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Ok so when I was pregnant I had hives off and on mostly at night then they went away.  Starting around 2weeks pp I started getting a really red itchy rash.  It is NOT on my stomach mostly on my shins and starting to creep up my thinghs.  I did have it on my neck and face in the form of hive like lesions one morning.  Now Im itchy everywhere so I am miserable!  Benadryl doesnt do much for me.  So to anyone reading this I am terrified and I feel alone.  I want to chalk it up to hormones or pupps but Im scared something is wrong with me.  Can anyone please comfort me and tell me they had anything similar???  This was my third baby so needless to say Im under stress and sleep deprived but I really dont think this is stress it has to be more of a hormonal thing?  Please help!!!