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Herbal tea and nursing

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a complete list of safe herbal teas while nursing.  I know of Kellysmom.com but I am just tired of cross checking because my memory is not so great these days.  I am hoping to find a good list to just print off and hang up. 

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Most bagged teas, especially if brewed for only a few minutes, don't contain much of anything in the way of "active" ingredients.  So if you're just buying tea at the grocery store or the like, it would be unusual to find something that would be hazardous to your nursling.


If you make or buy medicinal teas or bulk herbs and make your own, then definitely looking them up first is a good idea.  I don't know of a list per se.  I would think that would be hard to find, as there are probably hundreds of herbs & combinations, plus many "medicinal" teas have other substances added that could be of concern.  I use the book Nursing Mother's Herbal by Sheila Humphrey regularly & find it a good reference. 

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