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Pierced ear pain?

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I think this goes here instead of H&H.  I have 4 piercings in each ear and don't often wear earrings.  When I do I only use 1 hole.  I decided to put jewelry in all holes and now some of them HURT!  Is this normal?  If so, how long should the pain last?

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Is it possible that the kind of metal the earrings are made from is irritating your ears?  I cannot wear those cheap earrings that are made from nickel or whatever because my ears complain a lot, I would imagine irritated holes would be even more sensitive.  The other thing that bothers my ears are butterfly back closures - I do best with hanging or hoop style earrings.  If I've been wearing earrings regularly I can handle the butterfly styles for a day or so, but if I haven't had them in for a while they are more sensitive and hurt after 2-3 hours.


The other thing I would suggest is to put the earrings in, take them out once they start to hurt, and then put them back in a day or two later when they're feeling better.  Sort of ease them into it I guess.  That's something that has worked well for me when I don't have earrings in for a while and my ears need to adjust.

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I have about ten holes in each ear.  Many of them were done (improperly) with piercing guns.  It does damage sometimes or nerves get pierced.  There are a couple of mine that I could almost never use cause they always hurt.  Maybe you were pierced in a bad/funny spot too?


Or it could be an allergy.  I have a mild allergy to the cheap stuff but I still wear safety pins in my ears a lot.  They always ache for after a while of that and it takes a day or two for the pain to go away completely.

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