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15 Minute Session:


Put diapers through final rinse

Removed clothes from dryer, folded/hung and put away

Transferred sheets and towels to dryer

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So far:

got D up, showered, dressed, and to daycare!

made coffee & started work (just finished for the day!)

rearranged play area (nicest arrangement yet, I'd say!) and organized toy box for the first time in weeks!

scrubbed chopping block!

dealt with internet being down for half an hour, ugh.

scalded milk for yogurt

culled several things for donation- clothes, shoes, and a few stuffed animals (where do they keep coming from?!)

tidied the bedroom floor, drawers, and the closet

walked around in heels for a little while- couldn't resist when I saw them sitting up on the closet shelf

added culture to milk (now letting the yogurt work its magic thumb.gif)

made the bed

gave the tot pot a little cleaning

emptied vacuum cleaner

right now: taking out trash & recycling

picking up D from day care


Need to:

make dinner & do dishes, wipe down kitchen,

wipe down coffee table

quick vacuum

stop by the bank & pay rent


Eventually want to:

wipe down bathroom, scrub the condensation stains around the base of the toilet, grr.

sort, wash, dry & fold laundry

There's always more!!



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Next session: 


Removed 1st load of cloth diapers

Started cold rinse on 2nd set of cloth diapers

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Hi everyone! I usually like to make little comments to people on their progress. I've just been extra busy lately and trying not to spend SOOO much time on the computer.

Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post

Well got everything done today and I finalized the Christmas presents/birthday presents so except for something small changing I know what Im making and what Im buying.



Wow! You are super organized!


Originally Posted by clutterwarrior View Post

Ugh! I didn't bother writing a list today because I found out the oven people are coming tomorrow to fix it, I thought the oven was pretty clean till I took a very close look at it!
 so I had to spend most of my day cleaning the greasy oven, inside and out....I figured I can't let the tradesman see it grubby. blush.gif



I always clean for the repairmen, as well.


Originally Posted by lilyka View Post

Today is my work day and I am sitting here on MDC....  This thread is timely. :)


So what I have done so far:


Folded a basket of laundry

sewn some stuff for etsy

spent about 30 minutes cleaning

installed AC and shut windows

assigned chores to the kids

cooked a chicken



So to do....


de-bone chicken

make chicken salad with chicken

make twice baked potatoes with chicken

Cat box (Ava's chore)

put laundry away (but that is the non AC zone ... :-( ...I don"t wanna)

Dishes, sweep and mop kitchen floor, wipe counters (Madeline's chore)

Clean up sewing mess on dining room floor

photograph etsy stuff

list etsy stuff

finish sewing etsy stuff

find a new home for etsy stuff besides my basement which smells like icky humid funk

clean and dust icon table

wipe down and condition couch that I am sitting upon


vacuum living and dining room

mop living and dining room.

get new tags for my car

put other car in my name (and put related paper work away)

put package together

ship package

clean my bedroom

find a home for gigantic pack of toilet paper

hang pictures on bedroom wall

make kids deal with pile at bottom of stairs

brush and walk dog (lilys chores)

sweep stairs (lily)


I think that is enough for my day off LOL



Wish me luck...I am going in...



Wow, you've been busy on your day off. smile.gif


Originally Posted by insidevoice View Post

I haven't accomplished much at all today. 


So- the dreaded to do!


fold and package the tiny baby stuff that is going to a family in need

wash/dry/fold/package two more loads of that stuff

reassemble the baby swing for same family

(I am pregnant, but this stuff won't be going with us, so it is going to a family ho really needs a boost right now- that makes it almost enjoyable!)


Start on our laundry.


Sort cloth diapers and set aside for donation. Need to find someone who needs these. 


Unload clean dishes, put dirty dishes in dishwasher.


Wipe down kitchen counters/mop floor if I can find enough ambition. 


Plan something for dinner.  Dinner?  Blah- I don't wannnaaaaaaaaa!  Maybe I can get away with something easy. 


Dust livingroom.


Attack bathroom with harsh cleaners.  The musty effect is getting to me- and I can't find the cause.  I will. (This is also my laundry area, I kind of think the musty may be the washer as it's seen better days.)


