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Welcome yellowdart! smile.gif
Originally Posted by yellowdart View Post

Hi people!  I just found this thread and I love it and I'm feeling so motivated right now.  So, here's my list for today:


-make lamb stock (started!)

-assemble the last dining chair that needs to be assembled (started!)

-clear off kitchen counters

-fold the laundry

-do some more laundry

-fold that laundry

-take cardboard and glass to recycling

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Hello. coolshine.gif

Today I:
*made breakfast
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*hosted a playdate

Have a goodnight. sleepytime.gif
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hi mamas, this is sort of cheating as it is after the fact, but i've

1. done a load of laundry

2. cleaned up after a mouse terrorised the kitchen

3. bought mouse traps and set them

4. stacked the wood (with my sweetheart)

5. done a library and dance class run

6. took out the garbage

7. took 1/2 an hour to finish the dining table i'm refinishing


i hope to get a few things done in preparation for a trip, between tonight and later tomorrow.


(make dinner)


1. vacuum the place

2. any laundry needed & pack up clothes for our trip

3. leave the kitchen pristine (hopefully take a mouse on a trip deeper into the country)

4. pack toiletries, projects, girls things

5. pack up food

6. have a tidy all over - maybe 5 minutes in each room.




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laundry in DS is a bit anti nap at the moment

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dishes washed we had dinner snuggleing DS

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Yesterday was my oldest baby's birthday, she turned 4.. Today the apartment has to recover lol.gif


To dos:

quick clean apartment-almost done

laundry, laundry and laundry- slowly getting done

clean betta's tank- waiting on the water to sit some

add water to fish tank

e-mail lady who is watching girls when Im in labor and get last minute details sorted out

make birth necklace

finalize and upload song list onto IPOD
find tripod and remote for camera

finish carseat blanket and put it on carseat, put the carseat on the base (which is already installed in the car)

charge family camera and small camera, put cameras and chargers into car

clear memory cards and put back into cameras

Find last memory card

charge cell phone


If time

Finish hairtie organizer (should have been done for yesterday but I didn't get it done redface.gif)

finish stenciling shirts

cut out flower skirt, purple top and finish cutting out red shirt

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Ok, Im tired so Im going to bed early tonight.. Tomorrows list of things to hopefully get done:


Finish quick cleaning apartment

work on laundry

add water to fish tank

finalize song list and upload

finish car seat blanket and put the car seat with base in car

put bags in car

finish hair tie organizer

finish stenciling shirts

cut out flower skirt, red shirt, purple shirt.

freeze: 3 loaves french bread, chicken noodle soup, some type of casserole

make a casserole for dinner- almost done, need to put it in the crockpot to cook

get minutes and put on phone

box up Christmas presents that still haven't been sent redface.gif

fix zipper on couch

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-clear off kitchen counters

-recycle glass and cardboard

-take clothes to Goodwill [Goodwill is closed!]

-more laundry!

-clean compost bucket grossedout.gif

-clean kitchen floor?

-clean and install cupboard shelf that I just found in the garage [need to find brackets]

-put printer on said shelf, see about getting it running

-do homework!

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I put some frecycle stuff out on the deck for pickup this afternoon clean dishes are all over my counter . I need to vacuum and shampoo the carpets DS had a " accident " last night . they shouldn't be able to be anti diaper until they are potty trained

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vacumed a little,  mailed two letters Ive been meaning to sense the 21st cleaned up a few papers

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Oh and I bought a trash can no more just throwing a bag under the sink for me

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Today I:

*made chicken & black eyed peas and rice eat.gif
*made the bed
*made breakfast
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*wiped down the bathrooms
*took out the trash
*read the newspaper
*hosted a houseful of kids most of the day
*made brownies with the girls
*studied 30 minutes only rolleyes.gif
*made dinner

Have a goodnight. sleepytime.gif
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I love getting rid of things.  I love feeling ruthless. 

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I finished the car seat blanket already this morning and did the dishes. Rotated the laundry and took a bath. Now Im going to go clean the bedrooms, playroom and bathroom then sweep/mop the back of the house. After that is done Im going to go do the same for the front of the house. Then Ill go from there.

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I haven't been keeping up with the thread, but I've been totally rocking this house the last few days! I went through my clothes and all three boys' clothes and got rid of a ton of stuff. I moved the dressers around and rearranged upstairs a bit to make more efficient use of our space. It feels much more open and airy now!


Today I plan to:

-wash dishes

-wash and put away 2 loads of laundry

-move box of toys to the basement (I've needed to do this for a week and just haven't gotten around to it)

-replace lightbulb in hall

-get rid of 5 things from under sink (pot/pan/random kitcheny stuff storage - really cluttered)  I was on a roll and ended up decluttering that whole area, cleaning it, and organizing it. :)

-clean strawberry stain from area rug; vacuum

-sweep and mop

-organize bookshelf and gather books to return to library

-make beds

-clear landing

-declutter/organize one shelf in hall closet  ended up doing the whole darn thing after the kids went to bed

-empty bathroom wastebasket

-tighten table legs


I had my 1yo niece this morning so I'm getting a late start on all of this.

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This place is a wreck and i've got to get on it. We had a house full of kids this weekend and it shows. Everything is out of it's place and it's that time of month for me and everything is on my last nerve. irked.gif

So far today I:

*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters cleared)
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*ran errands
*studied well reading.gif

I need to:
*clean up the mud
*clean up the junk everywhere!

I can't stand when there is censored.gif everywhere.

*cleaned up the mud
*found a place for most things

Now I can relax smile.gif Have a good evening.
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Laundry switched , I'm really behind today but I have

signed up for a diaper service ! no more washing poopy diapers for me love.gif   and started a list of regularly used food also for bi weekly delivery with our local produce box

well DS is with the sitter I'm going to get some work done and shampoo the carpet and clean whatever else

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Im tired again today so Im not going to even bother thinking Im going to get everything I "should" be getting done done.. Important things I need to do:

- quick clean apartment (nope, haven't done it yet redface.gif)

- sweep/mop apartment

-laundry.. laundry.. laundry

- actually PUT the bags in the car and threaten people if they take them out again Im going to pour ice water on them in the shower (Im a very violent person can you tell ROTFLMAO.gif.. hey he did it to me first :))

- Finish DD's hair tie organizer (I keep promising, Bad mommy moment shy.gif)

- play with the Ipad I have sitting here.. Ok, this isn't a to do but I figure Id put something down that might get done.

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oki I love my ipad ! 


so I picked up a little warmed up dinner and filled out some papers but moslt been sitting with my feet up bag.gif  I will get my whole upstairs sparkling before the sitter leaves really !


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Gracie- Im hoping to love it too! DH saved up the entire pregnancy because he wanted to get me something nice. I LOVE to read so he was going to get a Kindle but while doing research he figured an IPad would be a better investment for me. I haven't had a chance to really play with it since he just gave me it but it will give me something to do for the next week or so and DH is happy he won't be required to track down my favorite books while Im at the hospital (my books never stay on the bookcase because Im always rereading my favorites). Ive been playing with the map function today, that will be nice when we travel since we love taking day trips all over the place. Right now we are planning on driving from Florida to North Carolina when we move back to the states.


Ok, I just got out of a bath so Im going to go clean. I want to get the back of the house done before lunch.

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