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Today (after a rough start to the morning) I:


*Went to Walgreens to buy something with coupons that I printed yesterday that expired yesterday (GRR!!)

*Went to Starbucks for a free drink (their "I'm sorry" for a barista having thrown my registered card away the other day)

*Went to Half Price Books to sell some stuff I'm weeding out through the 2011 in 2011 challenge. Got $20 for 16 xbox games, 15 dvd movies, 13 books, and 27 cd's...feel like I got ripped off!!

*Went to Target to get a few couponing deals. People had cleared the shelves, so I ended up with just two eyeshadows for 49 cents each and some mini scones for a snack.

*Went to Aldi's for groceries for the next few days (hoping to stretch them into at least the middle of next week, but we'll see). 

*Came home and unloaded and then piddled around for a bit...

*Did a quick straighten of the house...beds made, toys tossed into the playroom, breakfast bar cleared off, etc. etc.

*Sorted through a stack of papers and got some more tossed into the recycle bin.

*Got one load laundry washed, dried, and folded. Got another load washed and dried. Got another load washed.

*Got dishwasher emptied and refilled, and ran it again.

*Got homemade hamburger pizza made, family fed, and leftovers stowed in fridge.

*Have the kitchen completely clean except for one cup, the pizza pan, and a spatula (we used disposable plates cause I didn't wanna wash any more dishes)!!

*Caught up on most of my online stuff.


About to head to bed here in a few minutes!! G'night!!


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I found my GPS! biggrinbounce.gif


It was in the bag of baby clothes squares I cut up and was going to drop off to an Amish family quilting shop the day I had my accident.
I am so glad I don't have to buy a new one! orngbiggrin.gif


Now I just need to find the wire...eyesroll.gif

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wish I could find my "to go first aid kit" it's rather small & I changed bags for going to various parks a few weeks ago, no idea where I put it ...somewhere "safe so that I can find it easily" I suppose (that's what I must have been thinking at the time, except that I've looked at all the likely places without success ...)

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Okay I need to organize....


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laundry on

sweeping done

talked to friend...she HAD HER BABY!!


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I took 15 minutes after clearing away the supper dishes and ran the steam clean cycle on the oven, dusted the living room, tidied the living room and swept and washed the kitchen and living room floors. The dining room still needs some serious attention as all of my yarn dyeing and sewing stuff is (neatly!) piled up in there but that will have to wait for another day. For now it feels good to have two rooms clean and tidy. The laundry is all done and the bedrooms are okay. The bathrooms will get a deep clean tomorrow and I can do the bedrooms when the kids go back to school next week. I am getting as much done as possible so that next week I can get back into the routine of 30 minutes of cleaning every morning as soon as the school bus pulls away and then I am free to do my own work. 


dh and the kids are doing garden and yard work right now which is a huge help. I will probably wash the windows one more time before winter comes but I will save that for a day when I need to procrastinate on my work!

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Today, I got up at 10:30 because I was up til 4am! And didn't get moving until almost noon. By the time I got out the door it was 1pm and I was out for four hours doing a postpartum visit - took a wrong turn driving, but that led me to a roadside sign offering free sunflowers, which is funny because I've been wanting some sunflowers and haven't come across them yet. :) I hung out with the momma and her sweet baby girl for an hour or so, then made a couple stops on the way home. Gave my foot a break, and then went looking for some cloth diapers from my kids to pass along. That spurred me into going through the whole bin of teaching materials I had them with, and relocating items to a more appropriate place. That was the first time in a long time I had to stretch myself to pass some things along... 


Anyway, then I made dinner for myself. Just checking in before starting going through the kids clothes, that will take me quite a while! And I think it will be the only thing I do tonight, hoping to go to bed at a somewhat decent hour. I don't have to leave the house tomorrow at all, so thats a much better day for doing laundry room cabinets / kitchen and pantry anyway... 

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It didn't take as long as I thought, about an hour and a half. Got the four bins down to two and a half egg boxes for donation, seperated into clothes they can use as soon as the weather starts to cool, and one more bin of them for kids to grow into later.


