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Relactating Mamas

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Would anyone be up for a support tribe?
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I would! It'd hard work, and I'd love to know what other mamas do, and provide support since things don't always go as planned.

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I would too!.. I relatated my first. It was tough and brutal, but I did successfully and She weaning just recently at 5 1/2 yo.

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Oh I would love to join!  I'm just about to start my relactating journey so this would be so helpful for me!  I'm picking up Mother's Milk tea, fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfafa (if they have it) in the morning along with pre-natals.  Once I get home and start taking the lot I'm going to try and encourage my 19 month old to start latching!  I hope it works - I was so devastated when we had to stop!

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I would totally join!

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Count me in.  I'm 3 months into relactating for an adoption using these protocals: http://www.asklenore.info/breastfeeding/induced_lactation/gn_protocols.shtml so far it's working REALLY well, I've increased 2 cup sizes and starting having occasional let downs and leaking, and that's all without any herbs yet or pumping. 

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