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Hi everyone!


Today so far:


emptied both dishwashers

put washing machine on

hung out two loads washing

cleaned bath

cleaned shower

cleaned bathroom mirrors

changed dishcloths


to do:


put towels on to wash


dust master bedroom

clear out stuff in spare room (some of it)

put towels in dryer

bring in dry washing

fold towels

clip DS's nails


work out what to wear tonight

get ready to go out


make mothers day card


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Hey clutterwarrior. wave.gif You're on a roll!

Today I:
*decluttered 3 major areas (mostly papers) eyesroll.gif
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*washed a load of laundry
*made the bed

I'll be checking in...
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Originally Posted by *bejeweled* View Post

Hey Poetry. Good work. How are you feeling?

Thanks for asking. I'm getting over being sick. I would feel better if DS would sleep better. :-( Hopefully, it's just a phase. He seems to think the middle of the night is the time to turn our apartment into a playground. He's a sweet boy, but I am just wiped out from lack of good, quality sleep.

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Hi *bejeweled* and clutterwarrior!


Today I have:


Washed the dishes

Folded and put away a load of diapers

Transferred a load of laundry to the dryer

Washed a load of laundry

Made the bed

Picked up the living room


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Hi Bejeweled and PoetryLover!


Lack of sleep is the pits Poetry...it's hard at that age, lucky they are so gorgeous isn't it.


Well I got the floor mopped at least today, which is good it really needed it.

Got some cards made and gifts wrapped and and all posted off...had to run to the post office, because our car is being fixed, so no car for 2 weeks.


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It's so hard to keep my focus in so many places at once!  Taking care of the kids and their needs, fulfilling my needs with exercising, keeping up with the house and the food.  It's such a juggling act at times! 


Today, I will:

clean the kitchen counters!

mop and clean the bathrooms

take the kids to a fun exercise class (I've already promised them)

do the dishes

sweep the floors

pick up in general

30 minute run/walk


We're leaving in an hour to go to the class, so I'll try to at least get one bathroom clean before getting everyone ready to go.



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Hi clutterwarrior and Veganmama!


Veganmama, it is difficult, indeed, to strike a balance.


So far today I have completed two 15 minute sessions:


Made the bed

Made breakfast

Washed the dishes

Cleaned the counter

Put DS's toys away

Folded and put away a load of laundry

Transferred a load pf laundry to the dryer

Put the diapers through the first wash


I'm going to attempt to exercise now while DS naps.

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Hi girls. smile.gif


Veganmama it sure is a balancing act!  I have a certain degree of ADD so I find it really hard to keep focus, I will go off exercising or doing my artwork and completely forget I need to prepare dinner or clean or help DS with his homework.  So I find writing lists here really helps to keep my mind on what I need to get done.


Today so far:


put dishwasher on, forgot to last night...



to do:


do laundry

do more laundry

make beds

do some decluttering

clean microwave

prepare dinner

clean up kitchen





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Well, my list got sidetracked due to some mischievous children painting my floor another random objects. Soo, we canceled the class and I've only managed the dishes.

I'm having a coffee now and will see what I can check off my list tonight and in the morning.

Looks like you ladies are doing well!
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Got the sheets off DS's bed, about to hang out some clothes to dry and put sheets in wash.



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Hung out the clothes, one sheet dried, another in the dryer, and about to hang out second lot of washing.


Also I am finally clearing and decluttering a shelf in my gift cupboard....embarrassing how long it has been such a mess!

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I'm on a roll today...must be the nice weather today energising me!


Got another load hung out, DS's bed made with clean sheets, and done about half of the shelf now.

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Welcome to the thread, MamaVegan!


Clutterwarrior, you are doing awesome!

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Hey everyone! Haven't been on much lately since DH's extended family was in town. Im SOOO glad they are gone now and it will be a while before anyone else visits. Not that I don't love them its just whenever we all get together there is way to much drama. Im beginning to miss Japan, we didn't get sucked into family arguements when we were way out there, I decided to declare myself Swizerland though, I refuse to be drawn into their drama or choose sides in it.


On the bright side we have a van now! Its a relief not to have to find someone to give us a ride when we need to go anywhere.


Today I need to do some picking up. DH took the girls with him to Seaworld to spend time with his family (the ones that live in Florida) but i stayed home. DS got a sunburn from being out in the sun so Im being a "pain" and saying hes not allowed in the sun until its completely healed.


Things to do today:

- pick up the house

- organize the toys

- shopping list

- vacuum apartment

- fold two loads of laundry

- wash table clothe, dry and put on table

- get everything together for church tomorrow and make sure nothing needs to be pressed/washed.

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love.gif Happy Mother's Day Ladies! Hope you enjoy your day. love.gif
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Happy Mothers Day to you also Bejeweled and to everyone else!


Okimom that would be weird being amidst all the family stuff again, but it's good if you can declare yourself Switzerland! lol.gif




made coffee

made 2 beds

cleaned ensuite toilet

cleaned ensuite sink

cleaned out parts of dishwasher

hung out dishcloths

put towels in wash


to do:


put towels in dryer

other towels on line


take sheets off DD's bed

wash sheets

dry and make bed

clean other toilets x 2



prepare dinner


clean up kitchen

watch favourite show!


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Hello. It's so nice to be back to "regular schedule". smile.gif We had company most of last week.

Today I:
*ran errands
*got a manicure/pedicure smile.gif
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*cleaned the kitchen
*made spaghetti
*started the wash.gif It's crazy.
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Good Day. coolshine.gif

Today I:
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters cleaned)
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*took a nap
*continued the laundry
*studied reading.gif
*took DD to the barn treehugger.gif
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Hi everyone! 


Today I have:


Made coffee

Made breakfast

Made the bed

Started a load of laundry

Put dishes away

Washed the dishes

Made lunch

Transferred laundry to the dryer

Took the high chair apart (removed and laundered straps and thoroughly cleaned the seat cover, plus all the "ickyness" hiding underneath the cover) and gave it a good scrubbing

Swept and mopped the pantry, kitchen and bathroom

Sliced up pears, bananas and strawberries for a snack

Took soup out of the freezer to thaw for supper


I have a large mental list, but I'm just going to do what I can. :-)

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Hey Poetry, wave.gif
I've got a big mental list too. So far today I:

*signed DD up for horseriding camp
*went to the bank and got the car oil changed
*continue the laundry
*made the bed
*cleaned the litter box
*took out the trash
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*cleared the kitchen
*took DD to Bible study
*really need to study. I've got to get more serious (tomorrow) lol.gif
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