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Thanks, *bejeweled*. I try to make exercising a priority, as it helps me to manage stress. ... I still haven't found my wallet. greensad.gif


I washed the containers, along with a few other dishes and folded 2 loads of laundry, transfered 1 load to the dryer and have a load of diapers soaking overnight.


Now I'm off to get ready for bed. sleepytime.gif



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This has been such a slow day for me. It's a BIG day, though, so I have to get myself in gear.


Tasks to complete:


Clean Toilet

Clean Sink

Clean Bathroom Mirror

Empty Bathroom & Living Room & Kitchen Trash

DH to Scoop Cat Litter

Fold & Put Away 1 Load of Clothes

Fold & Put Away Diapers

Sweep Kitchen & Spot Mop Floor

Clear off Desk

Wash DSD's Summer Clothes

Wash DSD's regular laundry

Wash Dishes

Bake Cake

Frost & Decorate Cake

Decorate for "Going Away" party

Send DH a list of things to pick up at the store

Pick up Bedroom

Change Sheets & Make Bed

Put Extra Toys in Closet

Call local coffee shop and police station for my wallet :-(




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Hi Poetry wave.gif That's quite the list! Is the party today? Or soon?

Today I:
*made breakfast & coffee
*got DD off to school
*made the bed
*cleaned the kitchen
*folded a huge mound of clean clothes yikes.gif
*took out the trash
*wiped down the bathrooms
*ran to get the cat some food
*got some gas for the car
*started studying reading.gif

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Hi *bejeweled*! Yes, the party is for tonight at 8:30, as DSD is flying out on Sunday morning to live with her mom. greensad.gif It's a surprise party. She actually has a field trip after school and doesn't get home until 8:30, so that's why it's so late--and we'll have time to prepare for it.


Congrats on all that you got done!


I also called DSD's school to arrange Withdrawal paperwork, etc.


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I'll send good vibes your way. Hope it goes well.
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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted on this forum. I may as well jump back in! Gonna set the timer for 15 min, get the kids down for nap, then do another 20. Family is visiting this weekend and my bday is coming up. I'd love to celebrate with a clean house. smile.gif


Eta: finally got the kids down and managed 36 min of cleaning before it was time to nak. The kids had found some styrofoam from a recent package and made 'snow' all over their room. There's still a bit of snow floating around the house, but their room is tidy and freshly vacuumed now. (They had helped me tidy up before nap.)

Kid room vacuumed.
Kid hall, bathroom, entry, and some of living room swept.
Random things picked up from floor
Guest bed stripped and ready to wash.

Lots more to do. I'm looking at you, kitchen...
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Hi MamaVegan! Happy cleaning getting ready for your guests!


Thanks for the good vibes, *bejeweled*!


I'm editing the original post to show progress.

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Hi everyone wave.gif  I haven't done much in the last couple of days. The whole government might shutdown thing has really been stressing me. Im glad they finally came to an agreement so its not going to effect the move.. Yea! Tomorrow we promised the girls an outing then I really need to get cracking so I can get the house cleaned.


Tomorrows to dos:

-find tickets to Rykuru Mura ( a place DD1 has been wanting to go, I have the tickets but can't find them)

-go to said place


-work on packing

-work on cleaning the front room

-take pictures of cars and repost them (hopefully they sell soon!)


Thats it. Im going to start small and hopefully Ill get some stuff done.

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Hello everyone.
This place is a wreck. We had company for the week and it shows. I'll start small.

Today I:
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*took DD to piano lesson
*took DD to the pool
*hopefully will study a little

I'm feeling lazy...

*threw out some more trash
*straightened the living room and put away a bunch of stuff
*changed the towels in the bathroom
*washed some blankets
*cleaned the bathroom
*changed the pillowcases

Have a good evening. sleepytime.gif
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Hi guys!


Okimom I am glad that stress is over anyway...hope you found the tickets.


Bejeweled, it's amazing how having visitors can make the place fall apart, it's lovely to have them, but one tends to forget about housework.


