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Starting EC with a squirmy, grunty baby

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Questions, questions...


Trying to observe baby's signals with a 6 week old baby who's almost constantly moving and vocalizing. He's gassy too as I make a ton of milk, so lots of grunting and farting and both big and small poops, little cries and squawks, pooping while nursing, which makes watching for his signals very confusing. Maybe I should wait until he's around 3 months when he's not going so often? But I am keen to start...I see some patterns in his timing. I have never seen anyone use EC so maybe I am overthinking it into being more difficult than it is.


With a baby who is just getting started, how long do you hold him over a receptacle before deciding he doesn't need to go?

If he arches his back or resists, even when you are just starting, this could mean he doesn't need to go or that he's just weirded out.


How does starting part-time work, if you are essentially responding to his cues sometimes and ignoring them other times?

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From my experience, that newborn stage you are at is quite difficult. Maybe others feel differently. I did have more successes and was able to read more cues from about 4 mos. on.


However, it doesn't hurt to get into a little routine, even if you feel like nothing is making any difference. So decide what's a nice pattern for you that you can stick to (more or less, part time is totally ok!). Usually upon waking in the morning, before nap, at every diaper change, after nap, etc.


Make a cue sound while holding the baby in position.


Experiment with receptacles. My dd didn't like being held over a bowl at all, but peed instantly while I squatted her over a toilet (supporting her back with my chest). We actually still use that position, without supporting her back anymore.


In our case if she didn't pee within a minute or less, then I'd let it go and try again.


Try to have him naked for a while and watch him as he eliminates. They sometimes stop moving their arms and legs and kind of look into the distance just seconds before.


At this age though, I'd say rely more on timing and routine than the baby's cues. They signals usually happen mere moments before the event, not giving you enough time to act!

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Thank you for your gentle advice.  Baby has now developed eczema and i am spending all my time learning about it and researching treatments. I will get back to EC as soon as I find a way to soothe his skin.

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