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Weird Cycle this Month...

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 Hello, ladies. Google searching has given me some very limited answers (and plenty of scare-inducing ones), but then I remembered this forum and how knowledegable you are on the subject.


 This month is the very first time I have ever had mid-cycle spotting in the 22 years that I have had a period. Today is the only day I have noticed it happening.


 Background info: I am on the pill, but was off it about three or four months ago when my perscription expired. When off the pill, and from being back on it in the last three months I haven't had any spotting. Just today. First day of my last period was January 6. Expecting next period on February 3. Haven't had sex since Jan 1, which was protected. Last period was normal.


 Any ideas what this could be? Is it normal to be a non-spotter and suddenly have this pop up?


I'm embarrassed to talk about it, but I hope you may have some reassurance for me. redface.gif

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First, I certainly wouldn't be embarrassed by this.


Second, I think you need to think of your BCP cycles as a completely different history than your post BCP cycles. For however long you've been on BCP, they were essentially "medicated." Now you are getting to know your cycles unmedicated - and who knows what you'll discover. But keep keeping tabs and you'll soon see a pattern. 


Good luck.

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