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I like that drying rack. We're in the process of remodeling the kitchen in our Airstream. How well does that drying rack work with plates? I have been searching for a good drying rack and that looks perfect.



Really well. That's actually why I got them. I used to just use a towel on the counter, but I had nowhere to put plates.
The grass in these hold the plates upright.
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OP - nice kitchen! I'm completely envious of that island with the shelf for your pots. 


Re: drying dishes without a rack - My trick is to wash all the glasses and mugs first. Then I stand up the plates in between them, and let them rest against these taller items. Then I dry the plates first, and finally dry the glasses. That is a cute drying rack though. I've toyed with the idea of buying one, and that one is tempting. 

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a metal rack holding my cook books, salt & pepper shakers, a basket with napkins and a crock with utensils.

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MAybe listing the things on my counter will help me get rid of some. I am terrible at putting this away. Just off the top of my head: 


crock pot

coffee maker

coffee grinder

2 canisters of coffee (regular and decaf)

A few bottles of vitamins

A tin of granola

a bag of granola

a few dirty pots and pans on the stove

a bowl of food scraps (waiting to be cup and added to the worm bin)

drying rack full of clean dishes

some dirty dishes

my wine rack, which has somehow become an herb rack instead

a bunch of bags and jars of loose leaf tea

2 tea pots


magic bullet

a bunch of bottle of oil

several large bags of herbs

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Too much!

Dish rack

Container with large cooking utensils

Compost crock

2 cutting boards, against wall

small wood organizer with pens and a fews mall frequently used kitchen tools

Food processor (too big for the cabinet)


kitchen scale

jar of kefir




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Spice rack, knife block, fruit bowl, paper towel holder, coffee maker, double toaster, a bottle of gin.... I can't think of what else is permanently on the counter tops.  Most items are stainless steel so at least they match the appliances, but I hate having too many things out and taking up space. Dish soap and hand soap - those are there.  If I was downstairs this would be a lot easier! 

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Dish rack next to sink.  Utensil jar, three cookbooks, and kefir and bowl of dough on the other counter.  The dutch oven sits on top of the fridge.  There is constantly clutter on the kitchen table!  (I'm always working on that one....)

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Our Keurig, Kitchenaid stand mixer, the phone, our dog's cookie canister, a fruit bowl, 6 clear jars that hold baking staples.  That's 4 counters worth.

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My kitchen has lots of cupboards (up to the ceiling)  and pretty minimal counter space. 


We have on the counters




usually some dirty dishes

toaster and bread

knife block

fruit bowl (it sits on the table sometimes too)

coffee maker and grinder



The teakettle live on top of the stove other pans are in cupboards


I'd like to have my kitchen aid out, but it doesn't fit under the cupboards in this house and has only one place it sit well (right beside the stove)

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On the counter: cutting board (a big wooden one that I stand up so it leans against the backsplash when not in use), small basket for DH's cell phone charger (I wouldn't have this, but it's the only way that DH remembers to charge and carry his phone), some plants near the window, peppermill.


On the breakfast bar: fruit bowl.


Right now there is way more clutter than this, but that's all that's SUPPOSED to be on there.

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I have a small galley kitchen. On the counter on one side we have our toaster oven.  On the other side I have a dish drying rack, knife block, spice rack, and unfortunately my DH's big stupid stereo.  I would love to not have his stereo there, but he seems to think there's no where else to put it Grrrrr.  I have a "window" from my kitchen into the living room and there's a breakfast nook there.  We don't eat on it cuz we have a table and chair set, so I use that as counter space too.  On that I have my canister set, fruit basket, lamp, and some more of my DH's junk. 

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The only things on my countertops are things that I don't want to forget to use (the basket that holds my daughters vitamins) and the things that get used constantly (the basket with the dish and hand soaps).

