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Blogging Mamas?

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I was wondering who among us keep blogs, perhaps we could keep a thread of everyone's URLs so we can watch one another's stories unfold. I'm always on the lookout for good blogs, and the crunchier the better. We've all got pregnancy in common, at least! 


Mine's here. I'm writing about my first pregnancy, knitting, my new fledgling photography hobby, and life in general with my nerd husband and my 3 cats (the crazy cat lady starter kit).


I can't wait to add some more blogs to my bookmarks :)

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here's mine! It's previously just been the blog for my photo/birth work but I'm planning to start writing more about this pregnancy & birth since I'm not working that much right now. :)

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How fun! I will check out your blogs. I started mine, Moms Alive, with another stay-at-home mama friend last spring. We blog about our lives as mommies, but also have some resources and advice for Seattle-area mamas (and birth stories, too!).



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I've kept a blog for over 10 years now.


I'm "Babyslime" (or "Babs" for short) at Livejournal: http://babyslime.livejournal.com/

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wow love all the blogs. i am struck by such beautiful pictures. i think i will definitely  have to get some maternity pictures taken professionally.

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I have several blogs, one for updates on my son from birth to present, my own, and soon I'll be starting one for my new addition (TBA).  I write about everything that comes to my mind, sometimes to do with parenting, sometimes with being green, sometimes, just when I'm pissed off at something:)  I find blogging very therapeutic.  

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