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I had a small tear in delivery that got a couple stitches and never bothered me and also dislocated or broke my tailbone. That injury is still bothering me--sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. I have been quite uncomfortable the handful of times DH and I have had DtD PP. I mostly blamed my discomfort on breastfeeding hormones.


My AF returned exactly 8 months PP and I was unprepared. I had planned to order the larger size Diva Cup but hadn't gotten to it yet so I used my old one. Yikes! Oh so uncomfortable! I can feel a bit of tightness when I am inserting it that I think is due to my stitches but once it is in place I have all kinds of pressure in places I never did before. I am conscious of its placement the whole time I wear it it which was never the case before. I switched to a tampon which felt dry going in but doesn't give me internal pressure. Anyone have any ideas on what's going on in there? We moved cross country when DD was 5 weeks old so I can't call on my midwife like I would like. :(