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Oh, I am so sorry Bumblebeth!

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Cheers pal. x

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Oh no!!!  I'm so very sorry my dear.  Did the dr give you any tips at all?  If there's a blockage, would constant "cleaning of the pipes" do any help?  I do suggest asking the wonderful and informative women on the vrsupport group I posted earlier.  They have alot of experience in these matters.  


I wish you both the best of luck and that everything will clear out, asap!  

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Thanks honey. I'm still numb right now, but plan to go on the VR support group next week. just want to get this weekend over - J and I really need to chat first heart to heart. We justn havne't had chance to do that yet.


Miracles do happen. You never know.


Anyhows - how are you getting on now?



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I totally understand.  hug2.gif  I hope your heart to heart goes well.  And yes, miracles do happen!  When do you go for another sample?  


A friend of mine's husband had his reversal at the end of April.  She bought a wee microscope to look at the samples at home just for fun.  the first time all she saw were dead ones and clumps.  the second one still had some clumps but a few slow swimmers.  She left that one on a cold shelf for 24 hrs (forgot about it) and then looked at it and said, "meh, what the heck, let's see what they look like after a day" and lo and behold, there were still a few!  After 24 hours in a cold room!!!!


I'm holding out hope that it was one sample and the next one will be awesome!!!


I'm doing okay, keeping busy with all the fun June activities that the kids school's have planned.  But doing well, thank you for asking. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Vicky80 View Post

Yes Yes Yes i regret our decision everyday since it was done!! :(

I am so miserable about it and this was two years ago! I have tried to let it go but i have found my want for another baby is over whelming! And to be honest i am not sure which way to go with it, my hubby has said that he would have a reversal but well he's been signed off work with a disc bulge in his neck and so money is very tight at the mo. I am 31 and he is 32 and for some reason i am feeling like i am running out of time.


I am sorry for my squeeks of desperation, this is the first time i have met others who feel the same way. I am still hoping i am one of the very small percentage that falls pregnant 'by accident' but i fear after all this time that it is not going to happen. I cant talk to my family about it as they all think i am mad (i have three yummy boys already) and that it was a good thing that the vasectomy was done, and well hubby has now had enough of my disappointment so he is not really approachable about it anymore, which is horrible!


I know this is going to sound silly i feel a little better putting it out here so thank you so much for listening and if anyone could suggest how to cope with my hormones and longings, i will do anything as for at least the time being i am going to have to deal with them for longer!



I could have written this post. Except for the part about my husband being on board, be cause he's not. Not at all,he says that he just can't handle another one. Sigh..he got his 3 years ago and I want another one so badly. He is 31 and I am 29 so I feel like I am in a better place now to have another one. Sigh...not sure what to do with these emotions either.

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Beth- I really hope that it's just a timing thing. Maybe in a couple more months there will have been enough time for things to clear up?

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Yes, I regret it all the time. My DH had his vasectomy a year and 1/2 ago after our 2nd son was born. I want another baby so bad I can barely stand it. DH is not on board. He is 100% content with our 2 boys. I just feel like I'm more mature now and feel more ready than I ever did when our other babies were born. For example I alwayas wanted to breastfeed but didn't feel ready. I quit after 7 weeks with my 1st and 4 weeks with my 2nd. I regret it SO much. I feel if we had another I could make it a year + of course that isn't my only reason for wanting another though just one of many. 

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Hi Vivky80 - sorry, don't know your name. Yeah - I find myself looking at young kids and babies and just wanting to pick them up. The emptiness is overwhelming at times - it's so hard. I got my self a rescue kitty in the end, one that was desperate for a home. He was abandone, scared of his own shadow, skinny, flea ridden etc etc and I befriended him and he is now a completely different animal. My two cats endure me picking them up and turning them upside down in my arms like a baby lol! It helps me a lot. Also - I go for long long walks to clear my head and to remote areas where I can shout and scream without being locked away in a loony bin lol!


My friend ahd a baby now which she conceived when I though I was preggers last year. It kills - I still can't bring myself to go round and see her and the littlun. It's just too painful. Praise God for your little bundles of joy you already have - children are a true blessing.

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Jenniepaige & Leslie735 - it must be so tough to not have your partners on board with you. Us ladies are such complicated creatures aren't we - dont think any of us truly understand our hormones and needs. I hope you both find peace and contentment with the gorgeous families you already have. Continue to be grateful that you have the privildge of being parents already  - I can only dream what that is like. You are very very lucky.


My husband is now going through a rigorous MOT now on his 'bits' so you never know how our story may end. Due toi my age I will only have the luxury of being pregnant once - but once will be all we need. :-)

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avatar5.jpgThank you very much!

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