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Best Mother's Milk Tea..

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I just had to send my 7 month old to daycare with 1 bottle of formula because I have run through my freezer stash and can't pump enough to meet her demands.  


Trust me when I say I am pumping all that I can, cosleeping, taking lots of herbs.  The one thing I haven't done is take Mothers Milk Tea because it didn't seem possible to me that it would work.  But, last resort I bough Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid tea and will drink that this week.  Does anyone else have a favorite brand or has this brand worked for you?  If so, what kind of increase did you see?  I am short 3oz per day and am trying desparatly to make that up so I can phase out the formula.



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i personally like to alternate between yogi tea, traditional medicinal, and earth mama angel baby-mother love makes good milk supply products as well.  i like the flavor of the earth mama angel baby one best.  i would also suggest checking out the book 'mother food' by hilary jacobson, she also has a website www.mother-food.com  and mobimotherhood.org, if you're on facebook she also has a page there that is a good reference as well.  i have found that just by eating oatmeal in the morning is a great help for my milk supply, also malt o meal, cheerios work from what i've heard.  i highly recommend the book though.  best of luck!joy.giftreehugger.gifnamaste.giflactivist.gifgoorganic.jpgslingboy.gif

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