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Am I washing incorrectly?

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After we change a diaper we take it to the toilet, spray it and then toss it in a pail that lined with a whamie. We're not sure whether we need to put a solution in the pail, or if it's okay to just rinse and toss inside. The kissaluvs and prefolds are coming out stained, which I really don't mind, but if there's a way to help prevent it I'd love to know.


Our washing machine is a HE top loader if that makes a difference and it even has a diaper wash setting which I'm guessing is for a final rinse to get residue out. We only have 11 kissaluvs so we've been washing everyday so stink hasn't been an issue, but I wonder about bacteria growth with it sitting wet.

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Your babe is a NB, you don't need to be rinsing the dipes at all.  That's for when they start eating solids and the poo turns from liquid into paste. 


And no, you don't need to add anything to the pail. 


As for the stains, sun is the best thing for it.  If you don't have a clothesline, next nice day, stick your clean (wet) dipes outside, hang them over the porch railing, the back of the patio chair, whatever.  About half an hour should take care of all but the most stubborn stains. 

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You can try doing a cold rinse without detergent before your regular wash cycle, some folks believe this reduces staining because the diapers get rinsed off before getting hit with hot water which can set in stains.  I haven't had the chance to try this myself yet though.

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