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Like others posting, we have limited cabinet space and some stuff we use daily. On the kitchen counters we have:


Dish drainer

Hot water machine

Coffee maker


Knife block & cleaver

cutting boards

jars of spoons, spatulas, ladles, rice paddle, etc etc.

rack holding the oil, soy sauce, salt, sugar, & corn starch


On the window sill - knife sharpener, dish of current garlic head & ginger

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Have to thank the OP for starting this thread as it gave me the kick in the butt I needed to clear off my kitchen bench!


I have now put my food processor, blender and cookie tin away out of sight, so it all looks lovely and spacious. I am excited to do more tomorrow.

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On one shelf -

A gazillion cookbooks

coffee maker

recipe box

cell phone chargers

toaster and wooden tongs


On top of our movable dishwasher -

bread machine,

knife block 

Kitchen-Aid mixer


On shelf around the sink -

dish brush

dish and dishwasher soaps


four blue and white graduated sized ceramic jars holding flour, sugar, rice, and beans

pasta maker

three wooden cutting boards my dad made for my wedding present propped up against the side of the fridge


Spoonrest and hot trivet are on the stove top

Aloe and some dying chives are on the windowsill

The kitchen witch figurine is by the sink as well - She keeps the kitchen from exploding...at least that's what "they" say...


And somehow it really doesn't look that cluttered...at least to me

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Cool thread.  We have  a galley style kitchen with quite a bit of counter space, but I like things to be as clear as is practical.



Knife block


Wood cutting board 

Spice rack - but I think that is going to go.

Fruit bowl - but just before I saw this thread I was thinking I want to get rid of it.


Semi-Permanent (get put away when we have guests or if I am trying to be extra neat)

Dish soap

2-3 bottles of vitamins


*We just renovated our kitchen and have a lot of storage that is easy to access.  In our old house, even though our kitchen was smaller we had a few more things on the counter because there was just no room for it in the storage areas.

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My kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it. 


The first small chunk of counter space has the toaster on it. I really debated with this because it's so RED and HUGE but we make toast all day long it seems some days and it's a drag to lug in/out just to have some! So it has it's own toaster nook which I'm wishy washy about. 


The other counter has:

Mason jars of spices/herbs I use

A small basket with vanilla, cinnamon and honey (I use this for DD's night milk) 

Crock pot 

Glass jar with wooden spoons/stove utensils


Then there's the sink and longer counter:

Dish rack

Bread box 

Coffee maker (my French press broke, AGAIN!)

Cookbooks I use daily 



The other counter (and the longest) has an assortment of projects I'm doing, books I'm reading, and DD's little play-doh dried up mostly. I know, I need to work on it! I will some day

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coffee maker(senseo)

coffee pad holder

small container for used pads

metal container to hold frequently used utensils

fruit bowl

mortar where have garlic sitting in

veggie bowl


I try to keep things in the kitchen rather cleaned up because it is open to the dining/living area but I am comfortable with the amount of stuff we have out.

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Things that have a PERMANENT spot on our counters/shelves in the kitchen:


nutrimill grain mill (we use this so much...I used to have it in the cabinets and got annoyed at dragging it out all the time)

canister by the stove with utensils that are used there

knife block

little shelf with salt, pepper, cinnamon, sugar, agave, and honey by the stove

coffee grinder

tea kettle is always on the stove

the vitamix that we use every day to make fruit shakes is on top of the fridge (dh and I are both tall enough to get to it easily there and it saves counter space)

on open shelving on the wall, we have antique and recycled glass jars with dry goods, a few cookbooks, and our pots/pans


That is what is supposed to be there- I would be embarrassed to list everything that is out right now though!!! :)

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If it's an item I use everyday to every week then it stays out on the counter. If not, it goes in the cabinet that's under the sink.


On my kitchen counters live:


-my Kitchen-aid mixer


-coffee pot

-2 tiny boxes that used to hold 12 packs of Ramen but now hold my spices

-daily meds

-a glass sugar container

-a glass container that holds utensils like spatulas


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