (29)
  • 27% (15)
    Only if they absolutely insisted
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So, our dishwasher is officially broken beyond repair greensad.gif

For the last 3 weeks, DH and I have been alternating dishwashing chores, though he constantly complains that I 'use' too many dishes when preparing meals (like prep bowls, knives, etc...). We really cannot afford a new dishwasher right now, but we have several family members who would be willing help us out with the cost. The problem with that is we have been in a tough place financially for a while now and feel a little bad about taking money for something that is not technically a "necessity".

These family members know we cannot pay the money back (at least not anytime soon) because we have several major expenses (major dental work and other medical stuff) that we have to pay off first. By the time we could pay for a new dishwasher it would probably be time for another new dishwasher!!! So I kind of feel bad taking money for something knowing I cannot pay it back. But I am going crazy with all the dishwashing! We have 3 adults and 2 children in the house and right now it is 2pm here and I have washed 4 sink-fulls of dishes already today.

What would you do?
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Yes, if they insisted even after you were perfectly clear that you would never be able to pay them back. I would probably ask them to consider it their bday/Christmas gift to the family for the rest of the year or something (if they normally give gifts for those occasions) or offer to help them with a household project or sew/bake them something or whatever you can do to reciprocate without spending money. I'd also choose one of the very low-end dishwashers (I've seen some under $200, ours was $250 I think). It's hard (though of course not impossible) to live without a dishwasher once you have a family!

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I voted "no" but I would consider it if it was coming from a relative who was well-off and it was blatantly clear it was a gift with no expectation of being returned.


Personally though, I detest dishwasers....I'd much rather do dishes 4 times a day as things accumulate, get them dried, and put away (ideally...I know it doesn't always happen that way) than manage the fine art of loading a dishwasher without needing said dishes before it's been ran and washing them by hand anyhow.


The Fly Lady's book "Sink Reflections" helped change my attitude about dishes....it took them from feeling like a woe-is-me burden to a I'm-thankful-we-had-these-dishes-to-use-and-food-to-eat perspective. Simplifying your dishes stash and only having what you need for 1 meal readily available in your cupboards helps too (you can store more in storage, but that way you rarely have an overwhelming amount of dishes to do). Also starting meal prep with a clean kitchen and washing as you go through meal prep...easier said than done sometimes, but it can work.

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Do you have a local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store?  I got our dishwasher there for $15-no joke!

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I voted no. If they really want to give you money then I would put it toward your bills rather than a dishwasher at this time. I lived without a dishwasher for many years and I love having one but I wouldn't spend the money for one if we really needed to pay bills more.


I would make an effort toward retraining yourself and your family to use less dishes. Rinse/wash an item right away and re-use it instead of getting a different item out, make one dish meals or things that don't require utensils/plates to eat, reduce the number of dishes available for use.

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No, I would not. I enjoyed having a dishwasher for the brief time we had one (three years) but for all the rest of my life I've done without one.


If it were another, more important appliance, like a clothes washing machine or stove, then yes, I would. But I would not borrow from family for a non-necessity, especially knowing that I'd never pay it back.

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Nope, but for us it would be a complete waste of time, we usually don't even use out dishwasher except after big meals.

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Originally Posted by RMM1117 View Post

Do you have a local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store?  I got our dishwasher there for $15-no joke!

we do, and I was thinking about checking it out! Thanks for the suggestion!
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If they insisted, I would. I would not cope well without a dishwasher. Now, I have gone without one before, and grew up without one, but I hate hate hate doing dishes by hand. Another option to check out is your local home improvement store. Sometimes, people may return a perfectly fine dishwasher for a minor "defect", that is not really a defect at all. If you check a couple times a week, you can come across a very good deal. (They'll give discounts on floor models, too)

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I have a large family and haven't had a dishwasher in so long I can't understand the fuss in owning such a magical dishwashing device orngtongue.gif I am the dish washer! I don't enjoy washing dishes but I do it the same as I do all the things that are necessary parts of keeping my family running. I wouldn't borrow money for something short of a true emergency. I'm really stubborn that way, though. 

