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Pixie, your story is wonderful! And his chunky cheeks now...my goodness! He is gorgeous. Congrats!

   Just dropping in to say number 8 is cooking. :) I am sick most every day(which makes me feel good that something is happening lol...it is hard waiting in the beginning), and trying to plug in as much schoolwork with the kids while we can. It is also spring prep time. New chicks, getting ready for piglets, planting...loads of work. I will try to peek back in more frequently though!

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Well, I use to be one of those members who felt barely like a MoM with only four but....number five is on his or her way! My oldest is now 19, then we have 7, 6 and 3. I'm due in november. Along the way we have had various cousins and nephews live with us, I'm not use to having less than five kids running around. Our 12 year old cousin who was here for a year just moved back to be with her parents and I guess I had to fill in the space, lol!! Anyway, we homeschool, my dh is the stay at home parent and I work, thankfully a very flexible schedule with work at home time. My father in law also lives with us and we have a small farm. Last saturday, one of our goats had twins, then sunday another had triplets then monday one we didn't even realize was pregnant had twins and on tuesday I found out I was pregnant. A sign? Lol!!

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Pixie!  Adorable!  And Congratulations Wendy & Anglyn, wonderful news! :)

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Thank you, guys!


And congrats to @wendy and @anglyn!

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I was JUST ABOUT to post to ask if anyone else had this issue!  I also had 3 under 4--well, the oldest was 4 years, 29 days lol when his baby brother was born 2 years ago.

Just NOW with my FOURTH baby being 3 months old and DH being home laid off work do I FINALLY feel like I have a *real* handle on having all these kids....I feel like I've spent 2 years in some sort of overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, horrible place as a mom.  NOW....FINALLY...yeah there's times I feel overwhelmed, but it's not like every minute of my life.  I actually feel like it's crazy but I'm back in control of it.  Where from the time my 2 year old was born pretty much up until now i felt like it was mostly just crazy. 


Ages 6, 4, 2 years 4 months, and baby will be 4 months in 8 days!

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Hey mamas!  I'm Samantha, new to THIS thread!  I *only* have 3 children (under 4) and for me it feels like I have 2500 kids running around!  I had my latest baby in Nov. he's almost 4mo old, a 2 yr old, and a 4yr old.  I feel like I'm really struggling! The baby is a normal nursing round' the clock baby, my 2yr old is a typical super *fun* sure we'll call it that--- 2yr old, and my 4 yr old is bored.  Super bored at home as I'm dealing with the baby and the 2yr old. It's been a super cold and snowy winer in northern MN and I'm just feeling bleah!  We plan (or not plan as we are QF) to have more children and I'm just struggling at the thought of more kids in my future. I feel bad for my 4 yr old who should be doing more but can't because his mama can't get out of the door with all ids bundled and diaper bag packed to get there on time. 


Please please tell me this gets better!!!





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congrats to Wendy and Anglyn!  Pixie---cute baby  :)


Zayd is almost 4 months now....next week!  would never know what he went through that first week or that there's anything different about him.  He's just adorable and sweet and he laughs.  :D


6 yo DS loves kindergarten, 4 year old DD needs some friends, 2 year old DS is now really into trying to play with the big kids.  :)

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Poking my head in... I'm feeling like I need some large family support lately.  :)  I'm a homeschooling sahm of 5, ages 11, 9, 6, 3, and 1.  Four boys, with a girl in the middle.  We're not sure if we're done.  I was kind of feeling done after our youngest was born, partly because I had such a difficult time meeting the other kids' needs while pg and in the noob stage, and partly because I had some health problems (nothing terrible, but they've become worse with each pregnancy) but now I'm not so sure.  My dh would be happy to have a few more, but he would be happy to be done if I feel like I'm done.  So, it's up to me.  I hate making decisions.  :P


wendybird, your spring prep sounds great!  I've always figured we couldn't really start any bigger garden/livestock projects until we were done having babies.  Did you know how to do any of this stuff before you started having kids?  I feel like it wouldn't seem so impossible to, say, start in on a flock of laying hens or having a more serious garden or canning if I didn't have to learn it all from scratch.  

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O.K. I need this thread now.We are expecting #6 earthside in May/June,this is our 9th pregnancy,one blighted ovum and two baby angels.We have two boys,11 and 4, and 3 girls 9,7,and 2,then this one.Here's the thing.We live in Utah, known for its big families, and #6 is blowing peoples minds!!!! It throws them right into a state of fantasy!Saying things like, oh, we wanted more,or I wish we had more.....Like they just heard we got a unicorn and they've always dreamed of one too! Odd. The other thing is,darned car-makers just don't consider big families,especially with booster seats and carseats required!!!!! okay.I've just been dying to vent those things to people who'd "get "it.:) Thanks.

Anyway, I'm freshly 32,with 6 kids and we unschool and mess up the house and play and get in and out of funks.We are celebrating our 12 yr. wedding anniversary on Easter this year-cool!And then having a baby.Here's another thing for this forum-I'm SO not inspired/motivated to get ready for this birth.(we have em all at home). I just feel so normal about it,sure, another birth,another few years of nursing and then I'll be here again.....What the heck is my problem?! It's THIS baby's only birth! That's pretty darn special and exititng! Clean the house!Get the kids exited, knit some booties or some-darn-thing!Sheesh! Get with the program here! I just can't bring myself to DO it.I can fantsize in a napping stupor,I can write it out, I can plan and map and all that, I just have a hard time with the REALITY of MAKING it happen. Is this a normal lots of kids thing?I really need to get over it.Anyway, I've been up since 3am with insomni,AKA the baby making time for just us,and the household is starting to wake, and I have a trashed house in which I am hosting scrabble in a few hours, so I need to eat and clean and so on...BUT I'll be thinking of this forum and soaking in the love,light and support of people who are not thrown into a stupor of fantasy about the reality of my life.:)

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I'm baaaaaack! lol.gif


How is everyone? Long time no see! This thread is not nearly as hoping as it was. Where the heck is Annette? 


