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OC/Irvine Mamas?

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Hey there! I am visiting 4 the week with my two boys (4 & 1). We are from the SE. I would love to meet some local families while I am here! We are staying in Lake Forest. We are interested in OG Farming, Herbal Medicine, we are also a CoSleeping & EBF Family. I am planning 2 go to the LLL meeting on Tues. <3
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My lo has a cold, so we'll be staying away from socializing this week, but look at Granola Babies, they have a very full social AP calendar.  The shop is great, and play group is a lot of fun for the kiddos.

Enjoy your stay here in the OC!

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How funny, I just stumbled upon your post. I was at the LLL meeting in Irvine today. I was the one with the green shirt that is pregnant. Anyway, hope you have a nice stay in Orange County. Thanks for sharing so much great information during the group !


love.gif Megan

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Fun! <3

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