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Originally Posted by *bejeweled* View Post

Hi Ruthiegirl, I thought you were having your baby...
Today I:
*woke up kinda late. I'm fighting a cold.
*made the bed, cleaned up the nightstand
*just made coffee
I hope to:
*take out the trash
*go to an appointment
*take DD to horse riding
*go grocery shopping

I wish!  This baby is taking his time.  The more I move around and keep busy, the less I focus on the coming delivery.  I am hoping all this cleaning is a an indicator that labor is coming soon.  love.gif


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Thanks for the encouragement, SaraCate, *bejeweled* & clutterwarrior


*bejeweled*, I hope you feel better soon. ... Doesn't it feel good to be done with Christmas shopping?


Ruthiegirl, you can do it. As people tell me, it's all about baby steps. Remember that what you don't get done today can just be gotten to tomorrow. 


So far today, I:


Slept in and feel rested

Made coffee and oatmeal

Filled 2 garbage bags of toys to freecycle

Organized toys (louder toys in the living room, quieter toys in the bedroom)

Dried the diapers


I need to:


Think about what to make for supper

Make lunch

Make deviled eggs

Put away and wash dishes

Wash, dry, fold & put away 1 load of laundry

Put away the clothes currently on the couch

Make bed

Pick up Kitchen

Pick up Living Room

Pick up Bedroom

Give vitamins

Fold and put away the diapers

Strip the diapers I forgot to strip last time when I do the next diaper wash

List items on decluttering thread (I'm close to making my goal!)

List items on freecycle

Wrap some gifts

Go through size 18 month clothes and select some to give to a local mama in need (I can't believe that my 3 1/2 month old is wearing 12 months and even some 18 month clothes, thanks to his being over 20 pounds and cloth diaper bubble bum! Crazy, crazy, crazy!)

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Good luck, Ruthiegirl! My son came a little after 42 weeks and that was so hard. Just think that pretty soon you'll be snuggling your little one. :-)


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Soo, the baby is still sick but on the mend.. my van's brakes were rusted out from the salt they use on the roads up north and cost a lot less to fix than I was planning.. Ive decided homemade Christmas gifts are overrated and instead Im giving everyone framed family pictures (well except my husband's cousin who will be getting something to get him outside and playing..).. My cat ate my dryer exhaust hose thing so tomorrow I get to replace it.. Yea, Can December end already? I swear if one more thing goes wrong Im going to sit down where ever I am and cry. Wait, already done that. But on the bright side, at least the baby wasn't sick on Christmas day, we had enough in savings to fill in some present gaps (and we will have one happy little girl when she sees the fold up barn Daddy sent her) and the van didn't break the bank. Tomorrow I need to clean up the house. It looks like a tornado went through it, actually two tornadoes did go through it.. human tornadoes!


To Dos:

clean up playroom

clean up living room

put down carpet freshener before we go to the store- didn't have freshener so Im putting it down tonight and vacuuming tomorrow

vacuum freshener up when we get home- doing tomorrow

find the library books

return books

cut out Christmas dresses

make cookies

frame pictures

bring cans back from street

laundry, laundry, laundry

check mail

drop off move notice to housing

pick up pictures

food shopping

work on sweater

take care of pets



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((Hugs)), Okimom. I hope things get better for you really soon! Congrats on the van not costing so much to fix! And although I love homemade gifts, sometimes there just isn't enough time to make them, especially when you're caring for 3 small children by yourself. ... I do want to learn to be more crafty, though. :-)


So far I have:


Showered and dressed first thing!

Made coffee and cream of wheat for breakfast

Gave DS his vitamins

Gave DS apple slices w/ peanut butter for snack

Put away the dishes DH so lovingly washed this morning

Washed a load of laundry

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Hi everyone.
Today I:

*made breakfast
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*went to an appointment
*took DD to get donuts, shoe shopping, and to the library
*turned in a bunch of old DVDs for cash smile.gif
*made lunch
*straightened up a lot
*am about to relax a long while
*made dinner
*did 3 loads of laundry
*read with DD reading.gif

I hope to:
*color my hair

I forgot to add: yesterday I decluttered DD's closet and made half of it into a reading nook. It's so cute. We put down a sleeping bag, pillows and a basket with books. I also hung sheer curtains in the doorway and put up a little sign "Reading Nook". love.gif We're so happy.
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Hi everyone. smile.gif


I realised I have fallen off the wagon with regular cleaning, as it is Christmas Eve day today here and I suddenly noticed how much I hadn't cleaned!


So this morning I ran around and cleaned 3 sinks upstairs, one downstairs, and washing 2 loads of sheets currently...


To do:


Find Christmas tablecloth

clean table

clean tablemats

dust dining room


Clean downstairs sinks 1 and 2

dry sheets 1 and 2

make beds 1 and 2

bring in washing

have lunch

emoty dishwasher

plan dinner

clean up kitchen

clean outside table




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Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope that you have a wonderful time with your families. Peace and Blessings and Much love.gif.
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Merry early Christmas everyone! I have so much to do today/tomorrow.. The baby is so hyper so hes definitely feeling better.. Helps the productivity when you don't have a baby wanting to be carried (in arms, carriers didn't do it for him) all the time.

Reds require me not being a hermit and leave the house..


Purples are things not happening today for a variety of reasons..