KRS- I feel ya on just about everything you said. We're even Mormon- also known for big families- and when we had number THREE we were getting comments at church. When we had numbers 4 and 5 (twins) we got "you need your own TV show!" rolleyes.gif PUH-lease! We recently went to the mall because I needed to pick up a cheap maxi dress from Forever21 and we got so many stares and comments. My husband whispered to me "we're like a novelty to them". Ayup. 


Wendy~ CONGRATS!!! Number 8! Can I admit to be jealous here?


Pixie~ CONGRATS as well!!! Simply adorable!


Brisen~ hey you! It's been forever.


As for us- the twins are 20 months (I think. I'll do the math later). My house is usually a mess, my kitchen is always a disaster, I'm actually typing this hiding out in the laundry room laying on a pile of clothes. The girls are figuring out they out number me, but we also have a lot of laughs and lots of artwork (even on the walls duh.gif) and just lots of fun. But I'm also super overwhelmed and tired. Le sigh.  


I got the tubal when I had the twins and don't regret it (my pregnancies are hell on earth) but I would have liked to have more. I can't really talk about that with most people but I feel safe saying it here. Phew!

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If I didnt know better I would swear my husband was deployed or on work ups or something....


Last Monday the 21st we got to have dinner with Miss America. Awesome time! She was so sweet and down to earth. Great young lady..... Monday night my oldest puked twice. My youngest puked once....


tuesday the baby (22months) started with diarreah and still puking....


Wed she got a mild fever and was still yucky


Thursday I had her in the drs office as I was worried about dehydration. They dismiss me and spend less then 5min with us......


Friday after puking 4 times in an hour I take 3 kids to the ER... baby gets two bags of IV fluids, a good dose of Zoferan and some glucose for her very low blood sugar...


Sat my dryer decided to just stop working


Sunday my dishwasher decided its gonna start acting up...


Monday the 6 year old has an upset stomach and slight fever...


By Tuesday husband says he is not feelign well at all....


Wed they come to fix the dryer and have to order the part. Wont have it till next week. When the guy moved the washer he broked the spicit that the cold water hose is attached to which at 10pm last night had me finding my kitchen full of water coming out of the wall behind the stove. This is after I go to open the window on the scren door and the glass falls in to my arms.....




Gremlins gremlins go away........


Sorry had to vent to people who understand lol

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Is there a more recent thread than this or has everyone else been taking a break too??


I've been very introverted since having Devon, which is really unusual for me, and I'm feeling ready to step out a little...




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I'm curious too!  Where is everyone.


I'm up to 6 kids now and was looking for some meal inspiration.

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I stayed away for awhile, dealing with pregnancy loss. But I am all chipper and okay now, so here I am happytears.gif.

  We are thinking of/preparing to move back to MI. I am crazy excited about the idea. We would reduce our house size by half, but will be in the city so we won't need half of our country things(muck boots, tools, all the crud that is necessary to make things run semi smoothly out here!) would still garden and have hens and be that crazy natural lady lol...just with neighbors we could see.

   Meals...such a fun challenge,right? I love food. Three of the boys are at camp this week and I keep overcooking. I think I have forgotten how to cook for less than an army. ;) We do cabbage and noodles a lot(it is always the birthday child's first request). Or home made pizza. Super easy to triple a batch and just use whatever toppings one likes. I usually keep it simple and do cheese and spinach, but we have made all kinds.Or you can make the dough and slice it into cheesesticks to dunk. Rice with meat and gravy and a tablespoon of sour cream is easy and cheap and a comfort food. Or mashed potatoes as the main course, covered in cheese and some kind of meat(shredded chicken? ground meat, or steak strips?bacon? it all works.) Salad and bread, or soup. Chili. Lol...we have a boring  menu I think, but it all cooks fast, and my grocery budget is good, and we eat healthily. We also eat tons of fruit. Every meal is accompanied by fruit.


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Hi everyone - I've gotten about halfway through reading these posts but I'm running out of time and have to post something....


I'm new to this tribe...just had my 4th babe who is almost 10 weeks old.  I have 2 girls and 2 boys, ages 7,5,2, and 10 weeks.  I have always wanted a large family and I love my kiddies so much, however I am finding myself unable to cope lately with such business.  It's just nonstop from morning till night.  I am just about keeping things moving and everyone fed and bathed but I feel like I'm crumbling.  It's too much.  I am so upset, I feel like a failure as a wife and mother, I can't give enough attention to the older kids and I just feel like a slave.


My dh helps a lot but he has a chronic illness/is disabled and cannot always do as much as he would like to.  Since I stopped going to church last year I lost all but 1 friend who lives locally.  She has helped but she actually lives about 45 minutes away.  I have NO support.  I dread getting up in the morning...it's just going to be another day of slavery.


I'm glad this tribe exists....does anyone else ever feel like this?  What am I going to do????  My dh and I want to have another baby someday but I just don't know if I can handle it.  I can't handle 4.


Thanks for listening mecry.gif

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