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I am looking for something like WW but free and very simple, no brainer.  Like probably with menus.  But something that I can input preferences, like for example I hate eggs as a dish (they are ok in a recipe) but all the diets I have found online (if they even have an option to exclude something like eggs) exclude the eggs from the entire diet not just as say, scrambled eggs.  I HATE scrambled eggs/eggwhites  - it shouldn't be so hard to find something without those on the menu.  lol.  Or if anyone can summarize what WW is like now - I was on it before and calculating those points became an obsession and i was obsessed with food which led to me eating MORE.  I need something simple with menus or menu choices so i can just pick stuff to eat for the week without a lot of agonizing and obsessing and calculating. Does WW still do points? (Also, I prefer something free vs WW anyway.)  Help!

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Raqther then a diet (temporary deprivation eatting) I have choosen to make positive lifelong lifestyle changes. Beggining about five years ago I started to make slow changes to my lifestyle and eating. One tool I discovered about a year ago that I find extremely helpful is SparkPeople.com. Spark People is compete healthy living community and is FREE. Spark People has helps milliions of people reach their healthy lifestyle goals. Spark People does have free diet plans avaiable also for free for members that are interested in a diet plan. Check it out it SparkPeople might be just what you are looking for.

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Thanks!  I definitely don't want something like a typical low calorie no calorie diet, I guess more examples of healthy eating meals that are filling and taste good preferably with the calorie counts shown.  Because I don't really know what to eat besides obvious stuff like salads and grilled chicken.  I am sooo not into that anymore.  I know its possible because my sister is rail thin and eats what appears to be normal food and not salads all the time.  I am checking out sparkpeople right now...

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Opps I forgot to mention there is also a linked Spark Recipes site that I luxlove.gif  for healthy finding new healthy recipes

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love sparks!

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