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Sooo Slow!

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For the last couple of weeks the forums have been running really slow for me. And I mean REALLY slow!

Any idea what changed? I didn't have any changes on my end, and the site used to run just fine. I seem to remember the forums being down briefly for "software updates" right before things slowed down, could that be the cause?

Am I the only one having trouble?
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I have had that problem just yesterday and today.  Not sure what's up.  Other sites load just fine for me, but the forums here are super slow.

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me too!

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Same problem here.

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 Me too!!  Especially when trying to respond to a thread!

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Same here. I'm on Firefox on a PC if that makes a difference.

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I'm on Firefox too.. could it be a conflict with Firefox?
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Yep.  Firefox.  I'm going to try IE.

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Did anyone figure out it its the browser?

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Nope.  Internet Explorer was just as slow for me.

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Hi, I'm really sorry you're experiencing slow speeds. I know how frustrating that is! Here's a recent post from our Web Director that may help better explain speed issues and how variable they are: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1285072/speed#post_16138835

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I'm using google chrome now, and it's much faster than when i was using firefox :)

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