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Onbuhimo ~~UPDATE~~

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I saw these at peppermint.com, thought they looked neat. Anyone have any experience with them? Are they comfortable? How heavy is the baby you wear? Any other places to buy them?

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No input on the carrier, but I've had great experiences shopping at Peppermint.
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Hey Kaelynn The onbuhimo looks pretty neat.....but I'd probably want it in a more unique fabric. Also...I'm not real keen on the urethane batting. Natural fabrics are really important to me in a baby carrier. I bet Zane would look awfully cute in it though!

How are you feelin' these days??

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I read a review about it on www.thebabywearer.com and it didn't sell me on the carrier . . .lovely fabrics, but doesn't seem comfy enough!
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My neighbor has one that she brought back from Japan. It doesn't look that comfortable to me. There's a lot of padding and stiff pieces on hers. Hers is also plain black, those ones on Peppermint are much nicer looking.
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I have one but have not used it yet. I am in Japan, and my fabric is not as nice as what peppermint has, go figure. Mine was a hand-me-down. From what I have heard the straps are thin, so your baby can feel heavy. Also the way you wear it gives you the wonderwoman breast effect. No breast compression, LOL. My DCP thinks a ring sling is more comfortable, and likes my wrap sling the most. She had never seen either, wore ombuhimo with both her kids and others she cared for.
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From the pictures it looks as though it would really pull on your back/shoulders. There is nothing to transfer the weight to your hips. I think it's pretty, though, even though it's so simple looking.

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Well even with the reviews and the replies, I decided to buy one....Sorry, it is an addiction....must have slings!!!

I will let you know what I think when it gets here.

Oh Lisa, we are doing ok. Keeping busy. Are you home yet?
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I got it in the mail today....fast shipping peppermint And I love it!! Both my dh and I wore ds around in it for awhile. Ds seemed to like it and it was comfortable for both me and my dh. I the padded shoulders. It does make your boobs really stick out, but I decided..."I am woman, I have boobs" It is really comfortable in a front carry too. A little tricky to get on, , but do able .

So yes they are great! Everyone should buy one. :LOL Much more comfortable than my mei tai.
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this may sound really stupid, b ut what is the major difference between this and a mei tai? I just looked at them on the peppermint site and now I want one.....:

DH already calls me a sling
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I have this red Mei Tai http://www.mamasmith.com/products.asp?ID=1
Mei Tai:
~No Padding
~Four straps
~Larger seat
~Straps come over shoulders and either tie to the straps around your waist, or go back under your shoulders and tie under babies bottom
~For some reason it doesn't work as well for me in a front position, it is harder to tie.
~Dh is a bigger guy so this carrier doesn't work as well for him

~Padded shoulders
~Two Straps
~Narrow seat
~Straps cross in front of your chest, then goes through rings at your waist and ties in front
~Easy, comfortable front carry
~has removeable padded head support
~Dh was able to comfortably wear ds in this carrier

Hope all of this made sense and was what you were looking for.
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Thanks for the link! I have a Kozy on order and I know so I'm going to see how that works before I order another ABC.

Thanks for the info.
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