To Dos:


try to finish the sweaterknit.gifNot going to happen, got to distracted today to finish it

sew the girls Christmas dresses (thank goodness they picked one of my 1 hour patterns) joy.gif About 1/2 done

finish the books of pictures/scriptures about Jesus and laminate notes.gif



If I have time make a puppy for the top of my oldest daughter's stocking- Not going to happen, maybe for her birthday



Finish catching up with the laundry wash.gif

quick clean living room, play room, girls room, my room

vacuum apartment- partly done

clean bathrooms

clean kitchen

mop tiled areas

clean out van

clean out crate- after kids are asleep

completely change litter- after kids are asleep

clean closet- after kids are asleep




wrap gifts

give the mutt a bath- after kids are asleep

fix the dryer vent hose thingie- after kids are asleep- Maybe Monday.. if not Monday then Tuesday

e-mail a Merry Christmas to my family/friends

find and charge both cameras for Sunday

read the nativity story out of the bible and talk to the girls about it

e-mail my husband since he won't be able to call on Christmas bawling.gif

put out presents when the girls go to bed tonight sleeping.gif

charge cell phone just in case my husband was giving me a hard time and does call.. Find cell phone so i can charge it.. in fact maybe I should find the charger as well. shy.gif

play Christmas music all day.. just because




Honey rolls

regular dinner rolls



check the mail

get wrapping paper

surprise visitor at in-laws house:) (FIL plays Santa at a local festival so hes making a special house call since the girls couldn't go out with the baby being sick) broc1.gif

pick up the gifts I have stashed at my In-laws

pick up batteries

find out what my MIL is making for dinner so I can make something to go along with it


Ok, Ill stop adding smilies :) But they make me smile! Off to get some of this stuff done while my baby is playing with my knitting needles.. Silly child,,

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Good to hear the baby is better Okimom.smile.gif


I got most done except for the sinks...too hard to clean the kitchen sink as I was doing xmas cooking nearly all day with my DD.


Cleaned all the chairs outside too and managed to find and kill a couple of redback spiders under them! yikes.gif


I hope you all have a very merry and wonderful Christmas day! jumpers.gif







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Clutter- I hope your Christmas is wonderful and you enjoy yourself. No cleaning :) well, other than the dishes that is...


This morning so far I have: done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the sinks off in the kitchen, swept the kitchen floor, cleaned off the table and worked some on the sweater.. Im going to go work on the dresses since my son is sleeping. When he wakes up Im going to shower and make a quick trip to the store for a couple last minute items.

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To be done over the long weekend:


DH picks up a few items from grocery store

Put away the dishes

Declutter and clean the counter

Clean Litter Box

Take out the trash

Wash Sheets

Make bed

Put away folded laundry

Wash, dry, fold & put away regular laundry (2 loads)

Wash a load of diapers

Clean the bathroom (tub, sink, mirror and toilet)

Sweep and mop Kitchen, Pantry & Bathroom

Vacuum Bedroom and Living Room

Declutter the desk

Declutter the entertainment center

Clean the oven

Clean out the refrigerator

Organize the freezer

Clean the stove

Give the table and chairs a good scrub (love toddler hands LOL)

Put books (that toddler has removed) back on the shelves

Organize, fill the beans, nuts, seeds and grains


Special Projects:


Super glue broken ornaments (from toddler pulling tree over)

Fix Kitchen Curtains

Take down the Christmas Tree

Convert the top of the changing table to a bookshelf for me and the bottom to a shelf for the boys' books, plus one for diapers

Donate Pre-pregnancy clothes I don't expect to wear again. Be ruthless.

Have DH purge his clothes

Go through size 18 months clothes and select some pajamas and long sleeved shirts to pass on.

Repair DS1's Books

Pack some more toys away

Organize the top of the refrigerator

Declutter books

Place Quaker materials in the car for the next meeting


Make Veggie Meats (Seitan, Tempeh Bacon, Sausage, Wheatballs)

Make a double batch of Marinara and freeze 3/4 of it

Make & Freeze Veggie Broth

Cook & Freeze 1 type of bean

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Psst... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


We weren't so productive today, but we aren't having company or going anywhere Christmas day, so it's no big deal. We'll continue to work on various tasks, but we plan to spend most of Christmas day relaxing.

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Merry Christmas everyone!! I just got a phone call from my hubby, hes in North Carolina! Hes going on leave in the middle of January to help us move back.. I finally feel like there is an end in sight, I know exactly (down to the minute) how long I have before I see him and hes SAFE.. The best Christmas present anyone could have :)

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Merry Christmas, Okimom. What wonderful news to receive on Christmas! That's the best Christmas present ever!

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Oki, so happy for you. smile.gif
Ruthiegirl, thinking of you and wishing you a blessed birth!
bejeweled, clutterwarrior, PoetryLover and all, Happy Holidays!
This is my favorite time of year...purging, decluttering and donating in high gear. smile.gif
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Great news Oki! Awesome.
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It's great to see everyone. We're just back from out of town and so happy to be Home Sweet Home!!! joy.gif
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Good Morning.
This place is a certifiable mess. Not really dirty, but stuff that needs to be put away one day.

So far I:
*made breakfast and tea
*made the bed
*shuffled some things around to make space
*cleaned out the refrigerator yikes.gif
*changed the cat litter
*took out the trash
*helped DD learn to rollerskate love.gif
*made lunch
*just had dinner and did cleanup

Hope you're having a nice day. I plan to enjoy mine. teapot2.GIFsmile.gif
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My place is a disaster! Its horrible how dirty it can quick and how quickly.. I need to get my butt in gear and get some stuff done... and stay off the phone, I spent like 9 hours talking to DH yesterday..


Today I need to:

take the mutt out, give him food and water

clean crate/mop closet

completely change the litter and relocate it to the kitchen to see if the cat likes it better there

feed and give water to the cat

clean up the living room, both bedrooms and the playroom

vacuum apartment

laundry.. laundry... laundry...

finish apron

finish veggietale book

finish sweater front

embroider sweater and sew back to front

sew dress skirts to bodices

make a list of things to do before my husband comes back


Thats about it other than the normal stuff. I should be able to get it all done if I work at it instead of slacking off :)

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