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Rainbow Tribe on Oahu, HI - Homeschooling

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(Hi! If you are also an OahuAPmama, I am an old poster.. muh! I miss you!)


Hi guys! I am moving back to the mainland (so sad).. but my friend is starting a homeschooling group (she lives in Honolulu). She is completly and mothering type. She is also a single mother and doesn't have loads of time to post or even the mind space here. She loves meeting in person and very organized. She is awesome! She has many friends like her with many age children starting on the homeschooling route. I love the theme and feeling her group is starting. I haven't been to any other group's homeschooling meetings because we just began on this journey and leaving soon. She really liked the idea of beginning her own because the theme is sort of specific. 




We are an eclectic group of families who practice homeschooling on Oahu. We meet for children's activities and family socials. We love nature, being green/sustainable/organic, and using salvaged materials. We meet to make art, to work and grow within our community, grow plants, enjoy music, and to be in nature. We welcome others with unique gifts to share in our community all ages classes. We practice positive parenting with a presence of mind during our classes. The most important virtue we all share is love. Child-led, Montessori, Waldorf, Unschoolers are common in our group. We value diversity and welcome all families. Some of us are not exclusively homeschooling and some are working single parents. We share in a "Roots" effort to educate our children through friends, family, community and nature. Our founding members live in Honolulu, though we travel for events. We welcome the invitation to bring the tribe to list member's backyard or favorite nearby natural setting all over Oahu. All island residents welcome to join list group. Please join us! Aloha!
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Hi, I am a single Mom and have two unschooled girls, age 10 and 16. We live part-time on Oáhu and are from Germny where I used to work as a Waldorf teacher and storyteller. We would love to meet other unschoolers here on the islands! I hope we´ll get in touch, Aloha!
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Tajaluna, OahuAPMoms board is basically defunct but we're alive and well on Facebook- if you use it, you can connect with a lot of AP moms around here!

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I want to join! I want to join! But there is no Yahoo group at this link. Has she moved away? This is the group I am looking for! I'm new to Oahu and searching for this sort of homeschooling group.

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Hi! I am so far away now! Our time with our family on the mainland started slipping by so fast over the ten years in Hawaii. We also found a way to live by them and afford to both be homeschooling parents. After no activity on the list- I had to take it down. It was not working well for new members. I tried about three times to get the group to rally but nothing happened. Please start this group up! Many, many mothers are looking for this type of company!! Aloha! Please love the island for me!!!
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