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Anyone Daring to think of names?

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Has anyone considered names? I was afraid to name the baby until I realized I needed to name him/her to bond with the baby. I had a dream that we named her Emma, our daughter that we lost at 18 weeks we named Emmaline but called Emmy and still refer to her as Emmy. I had a thought that we might name her Emmaline too or spell it differently, and of course if its a boy he's named. Just curious if anyone has been thinking or worried about jinxying things??

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We don't do names until the baby is born.  I don't think it affects bonding at all. 

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we're slowly making a list of "potential" names, since we're not finding out the sex we just listen out for names we like and write them down, and then once we meet the baby we'll see what fits

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We've been thinking of names since before we met. And Then While we were dating and after we were married, and with each pregnancy. Some names we've grown out of. But yes, We have had our babies named long long before we knew who they were. We have a boy name and a girl name chosen for this one, we won't find out the gender until birth. Oh and we finalized our name decisions about 3 days after the pos.gif

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Interesting feed back ladies. Turns out this baby will be named "Melmo" - from our 20month old until at least March :)

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lol my dd says Melmo too. We have a girl's name kinda figured out but no clue on a boy's name.
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We had a girl name pretty much picked out since before we got pregnant but once we told the kids that the doctor thinks this is a girl and we mentioned the name we were considering, they all vetoed it. I wasn't in love with the name anymore either so it's fine that they don't like it. Our current front runner is Mary Caroline and all the kids like that. Everyone keeps asking if we are going to call her "Mary" or "Mary Caroline". I'm not sure because "Mary Caroline" does flow together well.

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Mary Caroline is really sweet, and so traditional. We have an Olivia Marie, planned to call her O or Olivia but she calls herself Lala, therefore, it didn't matter what we had in mind. Everyone calls her Lala. shy.gif

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I've had girls names picked out for a long time (Caterina after my great-grandma from Italy & Mae which is a family middle name).  I also like Lottie (my other great gramas name) but DH doesn't like it.  I have no idea for a boy.  I had my son's names picked out shortly after 20 wks when we found out the gender.


Picking a name or waiting, it's all a personal choice & whatever makes you feel good is the best decision.  And who knows, once I "meet" the baby & I could change my mind, I've seen it happen before.


As for purchasing clothing, I really want a girl, but I have resisted buying anything b/c I don't want to jinx myself (totally silly I know).

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We picked out a girl's name months ago.  It just occurred to me one day that that's my daughter's name and DH liked it, which is pretty much how DS came to be named too, so that one is pretty much set in stone.  But we cannot agree on a single boy's name.  Not even close.  The ones I love make him nauseous and vice versa.  It's going to get pretty interesting if this baby turns out to be a boy...he might just have to be called BabyBoy LastName until he can pick out a name for himself.

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how funny, we can't seem to settle on a boy name, never have been able to...maybe that's because we are having girls!! energy.gif

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We decided (I think).....


Caterina Mae or William Wallace  (all are family names)


1.5 wks til we know which one!

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Vivian June or Clark Walter. We find out on Thursday which one!

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