Hear back from the garage about why the oil light on my van is on- prepare to part with more money than I have to comfortably part with. 


Mow lawn.


Find my way out of the funk I'm in today- it's sucking all ambition from me.   I'll start by making a pot of coffee and grabbing a shower while it brews. 






How nice of you to donate to a family in need. Sorry that you're in a funk, though. Hopefully, it won't last long.


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Wash/dry/fold and put away hand me downs

Clean off changing table

Clean off dresser

Pick up the bedroom

Freeze Bananas for smoothies

Sweep and Mop Kitchen, Pantry & Bathroom



Order new checks

Take old car off insurance

Inventory Refrigerator and Meal plan

Write to 1 of 2 pen pals

Sweep Porch



Have DH take out the trash

Have DH buy part for toilet and fix it

Have DH scoop the litter box

Have DH sweep the bathroom floor

Have DH fill out onlne ppw to donate old car

Have DH empty Living Room Trash

Have DH clean off his dresser

Remind DH to fax Release of Records Forms


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Today I:
*made breakfast
*bathed and got ready
*made the bed
*made lunch
*took out the trash

I hope to:
*take DD to the barn treehugger.gif
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Hi *bejeweled*! It wasn't on my list, but I got some relaxing done today. I hope you did, too.


We didn't get everything on the list done today, but one thing not on the list that we did was wash all the windows inside and out. This was on my "To Do Before Baby" list. I'm embarrassed to say how long it's been since our windows have been washed.jaw2.gif

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Im still working on Fridays list, isn't that bad?? Today instead of cleaning I took the kids to a water park with my in-laws and the girls my SIL babysits. I also got to see my DH's niece for the first time in almost 5 years. Shes grown so big! I barely recognized her.

I usually don't do house work on Sundays, its a day for church and to rest but Monday Im babysitting a friend's two children (so Ill have a 6 yo, 4 yo, 2 1/2 yo, 1 1/2 yo and a 5 mo) so I need to get a few things done.

To do:

finish picking up

clean litter box and gave the kitty fresh food/water

take the dog out and give him fresh food/water

vacuum the carpets

sweep/mop the tile

clean both bathrooms

rearrange car seats so I can put their two kids in the van

pack church bag, don't forget bubble machine for the nursery

cast on washcloth and work on a few rows

cut up watermelon

cook up the ground pork in the fridge so it doesn't go bad


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Poetry, you are not alone there, I hate cleaning windows and put it off till I can't see through them anymore! ROTFLMAO.gif


Okimom that sounds familiar, cooking the ground meat to avoid it going off...often happens round here.  Fridge management along with window washing, two areas I fail at!


It's Sunday night and I am going to bed soon, but I am going to write a list of things I need to get done tomorrow, ...or later this week.


To do:


plan menu/shopping

empty dishwasher

hang out washing

put laundry on

clean toilets

clean kitchen sink up/strs.

clean kitchen sink d/strs


get to the gym

post artwork to magazine in NZ


cook dinner

clean up



work on DD's room, while she is overseas:

sheets off bed

put away things on her bed

wash sheets

vacuum incl under bed


go through stuff I have stored in her room











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Well I didn't update again on the first, but I did finish the rest of my list that day, yay!! Did some bathroom scrubbing, too. Still haven't touched the laundry, probably do that on Tuesday! My mom spent the night, so I had to pick up after the mess she and my daughter made while having a good time together :) Mostly, we were out walking and getting some sun today. I've got a pile of stuff that I need to donate and no clue where to put it.... But I am determined that it shouldn't go in the trash, lol.

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Hi Everyone. It's good to see you. smile.gif Happy Fourth!

Today so far I:
*made caffix.gif
*made breakfast
*made the bed
*cleaned out the regrigerator
*took out the trash
*wiped down the bathrooms
*made lunch
*am about to rest & do Sudoku smile.gif
*went to the grocery store
*had a great Fourth dinner
*went to the park/fair for fireworks
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I got a call Sunday that my Grandma passed away in her sleep that morning then yesterday I had to take care of my friends littles (not something I wanted to do but I promised and I wasn't going to make her miss work because I wasn't in the mood to watch them) Im in no mood to clean today so Im not doing a to do list. Ill be happy if the dishes are washed by the end of the night,


So far I have:

finish loading the dishwasher and started it

took the dog out and gave him food/water

cleaned the litter box and gave the kitty food/water

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OkiMom, I'm sorry for your loss. candle.gif Take care of yourself.
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So far today I:
*made grits and eggs
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters cleaned)
*gathered the trash
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*am about to sort the laundry
*made lunch
*went to the barn with DD treehugger.gif
*made dinner
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Ok, time to get off my duff!  Long weekend and fun with family, but very little work got done around here!


