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I would not have been able to keep quiet seeing that! Normally I just grit my teeth and bear stuff like that, I not at 38wks preg w/ two kids. I would've popped off with some really loud b*tchy comment like "Oh, nice, one of you five perfectly fine guys are going to joke about who's going to be pregnant just so YOU can park there. Meanwhile, I have to drag my two kids through the snow and I AM actually pregnant! How very appropriate of you. How freakin' awesome! I hope you are proud of yourselves!" Glad that someone chewed them out!


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3x- I always want to say something to people who shouldn't be parking there (like when I saw 5 guys jump out of a sedan and joke about who's going to act pregnant while I dragged my two kids through the parking lot a couple of weeks ago) but I don't like to confront so I just didn't say anything. I did appreciate the person who did though. They got a butt chewing from an officer walking by and noticing it, got to love the military community when they aren't worried about stepping up like that.


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@BaileyB, that can't have been fun though, I think I might have punched the lady if someone had said something like that just weeks after my daughter died. (Not really, but a deathly stare and some well chosen words.)


It was awful at the time and I just wanted to go home and go back under the covers, but when my husband and I think about it now we crack up. The look on her face totally redeemed herself. She looked like she also wanted to go home and hide under the covers.

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I'm enjoying all of these stories, too thumb.gif  The grocery stores ones, in particular, are entertaining...for some reason, cashiers seem to be the most vocal when it comes to pregnancy.  Here's a few stories of mine:


Cashier: How far along are you?

Me: About 5 months

Cashier: Wow!  You're looking really good for 5 months...you're so small!

Me: *silence* lol (I didn't know what to respond with because I knew for a fact that my belly was bigger at that point than it was the last pregnancy...I didn't feel small at all).  I just looked away lol.gif


Random woman at the park: Do you know what you're having?

Me: Yes, it's a girl

Random woman at the park: Are you sure? You look like you're having a boy to me

Me: Yes, I'm sure

Random woman at the park: gives me a *look* as if to say, "Mmhmm, whatever" lol.gif like she knows better than an ultrasound!


This last one happened a few days ago:

Neighbor: When are you due?

Me: In about 5 weeks

Neighbor: Yikes!

Ummm...how am I supposed to respond to that??  I can't say "thanks" because that doesn't make sense...I almost wanted to say "I appreciate your support" or something else along those lines just to show her that wasn't the nicest thing to say. 

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I had a cashier tell me that "at least you don't have a fat face" when she noticed I was pregnant.  Yesterday I got a "oh it looks like you're having another one...or two????" comment eyesroll.gif  And, when I tell people that I still have a month to go, they can't believe it.

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Last pregnancy, since I was due May 1st, my pregnancy really began to "show" right around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I work at a public library, so we get a WIDE variety of people in terms of politeness.  I had two separate people come up to me and make some comment to the effect of, "Wow, really pigging out on the holiday food this year, huh?"  I think my response was "I"m growing a freaking human, jerkwad!"  I'm a little combative with things like that.  I would never be so ballsy as to tell a woman she can't park in the pregnancy parking spot though.  I guess I pick and choose my times of moxie!


OkiMom - I about fell out of my chair at "spook look of death".  Best name ever!  I would have been seething at the formula encounter, as no one breastfed in either side of my family either and I was BOUND and DETERMINED to succeed regardless.  Fortunately, no major hiccups.

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I was at a cancer fundraiser for DH's mom's cousin - so I didn't know hardly anyone there.  I won the raffle and since it was at the end of the night there were no good prizes left so I picked out a 24 case of corona for my husband.  When I went to go claim it, the guy goes "um do you have a husband?"  I guess he didn't want the pregnant lady taking his beer.

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