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What has a permanent home on your kitchen counter top? - Page 2

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I have the microwave (which I want to ditch, but dh isn't ready), a cookie rack that doesn't fit in the cabinet (vertical between microwave and the wall), a soap dispenser, sponge, scrub brush (on the sink) a dish mat, the toaster (which I wish lived in a cupboard) my stand mixer, dh's coffee canister and French press, a thing full of utensils, the butter dish, a salt dish, a salt grinder, a pepper grinder, a spoon rest.... and I think that's it?
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I have a large bowl in the corner that houses oranges, lemons, limes, onions, and things like that.  We have two spoon rests, one on each side of the stove, that DS and I painted at a pottery place.  We have a little crystal bowl that holds garlic.  Our coffee maker, kleenex, paper towel holder, and our flour/sugar/br sugar containers, and a soap dispenser.  That's it. 

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I have a fairly large kitchen, but I still think I could use more counter space! Currently I have:


* crock full of kitchen utensils

* thermomix (www.thermomix.com)

* toaster

* bread box

* paper towel holder

* fruit bowls x 2

* small basket with vitamins

* dish drainer

* plus my kettle is always sitting on the stove

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On the desk area counter: 2 phones, 2 large leather baskets - one for my stuff, one for DH's stuff


On the side counter area: fruit bowl, 6 glass canisters for frequently used stuff: brown rice, pretzels, flour, sugar, etc


Island: salt bowl, spoon rest


Main counter: pepper grinder, can opener, paper towel holder, toaster, coffee maker, decorative cup with coffee scoops in it, hand soap by sink.





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Knife block
Dish rack
Blender base
Pasta maker
Water pitcher (will go into fridge once it's warmer out...I see no need for ice cold water in winter!)
Aloe vera plant
Rice, beans, lentils, etc. ( http://lh4.ggpht.com/_Ooi1oB9QJzs/TSOuEnpenhI/AAAAAAAAA_A/nGZzWWX455Y/s400/IMG_0427.JPG )
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If it's on the counter, we use it daily. 


We have - 

coffee maker

fruit bowl

"catch-all bowl" - mostly batteries, change, etc. that we go through every couple of months

knife set

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Knife block, coffee maker, microwave, dishrack (next to the sink).

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microwave, toaster oven, salt and pepper mills, salt containers, small spice rack, 2 spoon rests (one on each side of the stove), knife block, electric water kettle, bottle drying rack and dish rack, dishsoap, compost canister, box of crackers (or sometimes dried fruit), fruit bowl, phone.

As I wrote this I reevaluated my counter and moved a few things out (yay). I would eventually like to have my knives live on a magnetic strip but while I have very generous wrap around counter I don't have much wall space. I'm hoping that eventually the bottle rack will go away until the next kiddo. It currently houses sippy cups and breast pump horns. I would also like a better container for dish soap rather than a giant plastic costco jar.
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.I have way too much stuff out on the bench. Must tackle this sooner or later.





bowls in piles

knife block

garlic keeper

4 utensil jars!

food processor


bowl containing kitchen towels

cookie tin


large container of seasalt

pepper grinder


editing to add we also have out:


mortar and pestle

kettle (how could I forget that?)


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I'm the OP and after seeing everybody's list, I don't think we're too cluttered with junk that shouldn't be out on the counter. I was planning on trying to eliminate a couple things around the stove, but every time I try to put them away they end up right back there. redface.gif

The entrance to our house is right off the kitchen so this is the first room visitors see (other than the small mud room area). Now that I see pictures of it I'm OK with it and I think it's time to move on to another area of the house. joy.gif

This is my kitchen.






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I get the idea of trying to make it look nice, but no sense stashing away those things use daily or multiple times a day.  I probably could find another home for the salt and pepper, but I use it all day so why bother?

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We have a fairly big kitchen and lots of counter space.


In the main part of the kitchen:



Morter and pestle and a glass mason jar of pasta which serve as bookends to 5 cookbooks that I reference the most

Knife block

Utensil canister with cooking utensils

Sea salt

Small fruit bowl

Paper towel holder



In the butlers pantry:


DH's coffee machine

My espresso machine

Sugar bowl


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Coffee maker

tea pot and spoon rest (on stove)

2 small cutting boards (leaning against the wall)

bowl of tea bags

paper towel roll

baby wipes

baby monitor

dish soap

knife block

jar of coins

bananas if we have them

things to be recycled if we have them


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Well presently everything is on my kitchen countertops.  And I mean everything.  

Now in a perfect world where I had time to clean and a place to put everything I would keep out the items I use a lot and are too bulky/heavy/odd to put away.  Fruit bowl, espresso machine, chicken scraps plate - that kind of thing. 

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OP your kitchen looks lovely!
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OP...Your kitchen is lovely...it's about twice as big as ours, and has about 3 times as much bench space, so you definitely have the space to keep quite a lot out without it looking cluttered.

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Our kitchen is normally sized, but we have very few cabinets on only one wall and almost no counter space.

It becomes useless and looks totally chaotic with more than a handful of things sitting out.


I keep out:

-knife block

-upright basket of cooking utensils

-bread box

-sponge and bottle scrubber

-two small dish drying racks


We have a shelf above the stove that holds apothecary jars of salt and sugar as well as a butter dish. Dish soap and two small plants on the window sill above the sink.

Everything else hides in cupboards, including the toaster and coffee machine that are used multiple times per day.

Our only electrical outlet is directly over the sink. If I have to unplug it and move it after every use, I may as well put it away anyway.


We're renovating this kitchen the second we get our tax returns. Wahoo!

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OP, you have a great kitchen! I especially like the island and the built in desk. 

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I like your kitchen too, OP.


We have far too much stuff on our kitchen benches but hopefully in our new home we will have adequate storage and some of it can be rehoused. For the moment we have


- dish rack

- bottle brush/dishwashing brush

- handsoap/dishwashing liquid/cleaning spray

- toaster

- kettle

- teabag cannister

- coffee maker/bean grinder

- microwave ( which has a tray some chopping sheets and the oven mitts on top of it)

- yoghurt maker

- phone/powerboard/wireless modem (the only phone jack is above the kitchen bench)

- fruit/vege basket

- essential oil burner and bottle of chamomile essential oil

- KitchenAid mixer

- mortar & pestle

- scales

- wooden cutting board

- one of those curved chopping blade thingies and the matching bowl

- my vitamins (or I forget to take them)

- my sunglasses in their case

- DH's and my car keys


Good grief, it's worse than I thought! I want a proper house bawling.gif

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Originally Posted by bezark View Post

-two small dish drying racks


I like that drying rack. We're in the process of remodeling the kitchen in our Airstream. How well does that drying rack work with plates? I have been searching for a good drying rack and that looks perfect.


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