It is Sunday night here, and I have decided to write my to dos the night before, so I am more organised tomorrow for Monday.


To do:

make coffee

make breakfast

clean toilets

clean ensuite sink

plan meals for week


Change towels

vacuum furniture in living room

clean d/stairs kitchen sink


pick up some food at shops




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Hello. It's nice to have our home back to ourselves. winky.gif

Today I:
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*cleaned the kitchen
*wiped down the bathrooms
*cleaned the litter box
*ran errands
*got myself some pretty t-shirts loveeyes.gif

I hope to:
*study well
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Hello. smile.gif


Today so far:


made coffee

emptied dishwasher

got a letter ready to post

washed sheets

dried sheets

put away dry clothes



to do:


go to gym


clean bathroom mirrors

clean guest toilet

clean guest ensuite

clean d/stairs sink

sort out one shelf

cook dinner

clean up




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Hello everyone! I have a LOT of work to do today. My poor little home is just trashed. redface.gif


Making a big list is too intimidating for me right now, so I'm going to be working in 15 minute increments and making multiple progress posts.


Here I go...

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I sorted the laundry and started a load. I put away the dishes and began clearing off the table.

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Hey Poetry. I know that feeling too well. lol.gif How was the party?

Today I:
*went on a walk (my new daily to do) yes! coolshine.gif
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*took a little nap sleeping.gif
*just made coffee
*studied ok
*wrote a report for a friend
*took DD to the barn treehugger.gif

Have a goodnight.
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Hi *bejeweled*! The party was fun. DSD flew out Sunday morning and we've pretty much focused on her most of last week. So the home suffered during that time. Ah well. shrug.gif


I just nursed DS. Now for another round of picking up....




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Hello. Happy Day. smile.gif

Today I:

*slept in and drove DD to school, instead of the bus
*made breakfast
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*cleaned out the litter box
*made baked chicken and rice
*studied well thumb.gif
*started the wash.gif
*took DD to Bible study/dance

Right now I'm going to take a rest. Hope you're having a nice day too. I'll be checking in.
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Hi everyone again! Our flight date has once again been pushed back to the 23rd.. At least I hadn't bought the plane tickets from Seattle or Orlando yet lol.gif.. Im optimistic that this is the last change since we actually have tickets in hand this time. Its a good thing in a way, Ive been totally procrastinating doing anything (Im feeling horribly down right now, I hope Im not going to end up with PPD like I did with both girls). I need to get my bottom in gear since I haven't done anything in a while (and the house shows it).


Need to do:

actually take a shower and get dressed. DS has been nursing every 30 minutes and its been hard to even sneak a shower in.

quick clean so I can tell what needs to get done.. Need to do: both bathrooms, all 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living/dining room

Put everything together to pack.. again.. Every time we get things together theres a change of plans

Buy plane tickets

Order Easter dresses for the girls and have them shipped to my in-laws

work sheets with the girls

possible go to the park if I get everything else done and the girls are behaving


Thats it for today. Im going to try to do a little bit and hopefully get it all done.. Maybe if I can get myself moving we can take some time at the park since its actually a nice day today.

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Heather I hope you don't end up with PPD....I had it the worst after my second child, and still prone to hormonal depression. It sucks majorly being a woman at times! hug2.gif


Well somebody drove into the back of my car yesterday!!  eyesroll.gif  hammer.gif So today I took car to get a quote for fixing it.


Other than that I have not got much done yet...


made coffee

finished some artwork

made beds

towels in wash

changed handtowels


to do:


vacuum kitchen upstairs

vacuum 2nd floor

empty dishwasher

dry towels

clip DS's nails

take DS for haircut

clean ensuite

make salmon patties

finish some artwork








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*bejeweled*, happy day to you, as well.


clutterwarrior, sorry to hear about your car.


OkiMom, here's another hope that you don't get PPD. I can't imagine how hard it must be to move with a tiny babe and 2 small children. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. hug2.gif


I'll be back to post my goals for the day. 

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