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Sharp pain in cervix?

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I always thought it was just baby pinching my cervix or something, hehe. But then someone said something about having sharp pains and it being a sign of dilation. Last pregnancy I was checked once at about 39 weeks and declined further checks, but I wasn't dilated at that one check so I think I'm a "closed until birth" person, or was with DS. Any idea?

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I would like to know too. I get these sharp pains too. I am 37 weeks but had my daughter in my 1st pg at 38 weeks. Hmmm

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i've been having sharp cervix plains as well. i remember asking my mw about them with my last pregnancy but i don't remember at all what she told me 2whistle.gif probably just that things were preparing for labor, and it's a good sign that things are progressing. if it is a sign of dialation then i should be doing rather well in that department when i have my next appointment and get checked. thumb.gif

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You know, I may just go ahead and ask my midwife to check me today... I was going to decline all offers just because I know it means nothing but I'm honestly kinda curious this time! Plus this baby has done EVERYTHING differently from DS (including dropping! DS didn't drop until labour) so I guess I'll go for it just for fun. :D 

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It's pretty common to be closed but effaced preceding your first birth and slightly dilated but not effaced for subsequent births.  I'm a little dialated now, but was no more than a fingertip after hours of labour with DS.

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I didn't dilate at all before starting labour with #1 (or even some time into it - had a really long pre-labour with no dilation) but with #2 was 2-3 cm dilated a couple of weeks before the birth so I think this can be different for different babies, particularly later ones.  Regarding sharp pain, that sounds like cervix starting to twitch to me.  This pregnancy I had a big bleed at around 7 weeks (caused by a blood-clot in the womb) accompanied by sharp pain that was definitely cervix rather than anywhere else and reminded me much more of labour pain than period pain.  Luckily it didn't cause a miscarriage, but I guess if the cervix had continued to open it may have done.

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I'm 33 weeks with my second and have been having cervix "twinges" for a couple of weeks now. I checked myself last night, and I'm already 2cm, and a good bit effaced. 

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Holy crap batboy! Really? I was just telling my OB today that it feels like baby has a dental tool and is scraping my cervix and she said "sorry about that" .....so um....my body is just getting ready? Should I get checked too? I've been having BH for about 2 months now. They make me stop in my tracks bc its hard to walk when your stomach is rock hard lol and they make me have to 'breath' through them. Hmmmm, I wonder if I should have my new caregiver(MW) check me on my first appt. I was so against VE....but maybe I should get checked just to make sure. Oh no's.
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I experienced these a lot towards the end of my last pregnancy.  My midwife said that it was my cervix getting ready for labor.  Interestingly, I felt a pinch exactly 2 seconds before I felt my water trickle down my leg.  I always wonder if the two were connected or if it was just a coincidence....


On a side note, as I said I'd been feeling the pinching for weeks before I went into labor.  At my final check @ 38w 6d I was not dilated at all, but was quite effaced.  I went into labor about 14 hours after that check, and had the baby 10 hours later. 

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I wonder about this. I don't remember having the pains/twinges with my first two at least until the end of the pregnancy. I also didn't have any braxton hicks until the end too. This pregnancy I'm 27 wks now and I've been having bh and the cervix twinges for weeks now. I don't know why my body would want to get ready for labor so early when it's done this twice before. I sure hope baby plans to stay in there for a while yet.

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