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Neuromancer and Nerdymom--thanks for the pictures! Nerdymom--all our closets look like that right now, except the one I just cleared out for the baby. I plan to hit the others sometime in the next couple months. Neuromancer--your apartment is super cute--I like that big shelving unit. Wouldn't fit in our bedroom, I don't think, but it looks like it makes a lot of sense in your space.


Crazyms--250  sf? WOW. I bow down to you.


I'm gonna try to post some pictures sometime soon--maybe when the setup is a bit more ironed out.

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We have a 100 year old farm house with about 600 sq feet.  We're expecting our 3rd baby.  Our biggest change this time around has been to swap out our standard bed for 2 twins bunked for hubby and me.  (we sleep better separately anyways) and when the new baby is big enough to go into the "kids" room we will get the two older kids bunks as well.  We also have a pull behind trailer parked out back that we use as storage for seasonal items.  I change out the clothes at the beginning of every season and put the bins back in the trailer.  We had one to travel cross country a few years ago when we could afford it!  Storage options outside of the house are so nice.  I also keep all the clothes that the kids have grown out of in bins in the trailer marked with the sizes for easy grabbing when we need a new size for the little one.  Old toys get put out there, as well as all my canning supplies. 

I've learned to utilize the upward space with shelving.  Most shelving systems can be pretty inexpensive at the hardware store or IKEA.  Just be sure to know what you plan on putting on your shelves before choosing the system because you want to be sure your walls can handle the weight.  I like to use the space above windows for shelves. 

My biggest tips are:

1. organization

2. minimalize

3. use upward spaces (shelving/bunks/etc)



I hope that helps.  I'll try to remember pictures the next time I get on!

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Okay.. as some one that may or may not be RVing.. I have also dreamed! The thing that I thought of.. but never saw in a design.. and might totally be nonsense.. but was to have bunks to make more room.. like the old airstreams that folded down.. can be for bed but also can just be for storage. I also had a crazy idea of skipping the couch and having a futon with a sheep skin on top of it and a few, or 4 love sacs.. this way we could take the sheep skin out on to a camp site (sorry if you are vegan.. I understand.. just so warm!) and also have it underneath the bed sheet for extra warmth and comfort.. the Love sacs (better than bean bags) can be removed for seating outside too and moved around.. but not sure if there would be 4 or just 2. And the futon with pillows.. just seems more like an open space to play, sit in circles, etc. and have a small coffee table that is in a circle that can be used for dining, over in the area, and also taken outside, instead of a really formal table and chairs. I think what inspired me was my Moroccan friend (well LDS/Utah, but married to a Moroccan). She is so into simple living and visits her family a lot. She has one very large dish that is kind of like a platter but also looks deep like a bowl, they sit around, on floor pillows around small table, and spoon the food out of a few piles on one of these plates with bread! They wash the cookware and this one plate! I also find that the open space is less limiting for play, yoga.. hanging out and cuddling.. I can totally see how hanging cabinets would win me over, and also thinking that since one wall or side is without the pull out bed couch, that maybe that would be the place for a whole ton of cubbies with doors.. just plop a floor pillow on it's side and you have a back rest.. your feet are already out straight like they would be for an ottoman. Not like you are in danger of being lazy in an RV life! But the up and down from the floor is better. Also the whole "floor" layout is great for babies.. they don't bump, fall off, climb anything! They don't need a high chair, they just begin using the table to help them stand and as a play table at toddler age. When we got into Montessoir (which led to unschooling and Waldorf inspired more) I was excited to get a floor futon/play area and it has been a very versitale piece! I understand the play pen.. because of the steps out of the RV, but I loved, loved it, when Athena started crawling out of her naps! She would crawl out of the room (bam, bam, bam on the wood floor) and just be strectching and smiling hello! It was always large enough for me to cuddle with her before she went to sleep and we played on it all the time as a family with her (full size). Those things are just not recommended enough! 


So I guess I was thinking that there would be no chairs, dinette or couch and the beds in the back would be either a queen with a twin bunk over the head, or two bunks on either side... 


Oh and here is my house.. 




with all the pics because it was for sale.. is now sold.. still unsure about the RVing thing.. I think it is going to happen but I am not ready to go back to FOTR yet! My DH kind of pulled out and it is now a 8-9 month goal to be on the road and I think we are thinking of going on a Class B.. but maybe not even.. Thinking of also just getting a mini van, camping and finding little homes to rent along the way.. not sure. not sure.. ahh! I hope the divine just lands us in the right thing! Also.. it is Hawaii and I have never been or seen an RV up close.. been here ten years.. 


We have a really neat home. I wasn't sure I was going to love it... but without walls I am so aware of my kids.. they have tons of space to play and the light and air is everywhere! we also have a grand piano but that wasn't in any angles for the sale. You just can't see the family closet.. the coolest thing.. here it is.. not in it's glory because it is night time and my flash is out, but the best I can do.. 














put those together with the others... :) 

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I really admire you ladies who are RVing or considering it. I'm a Taurus and while I don't put much stock in the zodiac, I am pretty much your most typical Taurus. I really need to feel grounded and secure. The only reason I'm able to deal with moving so often for the military is that there is such great job security for DH. The idea of living in a traveling home is very stressful, not the small quarters, but the nomadic lifestyle! But I admire those of you who do it, it must be an adventure!


