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Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post

Yay! My van is officially mine! I umm didn't put DH's name on the title (not cause I didn't want to but because even with a POA I had to have a copy of his license and I don't) so hopefully he doesn't mind. I just got done putting the plates on. Now Im going to go feed the kids then start cleaning the kitchen.

Hooray!   A successful trip to the DMV!

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Yay for getting your DMV stuff done! I need to go get my sticker! Mine ran out at the end of October! oops! 


Our shopping today was incredibly productive!! Managed to find everything we needed and not spend much extra! :D 



- Go shopping to get DS a fleece jacket (ad get a few other things)

- shampoo the living room

- do dishes

- drop off the library stuff

- Put DS's clothes away

- run more laundry

- hopefully go to the grocery store... :/


So far so good today! Also for any of you with kids Gymboree is having a buy 1 get one half off fleece sale and they have a 30% off coupon right now, so we got M two super cute fleece pullovers! Also managed to get him some more toddler appropreate shoes, he was still wearing early walker shoes and they were too slippery managed to find some shoes that were both flexable but have rubber bottoms... a little pricey, but hopefully he wont be slipping every time he runs now! 

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Dh is doing dishes right now. :) Check that off! 

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Crud, it's 2:30 here now and I've gotten nothing done yet.  I was really excited when it seemed like Augie was going to take a nap early, but then I fell asleep with him and we both slept for almost three hours.  I'm going to try to work on my decluttering projects and skip the every day stuff.  It'll be there tomorrow whether I do it today or not.


eta: So far, I got done almost nothing on my list, but I'm happy with what I did do  --  totally cleared and wiped down the buffet table.  It was kind of a pita because it had a printer and three laptops plugged in there, along with the modem and airport thing.  So I had to clear a shelf in my sewing room (no easy feat) to put the laptops (well, 2 of them, one is now retired) and printer on.  The buffet looks awesome, though kinda bare.  I need to get some flowers.  :)

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It is because he is such a boss.

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Funny my DH saw this open and wrote that last one, but HE DIDN'T FINSH! :p

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Darn Im tired today.. Lots to do, not enough time to do it in. Im trying to knock out a bunch of Christmas presents today and order the supplies for a few more of them. Hopefully I can get some of it done.. If not there is always tomorrow


Today I need to

make my bed and the girls beds

sweep kitchen and mop

sweep/mop both bathrooms- one done

catalog yarn and assign project to each one

scrub my mattress and wash linens from my daughter peeing in my bed

Clean bathrooms

Wash all windows

Dust surfaces

order fabric for some of the Christmas presents


Things needed to get done this week

snake drain

research school stuff for next year, activities for drive

take dog/cat on a half hour drive (working on getting them use to the van)

revise moving to do list by time it needs to get done by

wish list for DD1's birthday

find cake recipe and make a list of ingredients needed (would it be totally cheating if I used a boxed cake mix?)

moving quotes since I didn't do it last week


Crafting to get done

finish the two baby outfits I didn't get done last week

Ribbon giraffe

nativity finger puppets

Christmas puppets

Hair tie organizer-

Princess finger puppets (x2)

2  Japanese knot bag

2 scarves

1 Santa washcloth

1 gardening girl washcloth

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Good Morning. A cold front came through today. I'm loving it. cold.gif
Good luck with your crafting Oki. Looks like you've accomplished a lot already.

So far I:
*made breakfast and hot teapot2.GIF
*got DD off to school
*changed the cat litter
*took out the trash and opened the windows
*boiled some cloves
*spot cleaned the carpet
*made the bed
*cleared some spaces
*wiped down the bathroom
*read a lot reading.gif
*washed one load
*made dinner

I hope to:
*check the car fluids
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bejeweled- Fall seems to have started to come here as well. I ran out to take the doggie to the potty and I came back in shaking from the cold. Im going to have to go invest in a couple of sweaters and maybe a jacket. I didn't bring any with me (and I only had one in Okinawa since it never got really cold and it was an old college one from my college days).


I haven't gotten anything crafting done yet. The children are in moods so Ive been dealing with behavioral problems all day (like them dumping glue all over the carpet and tearing down their curtains once again). I just sent them to wash windows (their favorite thing to do) and Im going to go work on cleaning the bathrooms. Ones done, one to go.

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I seem to have practically fallen off the cleaning wagon.  greensad.gif  I am so tired.  And it didn't help that I had to lie down for 20 min twice to get Augie to take a nap.  I probably should have just gone to sleep with him.  But I'm kind of excited about a crafting project I'm working on -- this is my paint chip wall art thing, which is totally new for me.  


So far today I have:

--  gone grocery shopping

--  prepped a bunch of brussels sprouts so I can throw them in the oven when we get home from karate tonight

--  cleaned dishes/sink area


Would like to:

--  work some more on my paint chips!  smile.gif

--  sort out the toys that dh un-sorted last night (he didn't know there was a system eyesroll.gif)

--  clear dining room table and make sure all "stuff" is in it's place so I can sweep and mop in the morning w/o a lot of drama


I did finally get some cut flowers to put on the buffet table and I stillheart.gif them!

