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How much do you spend on your child's birthday? - Page 3

Poll Results: How much do you typically spend on your child's birthday? (gifts, cake, party or whatever you do)

  • 0% (1)
  • 19% (30)
    $1- $50
  • 21% (33)
    $51- $99
  • 22% (35)
    $100- $200
  • 11% (18)
    $201- $300
  • 7% (12)
    $301- $400
  • 3% (5)
    $401- $500
  • 0% (1)
    $501- $600
  • 0% (1)
    $$601- $700
  • 0% (0)
    $701- $800
  • 0% (0)
    $801- $900
  • 0% (0)
    $901- $1,000
  • 1% (2)
    $1,000 - $3,000
  • 0% (1)
    More than $3,000
  • 8% (13)
    It varies too much from year to year to vote for one option
  • 1% (2)
    I don't keep track of birthday spending
154 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Om Girl View Post

Originally Posted by K1329 View Post

I'm impressed by how many of you can swing a birthday party and presents for less than 100$! There are obviously a few tricks for me to learn when it comes to saving money! 

You get really creative when finances are tight! 


I always look at the "hidden costs" of menu items...burgers and sandwiches are "easy" but the additional ingredients increase the cost.

Two words: Sheet......cake! lol.gif


I picked up a train engine cake pan at a garage sale.  Or you can just do a good 'ol rectangle.  Have the kids decorate it, and there's part of your party entertainment!  It works for so many ages.

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So far, it's never been more than $50--although I can see it becoming more as the kids age.  All of our parties are at home--for family. The birthday person gets to choose their menu, and either I make a cake or cupcakes or we order one.  (We've done both.)  Then usually, it's one or two gifts.  I honestly don't feel a need to give more presents because with four kids, we have so much stuff.  Plus, our kids get presents for the two Muslim Eids (which are pretty close together), plus Christmas presents from my family.  Timing is tough--as all of our birthdays are together.  We have one in July, two in August, one in September, and two in October.   :)


DS2 would really like to have a big party at Chuck E Cheeses or Pump it Up, but I can't really justify the cost right now.  The bigger problem would be that DS1 would insist on one as well.  (DD1 and DS3, probably not.)  I'm trying to save a little extra so that he might be able to have a party at home or at the park next year.  I think I can manage it for under $100.  Hopefully. :)


Growing up, our birthdays were always about experiences... so going out to a new restaurant, seeing a musical, etc.  When my kids are older, I hope to do that as well.

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I voted $51-$100, but that includes food for a party, which actually comes from my EBT card.  I just bought DS's birthday gift yesterday.  He is turning 4 in March and I bought an Anne Moze 3 Billy Goats Gruff set for $38, a bike basket at the Salvation Army for 50 cents (looks brand new!) and I am going to make him a chalkboard shirt with a little pocket for chalk which will be free.  A friend gave me the fabric and I am going to re-use one of the shirts in his closet.  I will most likely make a cake and have three or four of his friends over.  I might do dollar store goodie bags, which will maybe cost another $5-$10 total at the very most, but possibly not. Goodie bags drive me BONKERS.  I might just do stickers for everyone, or a balloon, which would be way cheaper.   I am also going to try to make some bendy dolls for him, but only if I can find the time.  I already have the supplies, so those will not cost any more $$.

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This year will be 75 dollars for gifts, food, grab bags etc for each DD



My older DD wants a camping Bday.  So, we are setting the tent up in the backyard, having hot dogs, and smores and 6 girls will be staying over. Pancakes for breakfast. 



Little DD had a Mad hatter Tea Party.  We set up table outside and had finger sandwiches, punch, fruit, and cupcakes.  Goodie bags had black and red licorice, heart chocolates, red rose lollipop rings, and a plastic catterpillar/butterfly.  



One year I had a pet bday where each guest brought a stuffed animal and they made collars/tags using yarn and shrinky dinks.   There was a "hospital"  and a salon.  It was really cute and super cheap.   The kids loved it!!!'



