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how do you do quiet time without TV?

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how do you do it? how did you transition to it? How long?


We don't do TV. She seems to be done with naps and we've moved bedtime up accordingly, but I will not be a happy mama without some of a break so I need some quiet time. Clue me in. She's just crying in there now, and every time I go to comfort her she calms down immediately but then screams the second I leave. Shes 2.75.

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audio books?  music?

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Hmm... Tell her that she doesn't have to sleep, she just has to rest quietly.  Maybe give her a few quiet toys that she can play with (make them only for quiet time so they are special).  Make quiet time the same time everyday (like just after lunch), so she can learn to expect it. Set a timer so she can see how much time is left. Be constant.

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Thanks for the ideas, I can try to get an audiobook from the library, although I don't know how I'd play it but I'm sure I can figure that out one way.


We got to this point by saying 'ok you don't have to nap, just rest', we do the exact same routine we used to have before nap too, lunch, potty, read, nurse and bye-bye. Maybe I will have to think of some special quiet time toys. She's got so many, I'm not sure what else I could get her, but it's worth a shot. I'll try the timer too.

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we have a closet full of toys the kids can't reach. At quiet time i get a couple new things out and set a timer. When the timer goes off, quiet time is done. Quiet time is rarely negotiable and i don't get complaints usually.


On a day when i am at a loss i give away my itouch with some games from starfall, etc. (shape builder is a HUGE hit here). This is not often though.


I like the idea of putting music on, an will probably incorporate that. However i LOVE hearing my son go crazy with his superheros and make up all sorts of stories with them and animals and whatever other toys he finds lying around the room. Quiet time is his creative self time. He needs it as much as i do. its not only for my sanity, but his betterment.

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at the daycare i worked at when kids don't sleep they still have to "rest their bodies." alot of teachers have special quiet time toys that they bring out. they're really simple....just empty pringles cans filled with quiet toys....a bunch of rubber bugs.....some building type things.....matching cards.....random wooden puzzle pieces......when they're done with one they can put the toys back in and grab another one. seems to work.

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Special "quiet time" box that only comes down when it's quiet time?  Filled with fun things that change every once in a while.  Could be coloring book or craft, audio CD, new story book, or even random kitchen utensils that she's usually not allowed to play with :)

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When my oldest was little, I played books on tape/cd and he would play alone for a lot longer than if I had nothing on in the background.  Sometimes he would just lay down and listen to them too.  It gave me a nice break.

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We move to her bedroom, put on her quiet time music and play with the quiet toys she has in her room.  I sit and knit or read or do something quiet.  I'm hoping to eventually be able to leave, but dd is still young (and sometimes still naps).  I have a couple of audio books, but she's not interested in them yet.

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