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Possible Penile/Urinary Tract Infection

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cut and pasted from another blog... sorry if it sounds scattered!
Saturday night Jonas had a bad reaction to Oxy Clean I cleaned his new diapers in. We switched him to disposables while I washed them again. I noticed that night that his penis looked swollen. DH proudly claimed (in jest) he was just "a growing boy". Last night, it still looked swollen so I thought I'd bring him to a friend whose son is also intact (my mom would just want to retract him and that may do more harm than good). When we got here this morning, it was super swollen and tender to the touch. As I was wiping him from a dirty diaper, his penis began to just ooze green pus. There's no foul odor, but it hurts him and it was just pouring. I'm taking him to the doctor at 11:15. I'm afraid it's going to turn into a battle to keep him from being retracted.

(written 4 hours later) When I changed his diaper again, the smell was wretched. Not nearly as much pus, but his penis looks red/purple and swollen. We went to the doctor... Wow, what a visit. She cultured the pus. She said depending on the culture results (3-7 days), he may need to be treated on an inpatient basis (WHAT?!) because most penile infections need to be treated on an inpatient basis. I asked about UTI and she said that you don't see pus coming out with UTIs, typically with STDs (Um, hello... mom of a 2 year old here, can we get an age-appropriate diagnosis? K, thanks!) She reluctantly did a urinalysis, and found white and red blood cells in his urine which could be from his skin or from his urinary tract. We're waiting for cultures but starting Augmentin. I'm also going to start him on a strong dose of probiotics, topical Lavender EO in olive oil and some cranberry juice. For now we're using the disposables because I need to make sure the infection doesn't spread to Ari (who uses the same diapers at night). Oh, and of course, she ends the visit with, "Well, we now have a medical reason to circumcise him. Would you be interested in that?" I said absolutely not, and tried to hide my utter frustration with her suggesting it. She questioned my reasons for leaving him intact, and I left it at personal beliefs. She said keeping him intact (she used "not circumcising") would increase his risk of another infection. (Yeah, and I'll whack my labia off to prevent yeast infections. Who needs genital integrity...)

So, here's my questions:

1. Any insight on the inpatient treatment of penile infections?
2. I need to get a good cleaning of the diapers. 12 fuzzi bunz and 15 inserts. How do I go about it? Would some bleach in the wash be enough?
3. Thoughts regarding her circumcision argument? (besides shared frustration at "let's just whack it off" mentality) ;)
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I agree with the doc's assessment that you usually don't see pus with a UTI. you do with a skin infection, and that sounds like what this poor little boy may have. the antibiotics should clear it up if that's what it is, though possibly the doc is thinking IV antibiotics may be needed? though with something like that I would think they would admit to the hospital right away if that's what they thought would be needed. 

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Ds had a bacterial infection when he was around 2y and it cleared up just fine with amoxacillan and the use of bacatracin on his penis. I slathered it on thick every time I changed his diaper and he was getting better within 24 hours.

Ick at the Dr. for suggesting circ for a single infection with a known cause ie his reaction to the oxy clean. Even an unknown infection like ds's isnt cause for circ.

I am assuming you have no choice but to continue to see this Dr? Because she is obviously biased against the intact penis and has no idea about the care of the intact penis.

I am curious why you didnt want the Dr. to know how her comment upset you. The reason I ask is maybe she would get a clue if she saw how important keeping your ds is to you.
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We're switching ASAP, but our new ped couldn't see him until Wed and wanted him to be seen by someone today. I wanted to avoid getting upset because I'm 6 months pregnant and tend to get my blood pressure raised when I get upset. As it is, my back is in knots and I'm stressed out.

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Totally understand about wanting to keep stress down. I agree your ds needed to be seen today not wait with his symptoms. I hope your new ped. is more up to date with intact care.

Do you have any OTC bacatracin around? If not it would be worth it to go out and get some and use that on your ds it cant hurt and it very well might help a lot. I hope he feels better soon. hug.gif

Maybe after this is all over and you are more calm you can sit and write a letter to the old ped. explaining why you left her practice and include information on intact care and treatment of infections.
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I am so sorry about your ped... geez... the nerve.


We use FB diapers as well and had an issue with major stinky diapers.  I have tried everything to strip them from Dawn (yuk), Biokeen Bac Out Remover, Country Save Bleach Alt, and so on. 


This is what seems to work for us:


Start boiling a HUGE pot of water (we end up boiling 2 pots).  Rinse and spin diapers in washing machine on cold.  Place boiling water in washer and let sit for at least 30 mins.  Then wash with half of the detergent you used to use with a second rinse on that load.


I found that I was using way to much detergent and I honestly wasn't using that much.  I do the boiling water treatment a couple times a week and it seems to work for our diapers.  I also have learned that the inserts just are not that great in the long run.  I bought some cotton pre folds that we are using instead.  I ended up using the old inserts for wipes. 

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I have no idea why on earth she would suggest inpatient care, unless she was trying to get to a circ procedure.


I don't even know this doctor, and MY blood pressure is going up, too! I don't blame you for being upset. If it were me, I would write a letter/email/fax to the doctor, maybe tomorrow, and tell her in words how upset she made you, and that you don't appreciate the stress, especially being pregnant. Her suggestion that you now had "a medical reason to circ" makes me irate, as I'm sure it made you.


Sounds to me like a skin infection, and I believe that the Augmentin will kick it (though you know you may need to keep an eye out for yeast after a big antibiotic like that). I expect you will see a marked improvement within 24-48 hours. Personally, I would NOT EVER see that doctor again, and I would follow up with your new doctor.


So sorry you are going through this, and your sweet little one, too. I think he will improve quickly. HTH!

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Yeah, it doesn't sound like a UTI.


Could you try doing no diaper at all for while.  It seems like too much of a coincidence that the infection started right when you switched diapers.  I would suspect the change somehow caused the infection.  (Possibly started as an allergic reaction or simple irritation that then developed into the infection.)  Try to keep him in easy to clean places, and maybe try some EC techniques.



Needing to treat it inpatient seems very unlikely.  Unless it starts spreading that should be completely unnecessary.  


Why go straight to amputation before even letting the antibiotics work?  If gangrene set in, then it would make sense to consider circ, for a treatable with antibiotics infection it is nonsense.

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