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Hi everyone! *waving* smile.gif


Rubidoux I was coming here to say the same thing, have also falllen off the cleaning wagon, and the bad thing is that we have guests staying over tomorrow night.  bigeyes.gif  And I thought I had everything under control recently, it sure doesn't take long for things to slide! I've been caught up working on a couple of projects and blissfully ignoring the cloud of dirt growing around me like Pigpen.


At the moment I am feeling quite overwhelmed with how much I have to do...guess I will just see how much I can get done today, no point panicking.




DS ready for school


cleaned up a waterfall of orange juice that went everywhere this morning...the last thing I needed!

put a load of washing on

half dishes


to do:


make bed

make bed

strip DS's bed

more dishes

hang out washing

more washing on

hang out washing

more washing on

hang out washing

fold towels

wash DS's sheets

make bed

mop kitchen floor

kitchen benches

tidy lounge room

vacuum lounge room

hallway floor


go to gym if possible! wild.gif

pick up DS from friend's place

give DS acidophilus capsule




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OK I've had a stressful afternoon...my oldest DD is learning to drive and she wanted to get her hours up, so we were coming home and to cut a long story short, we very nearly had a bad accident, we are still both shaken up from the incident. But it has taught her very quickly how real it is to be driving out there in the traffic and she has learned a few things today, like remembering to check before changing lanes, and remembering to move the gearstick out of reverse. crap.gif


Then she had to get the bus to University and going over the Sydney Harbour Bridge they had to stop for ages because there was a major accident...a head on collision involving a petrol tanker and 4 cars, so I think the reality really sank in for her of what we narrowly missed.


Might have a nanna nap then have to go and pick up DS from his friend's place, then make dinner.



My list for tomorrow:


clean toilet 1

clean toilet 2

clean toilet 3

clean dstrs shower

clean front screen door

sweep driveway

work on the kitchen

finish watching some instructional videos

do some artwork



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Ack!  That's scary, CW!  I'm not looking forward to things like the kids driving.  Ugh.  Your son must be better if he's at his friends...?


You got a ton done!  Right back in the saddle.  smile.gif  Me, too.  While dh and kids were playing in the bedroom tonight, for like half an hour, I managed to sweep LR, DR, and kitchen and mop the kitchen, get all dishes done and counters wiped, garbage out.  Woot!  

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CW, All is well that ends well. That must have been yikes.gif. I'm glad you all are o.k.

Today I:
*cleaned up a lot. Somehow this place exploded overnight.
*made breakfast and teapot2.GIF
*cleaned the kitchen
*took out the trash and opened the windows
*boiled some cinnamon and cloves
*made the bed
*rewashed a load of laundry I had forgotten about
*washed 2 more loads
*made lunch and did cleanup
*read reading.gif
*took a long nap sleeping.gif
*went biking with DD bikenew.gif
*made dinner

We're hosting a sleepover tonight. smile.gif
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Sorry to hear about your near-miss, CW!


You could call me off-the-wagon, too. I am tense and sore, could use a good active cleaning session but I'm like a zombie. D was coughing all night long and I'm running on nothing but a mocha.


We're headed out to my mom's for a couple nights, that should be relaxing. But first I need to wipe down the kitchen, clean the dishes including juice machine parts, pack, pick up the rental car ...and all of this needs to get done within an 8 1/8 hour period ..of which I'm working 6 3/4 hours! I am simply double booked, so it'll have to be a combination of skimping on housework and making up work hours tomorrow. Five to seven minute spurts are my best cleaning tool today, and I can only do a few more before I have to bolt!


edited to remove random stray link that was unintentionally pasted in the middle of a paragraph!

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Thanks girls...it was hard to get to sleep last night, kept reliving it!


Having a very lazy morning today, and trying to ignore my list above calling to me! orngtongue.gif

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I got nothing done today other than cleaning pee off the floor and taking her to the vet.  Sigh...  Vet thinks she might have a bladder infection.  I hope the antibiotics take care of it.  And I sure hope it hasn't been causing her the same kind of pain that uti's cause people.  greensad.gif  


After the kids are in bed I'm hoping to put away toys and sweep and mop for the very last time today.

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Yesterday was really productive and today is going well too! 


So far I've,


- Taken M to swim class

- Done two loads of laundry

- dropped off kitchen stuff at Goodwill

- Picked up much needed drinking glasses at goodwill 


I still need to 


- Clean the living room

- do at least 2 more loads of laundry

- Clean M's room/put away his clothes

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Today I:
*continued hosting a sleepover
*made breakfast and tea
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*took DD and her friend to piano class
*went to the mall
*returned a DVD
*made quesadillas for dinner
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Good Morning. Happy Sunday.

Today I:
*made breakfast and tea
*am reading the paper
*made the bed
*took out the trash and opened the windows
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*wiped down the bathroom
*bathed and dressed
*read reading.gif Finished a book & started a new one. smile.gif
*went on a walk

I hope to:
*have a nice lazy day
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