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I have gotten used appliances from craigslist.  People remodel and get rid of well working appliances to get new ones that match their decor.  

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Nope, and I bet after being without a dishwasher for a while you'll notice yourself washing and re-using prep bowls throughout meal prep vs. using as many :) I know I did.

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Another no vote. We have a dishwasher and never use it, I cook a great deal and pretty much we do the wash as you go system. For me by the time I have scraped and rinsed the dishes I may as well wash them myself but that's just me.

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Nope, we are a family of 5 and live fine without one.  We are careful to not dirty more than we have to and stay on top of the sink.  


I like to keep a sinkful of warm, soapy water and wash as I cook.  I can usually sit down to a meal with having an empty sink.  After dinner, it pretty simple to wash five plates, cups, and forks.  The trick is t not let it build up.  



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We did just remodel our kitchen and replaced our dishwasher. We gave it away. It wasn't working great, but it worked. DH kicked himself that he didn't set it up somewhere in the basement bathroom because washing dishes was such a huge pain in the arse in the teeny basement bathroom sink for the 6 months that the dishwasher was out of commission. So, I'd look for a used one/free one first, but if you can't find one and you're really missing having one I'd definitely consider borrowing the money for an inexpensive one. Our old one lasted at least 10 years so there's a good chance in 10 years you might have enough money to pay off that small debt.

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Originally Posted by MsFortune View Post

I have gotten used appliances from craigslist.  People remodel and get rid of well working appliances to get new ones that match their decor.  

 This.  Our dishwasher finally died last year.  We have no money to buy a new one.  But we did replace our dishwasher, from free, from craigslist.  People remodel and get rid of perfectly good stuff all the time, just cause they don't match.  They move in and bring their own appliances and get rid of whatever was left in the house.  Check freecycle too

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I voted for the third option-- if family insists on giving you money for a dishwasher, and you make it clear that you'll accept money gifts, but can't repay loans. However, if you havea good local Craigslist, Freecycle, or ReStore, definitely check them out!!


We're a family of 5 + many fur babies, and the dishwasher is my best friend. I don't dislike hand-washing dishes, and still end up hand-washing pots, pans, and wooden stuff, but when we didn't have a functional dishwasher, the "dishwashing in fits and starts" that happened while parenting two toddlers and a newborn was just not effective. We bought a low-end mechanical dishwasher with no bells or whistles ($250ish) to replace the super-fancy digital model that broke a few months after we bought our house (the previous owners installed it). The cheap-o, non-fancy dishwasher we have is a little louder than the fancy one, but DH can easily fix it if something goes wrong with it-- when the digital one broke, the Repair Tech quoted us over $600 to replace the motherboard, and then more $$ to fix anything else wrong after that.

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Also post on Freecycle and ask. Someone on my local Freecycle just got a washer and dryer for free because someone was replacing their old one with a high efficiency set. 

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I voted no.  Currently, we have a dishwasher, and like another poster, really only use it when we have company over for large meals.  Otherwise, we wash by hand several times a day.  And, like yet another poster, I can't seem to perfect the art of not needing what's in there before it's been run.


A little history - I detested my chore of dishwashing growing up.  Then we got a dishwasher.  Loved it!!!  Off to college, law school, living alone, marrying and having two kids.  All that took 21 years, during which time I never had a dishwasher until last year.  So not a necessity.  Plus, having that chore can be a nice part of your daily rhythm if you choose to look at it that way.

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Another vote for CL.  Our dishwasher broke, and we are in the middle of a kitchen re-model, so not ready to do new appliances yet.  We found a free dishwasher on CL, after looking for a week or two, and installed it.  Works fine...actually works better than our pricey newer model ever did.  If you or your dh, or someone in your fam. is handy, this might be a great option.

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