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Stumped on Shea Butter

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There is so much out there...what's your favorite brand? Something I can get on amazon or online?

I want to use it as body lotion and as shaving cream.


Can I use it on my kiddos too?


Thanks. Appreciate any advice.

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not sure where you are located but I order mine from a women locally.


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mountainroseherbs.com has great bulk shea butter. it should be just fine on childrens skin as well. just don't let them eat it : )

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I got my shea butter from mountainroseherbs . I mixed it with some cooca butter and a little almond oil and use it on myself and the kids all the time.  Haven't had a problem yet :)

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another person who has ordered from Mt Rose Herbs. Buy thru link on upper left corner "buy herbs" link here on MDC, and MDC gets portion of sale as well, nice to support MDC when it's no bother or additional cost.

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My daughter and I bought some on Amazon. It was bright yellow with a strong smell similar to cocoa butter. Some of the reviews said this wasn't shea butter, it was African butter. Some said this and some said that. I even wrote a review that, now, I'm not sure about.


I prefer products that are raw and unrefined. I have bought from Mountain Rose Herbs before and do like them.


Anyway, in case you're interested, here are a couple of links that talk about the difference between white (off-white) and yellow shea butter, so you can better decide which kind you want.





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Yellow or Golden shea butter isn't shea butter at all.  It's actually Painya or Kpangnan butter.  http://www.agbangakarite.com/info_goldenshea.php

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This is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for the info and the website. I'm going crazy with want! I bought shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter. Do you combine usually or can i use it raw? yum!

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L'Occitane is my favorite brand of shea butter products.

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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post

L'Occitane is my favorite brand of shea butter products.

Yikes! Just checked out the above and they want $39.00 for 5.2oz of pure shea, where Mountain Rose wants $4.00 for 4oz of pure shea. It's the same stuff...why on earth the incredible, unnecessary markup?!


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I also order from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I use it on the kids after their showers and on their lips when they're chapped.  My DH loves it for his eczema, he's found it works better than the steroid ointment he got from the doctor.

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Encouraging to hear! I can't wait to get mine in the mail. My kids both get chapped butts. Its really wierd as they are both totally potty trained. Every lotion i try does not help. I have a feeling this will "magically" take care of it. I am so excited to try this wonderful stuff. I was also thinking if it doesn't go too fast i would use it as shaving gel?

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Interesting, I just bought for $29, 5 lbs of shea butter on Amazon.  Now I dont know what it is...its from Guana.  But its looks great. LOL. Hope it serves its purpose, goign to try making my own soaps/lotions for skin and hair with it.  

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