We do not spend more than about 10 dollars on our DDs gifts because both sets of Gparents like getting the BIG gifts.  This year I made them each a pretty sun dress.  They appreciate the homemade gifts. 



Back when the economy was better we spent about 350.  We would have an entertainer and beer/wine. 

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I voted it varies too much to vote. We have had parties at home and parties out places.I would say we spend between 100-150 on gifts and the cost of the party depends on the location.

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Originally Posted by beanma View Post last year we were remodeling the kitchen so we needed to have it else where and the year previously they both wanted to invite their whole class plus a few outside friends and DH gratefully went along with the idea of a swimming party at the local town indoor pool. It was really pretty cheap. I think $50 for the party room and then $2 or 3 per guest swimmer, plus pizzas and homemade cupcakes. B-day presents are usually in the $50 range. Maybe that was over $200 total adding in the pizzas, but not by too much.




You posted that before and I'm so happy that you did. My DS had his 5th birthday party there and DD will have her 4th birthday there next month. My house is tiny and it's so hard to find a indoor party location that isn't hugely expensive.

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Great! I'm glad it worked out for y'all, too. It's a relatively cheap place to have a whole class of kids in the colder months.

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Today was my daughter's birthday.  Spent:


$19 on a cake from the bakery

$.80 on a candle

$12 from the chocolate shop for marzipans and choc covered strawberries

$18 on a special dinner (restaurant carry out)

$4 on a party dress from the thrift store

$17 present




total:  $70.80


my mom sent flowers for the table decoration.

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I voted $500 but it's varied in the past...3 years ;) 


DD's first birthday was probably $200- my friend is an excellent chef and made a slew of homemade goodies for our guests to eat.  We just had family, and the goodie bags were for mostly older toddlers and included a bar of fair trade chocolate and a world music cd...so this was the bulk of the money along with gifts for DD. 


2nd birthday was closer to $400. We bartered with a local farmer a few of our chickens + $100 and she brought over a slew of baby animals for DD and friends to  to enjoy...we had more kids, had it catered locally, and gave out goodie bags. 


3rd birthday was def $500. Had animals and an educational lesson, BBQ and friends

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My kids were all born within 11 days of each other, so if I spend $500 on all aspects of their joint birthday party, I feel like a I got off easy. Relatives and friends ply them with gifts, so I don't worry so much about that. The venue is the big cost - we've done a family fun park, a pony ride/ pettting zoo place, one year of just a BBQ (that was cheap) and they have big dreams for this year. One of the places we're considering charges $279 for 10 kids - which makes me choke a little, but we'll still come in under the $500 mark and I wouldn't have all that chaos in my house.  

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Originally Posted by beanma View Post

Great! I'm glad it worked out for y'all, too. It's a relatively cheap place to have a whole class of kids in the colder months.

It's also pretty so it's not like being in a drab community center meeting room. I "think" we're going to have DD's party at the Museum of Life and Science. It's much lower in price than most of the party places and 20 children are included in the basic package (with parents being free.)

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It's usually $50 to $125 for us, $20 to $50 on a present then if there's a party something like $20 to $100 on food or a trip somewhere.

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I voted under $50.   Dd just had her 6th birthday and we did a party for 6 friends at home.  We also included their parents so the total guest count was 10.  We had a "tea party" theme, and most of the money I spent went towards getting real china teacups and sauces from the thrift store ($25).  The rest of it went towards groceries and crafts, as I served a hot lunch to go with the tea pary.  The craft bit was that I made wooden spoon puppets with the kids, with materials from the dollar store, and scraps of fabric I had around the house.   I think the total cost of that was $5.


Our gift to Dd was a play tent I made out of some bedsheets that I sewed so that it draped over our kitchen table like a fitted tablecloth.  It has windows, a door and is all decorated with felt flowers and beads.  It took me roughly 2 days to sew and the total cost was around $10.

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