Also, keep in mind those are old pics, before we had DS. When we get our new bed I will post pictures of our current living space. We have just under 1000 sq feet and we'll be here for at least another year and a half. I'm not moving without PCS orders! I'm so sick of packing and schlepping boxes. We moved 4 times in 4 years on our own and when we settled in here I told DH I wasn't going anywhere until the military moved us out.

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I understand being intimidated by traveling instead of having a secure steady home. I really admire the folks that can FTOR traveling just to do it. I couldn't. I think it would make me nuts. I think the only reason I'm comfortable traveling in the RV like we are is because it's for dh's job so not that different from military style. We just go where the job sent him and we're usually in a spot for a few months at a time could even be for a couple of years. If it wasn't for the job stability I doubt I'd survive. I do get stir crazy though when we're coming up on a change because of the uncertainty. We've been in our current location since Oct. and are about to move. As it looks we'll be in the next job for about 3 mos and then could stay there for 2 years or may be moved to another job for I think a year. I don't like not knowing for sure but at least he'll be working regardless. It's definitely a change though.


Using the up/down space really helps in a small area and minimizing! I really like that the new camper will have a full size fridge though. That will be a big help for me and I've told dh that a washer/dryer in the camper is a must. It really helps to minimize when I can clean things as needed without a hassle. I also can't stand laundry in this small of a space so being able to wash each load as it comes would be amazing. No more laundry baskets/hampers taking up floor space since clothes can go from body to washer/dryer to shelf. Ahhh I can't wait.


greenacresmama - I agree with tossing the couch if you do it and are okay with that. I have decided to throw out the couch in the new camper when we get it. The couch and dinette in that one are in the slide. I'm going to replace the couch with bunks for the kids. We can sit on the beds to watch tv so who needs a couch? It'll save space for us. We're going to build the bunks for the kids with a little shelf/storage area to one end so they can keep their stuff. The bottom bunk is going to be raised enough that a small trundle can go underneath. The trundle is going to be used for storage for now and then the plan (at least for now) is to let that be the baby's bunk when (s)he outgrows the small playard. I've got some of the large playsilks that I'm going to dye and hang like curtains around their beds so they can have some privacy and their own little space too.

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Those pics are so lovely. I am a horrible housekeeper at the moment - though working on it. I've lived in my in-laws spare room for 2 months with a family of 4 (1 a newborn at the time.) DS2 (newbie) slept with us in the full sized bed and DS1 slept in a travel sized crib at the end of the bed. (He was 2.)


We only had diapers and some clothes for all of us and it worked out. 


We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment shortly after that and I felt like we had a huge place. I think it was like 900 sq ft max. 

We moved to another 2 bedroom later after having accumulated some more stuff and it was pretty tight but still worked. We now live in a 3 bedroom but only 1000 square feet living space. It seems big enough to me though. 


So, I recommend limited baby gear. Only the needed stuff. At first - an infant seat/bouncy seat. A swing isn't necessary although I actually have a swing that the seat comes out and it just stays as a regular infant seat, but I found DS2 preferred to just hang out in the seat over swinging. Also, my kids have both loved either an activity center or jumperoo. My favorite is the jumperoo. Anyway, I am not a huge help but I can tell you it is all doable. 

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We're soon to be 5 in an RV too!  We're in the process of moving out of our 1400 sq ft house into the 22 ft (176 sq ft including engine and drivers seat) motorhome.  We're sleeping in it, but not cooking in it yet, since the big convenient kitchen is just a few yards away!  But we'll be in it fulltime by the time baby arrives.


Luckily, we already don't want baby stuff.  I agree with those who said toys are pointless for babies.  The world is their toy!  We'll co-sleep, and I want to hang a baby hammock over the bed too so I have the option of putting baby in the hammock hovering nearby.  That'll free up some space in our full size bed, if it works out, but baby will still be within arms reach for all that nursing.


Six year old and 14 month old are sharing the not-quite-twin sized bed that the dinette folds into.  This is awesome because until we started sleeping in the RV this week, the little one was still in our bed and I knew I needed to move her (on account of she won't fit in our bed in the RV).  It's gone beautifully.  She still wakes at night and I go sooth or nurse her because with 176 sq ft, it's pretty much all convenient to every other place!


We have never used a stroller.  We had a donated swing for baby #1 but didn't use it so we don't do that anymore.  We had a bouncy seat but it was unnecessary so we don't do that anymore.  When the new baby is old enough, we'll probably get a high chair seat that clips to the end of the dinette table since it seats four and baby makes five!  I don't dress babies in clothes unless I need to, so that keeps the wardrobe down.  I found that a hanging shoe storage device in the closet has cubbies just the right size for tiny baby clothes. 


We won't have a washer/dryer either, so I'm going to use flat diapers, which take up less space and will do double duty for newborn and toddler.  We also EC, which reduces a lot of diapers/laundry.  We don't use bottles or baby food (baby starts eating regular meals when ready) so that's a whole space saver too.


My weary pregnant self is so eager to be done with this house and all the stuff in it.  I just don't have time to take care of it AND my children!


I'll be posting about how we fit our whole family into the motorhome on my new blog, if you're interested to follow it: www.freerangedreams.com 

Closet space post coming soon ;-)


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