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I'm actually asking this for a friend of mine who is 5 months pregnant with her first.  She's intereted in having a natural birth but seems pretty overwhelmed by it all and would love some extra support both before and after her birth.  So I recommended getting a doula and since she'd never even heard of one I thought I'd ask here.  She's Brazilian so I'm not looking for someone who needs to speak English just someone knowledgeable.  Oh, and this is for the Bangu/Campo Grande area. 


She also was really interested in birthin classes both something similiar to lamaze (doesn't have to necessarilz be lamaze) and something that discusses nursing afterwards and how to do basic things with a newborn (bathing, diaper changes etc).  I'm not sure her price range but probably something that isn't too expensive would be better. ;) Also, I was going to recommend LLL, do they have a branch locally there?