Taking it easy the rest of the night...planning to get an early start tomorrow morning. :)

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It's 10:04 am EST


I am going to do the following and report back:



-fill/run dishwasher

-feed neighbor's pet

-fold laundry on sofa

-strip dd's beds

-remove everything from bathroom

-scrub bathroom

-gather all clutter in girls room

-hang up all clothes

-clean out car

-put goodwill box in car

-organize command center (need better term for this area)

-windex windows in kitchen

-wash out recycling bin

-detail front door

-baseboards in foyer

-finish taping dining room for painting

-coat rack

-clean off sofa clutter

-white shelf in LR

-take laundry down

-take clutter to basement

-Make DD's beds

-laundry load 1

-laundry load 2








Basement steps



-Gather receipts for ex

-make God Box


-blow out hair/make up

-get Frontier catalog from neighbor

-google doc i was working on

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That's quite a list, charmcitymama!

I'm updating my progress today, too...it makes me feel more productive, even if no one else reads what I post, I like to see what I've done in black and white for some reason. 


I just rearranged the pantry area and its no longer a pantry! Now there are glass jars, small appliances, baking/candy making supplies, some oversized oils / vinegars, the kids lunch boxes, and some homemade blueberry jam on the shelves. All the food is now in the cabinets in the actual kitchen.


Got half the kitchen cabinets done, just two more left...

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Thanks, MP!


I get overwhelmed so easily & I need to pace myself to avoid burn out.


I did put a show on hulu while I folded laundry & put stuff on hangers.

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Sometimes I think having a lot to do, I am more productive. Because I can do something, change it up a bit and do something else still productive, but different. Then go back and do more of the first thing, and again until everything on my list is done. Or maybe that's an excuse to let things back up! whistling.gif

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Finished! Had a bunch of clean up...I took everything out of the cabinets and washed all the shelves. Then of course, had to wipe down the counters and sweep the floor.

This is what my cabinets now look like:





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And this is what used to be the pantry. To the right is the doorway into the kitchen, I am sitting on the steps.


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I hope its okay to post pictures in this thread...no one who comes over will care that I spent the weekend organizing my house, so I had to share with people who might understand!


Now I'm resting my foot with some ice and will probably go through the cookbooks and loose recipe cards I have.

Next thing on my list is to wash every hard surface in the house! Sounds daunting all of a sudden...

I will probably do food prep, etc. tomorrow then.

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High-5 to MonkeyPrincess!  Awesome job!  :)



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Hey Ladies. wave.gif We're just back from the beach and I have a bunch of stuff to wash the sand out of. For now, I'm relaxing. MonkeyPrincess, your cabinets are outstanding! Good job. carrot.gif

So far I:
*took out the trash
*scooped the litter box
*took a nap
*made some great coffee
*read the newspaper
*took DD and her friend out to dinner
*went for a walk
*started washing all the beach laundry
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Wow, I'm seeing a lot of new folks on this thread! Welcome, everyone! MonkeyPrincess, I'm very impressed with your organizational skills.


I'm just dropping by to say that my DS Gabriel Eric was born naturally Wednesday, August 31st at 7:32 AM, 28 hours after my water broke, weighing 11 lb 3 oz and making his entrance sunnyside up! No wonder I was so exhausted prior to labor! Labor was tough and I ended up having retained placenta and hemorrhaging, losing over 2 liters of blood and receiving 4 pints in a transfusion. We're home now, resting and enjoying our baby moon.


I look forward to returning to this thread and joining you ladies, and hopefully I'll feel up to it in a couple of weeks. Until then, happy productivity vibes to all~ goodvibes.gif

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Thank you. love.gif


I just sat for a bit and went through all my loose recipes and cookbooks - donating 7, keeping 2 (From Asparagus to Zucchini and one of the kids). While doing this, I decided to get a nice book that I will handwrite all our favorite meals (and maybe include a picture).


That got me thinking about Fall food - yum! - so I did some meal planning and made a corresponding grocery list. And now I am pretty hungry...

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I didn't get much done at home today, just a couple of loads of laundry.  Tomorrow the plan is to deep clean the bathrooms and the entry. 


PoetryLover - flowersforyou.gif Congratulations!! flowersforyou.gif Please rest well after all you have been through and enjoy that sweet baby love.gif

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