So far:

Started a load of laundry

ran out for a couple groceries I'd forgotten (coffee!  ack!)

dropped off a mostly prepared meal for my parents for tonight as thanks for a lovely barbeque yesterday

had a really simple light breakfast of melon slices and random stuff from the fridge- sliced hardboiled eggs for the kids, yogurt, cottage cheese.. tasty and easy!


to do:

at least two more loads of laundry (I need to figure out how to reduce this, but am clueless)



reclaim my desk

marinate the pork chops for dinner

plan menu for DS1's birthday party this weekend

deep clean the bathroom

mop floors

wash walls- somehow the nearly 3 year old got his hands on markers when I had the audacity to take a shower 

weed garden

contact the town to make request that they stop spraying on my block for mosquitoes-  DS1 is getting hives every. single. time.  


My funk is better today, so I hope to take advantage of the energy!


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OkiMom, I am so sorry.  Please take care of yourself, the list certainly doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things right now. 

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Cleaned the guest bathroom and ran a load of clothing.


Off to do another 15mins.


Switched out laundry, swept laundry room floor and washed it, tidied pantry space.


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Make coffee and breakfast

Wash, air dry, put away supper dishes (DH actually washed these this morning; all I had to do was put them away. smile.gif)

Nurse DS down for an AM nap

Order new checks

Email freecycle person to arrange pickup of toaster

Open Windows coolshine.gif

Make lunch

Take Vitamins/Give DS vitamin

Clean bathroom sink

Clean bathroom mirror

Clean toilet

Switch hand towel in bathroom

Cleaned table and stove

Took out full trash bag and replaced the bag

Pick up the kitchen

Change dish cloth and towel

Wash breakfast and lunch dishes

Replenish stock of Toilet paper

Make Bed

Put away load of towels

Nurse DS down for a PM nap

Fold/Hang and put away 1 load of laundry

Fold and put away diapers

Ready myself for the day

Drink Water

Wash, dry, fold, hang and put away 3 loads of laundry

Have DH pick up sandwiches from Subway

Try DS on the potty after waking, before and after naps and before bed 

Pick up the living room

Sweep kitchen and pantry

Wash, dry, fold and put away 2nd load of diapers

Put away breakfast/lunch dishes


To do:


Address/stamp envelope to pen pal/give to DH to mail

Freeze Bananas for smoothies or make banana bread

Clean toaster to be donated


Inventory Refrigerator and Meal plan

Write to 1 pen pal

Put away hand me downs

Remind DH to purchase part for toilet

Remind DH to pick up coconut water


Clean off changing table

Clean off dresser

Have DH clean off his dresser

Pick up the bedroom


In Progress Wash, dry, fold and put away 0-3 month baby clothes

Transfer DS's clothes to drawer





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Okimom, very sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma...take care of yourself right now and don't worry about the cleaning. hug.gif

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Well done everyone with your lists, and Poetry wow that is some list! 


I feel like I have been walking in circles today, I forgot to write a list and cross things off which always gives me more of a sense of achievement, so it's a bit late in the day but I am going to make a list so I can feel better about my day... orngbiggrin.gif





ground coffee beans

made coffee

emptied dishwasher

hung out washing

brought in dry clothes

took DD to doctor, she has acute tonsillitis

got antibiotics

returned DVDs

bought magazines

made lunch for DS

cleaned bathroom mirrors

cleaned bathroom sink

vacuumed kitchen

mopped kitchen floor

decluttered utility room

mopped utility room

attended to emails

cancelled DD's appt tomorrow

sorted clothes out

put away some summer clothes still out


To do:


make dinner

clean up kitchen

watch TV!

do DS's teeth

DS shower

get DS to bed







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