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I dressed my son in pink and my daughter in blue as infants regularly. shrug.gif I never, ever ever will understand the hoopla over gender and colors. Bah. lol.


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I do this- ds has an older sister with lots of great clothes.  I actually love seeing him in them and he... at age 2... loves that he is wearing his sisters things.  I just let him pick.  He has plenty of blue and orange things as well... and the money we would spend for all new things is crazy.


I have to admit to *so enjoying* breaking the cultural norms.  I had him dressed in "boy clothes" the other day, except the leg of hi navy sweats had a very small heart.  The lady next to us in line at the store was taken with ds, and was talking to him... but she completely stuttered and froze when she came to a point where she needed the correct pronoun to refer to him.  Ultimately she said, "I thought he was a boy... but the heart threw me off."  She was totally mortified.  I could have cared less if she did think he was a girl.  I love mixing it up for people and the fact that their "norms" get messed up when they see a kid with mixed gender clothing on.  


Today though, ds (a full head of tight african curls) wore ponytails and barrettes in his hair to playgroup.  All boys there, and people I will see again meeting us for the first time.  I have to say that his choice in hair presentation today pushed the comfort range for me.


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It's never not okay.
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Originally Posted by limette View Post

It's never not okay.

What? Really? Are serious? 

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Originally Posted by sk8boarder15 View Post

Originally Posted by limette View Post

It's never not okay.

What? Really? Are serious? 

I cannot answer for Limette...but um, yeah...seriously...*any* person can wear *any* color. My favorite color is blue. I wear blue. My DH sometimes wears pink. It is a color, not a lifestyle commitment, or social comment. Obviously, if the kid has an issue with what he/she is wearing it is a different conversation...but if the kid doesn't care or wants to then it is always okay to wear any color...

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Originally Posted by sk8boarder15 View Post

Originally Posted by limette View Post

It's never not okay.

What? Really? Are serious? 

When is it not ok for a boy to wear pink?   

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I'm guessing she read it wrong, at first I thought the other poster wrote "it's never OK" ...

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i think the double negative may have thrown that mama off. she may have read it as "it's never okay". her reaction seems to indicate that to me :shrug

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DS wears his sisters' clothes often at home. It's just easier for me to let them share pants especially, instead of going out and buying a bunch more when we already have a ton. They're just "girl" pants, is all.

If we go out, like to the store or park, I don't always change them. I've been picking up my oldest from school and other parents have commented when they see him in ruffly or pink pants (or ones with flowers or butterflies on them) . The comments have been fine, just "Oh, he's in his sister's clothes, how cute!" or "I'm low on laundry today too." No one cares too much, even if they wouldn't dress their own boy that way.

DS' favorite dress up outfit is a shiny pink skirt that he pulls up under his arms like a long strapless dress. He twirls around in it and has a great time, painted nails, hair clips and all. Why should I allow him to dress up in pink but not wear pink otherwise?
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Yes I'm serious and yes you read it wrong.

Let me rephrase.

It's always okay.

My baby boy wears pink and I have many male friends that wear pink. I don't know why it wouldn't be okay.
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LOL! I'm sorry I did miss the double negative! I'm glad you think its always okay!!! 

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We are in agreement then! There's no reason a boy shouldn't be able to wear pink! :) 

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I would def. dress my kid in a pink or girly snowsuit. Although, that jacket didn't look girly to me at all, it is just light blue.

We have a daughter. We received a lot of hand me downs from a friend that has a son. We also like to buy "boyish" clothes and colours for our DD because baby girl clothes are just not at all practical. The colours are always light and stain easily. And we like bright colours. Also, for some reason, even girl baby clothes are tight and revealing. Why does a baby need low rider pants? And why are girl pants sized smaller than boy pants? It is already hard enough to fit pants over a cloth diaper. And why do many girl shirts say stupid things like drama queen and dive on them?


Our DD has very little hair, and no matter what she is wearing, people think she is a boy. One day we were at the grocery store waiting in line. She was wearing a girls outfit, but it happened to be brown pants and a light blue top. A woman started talking with her and said something like "what a cute little boy you are". I replied with "we think she's adorable too" or something to that effect. The woman then got embarrassed and said "oh, sorry, I thought it was a boy because you have her dressed in brown and blue". This woman herself was wearing blue jeans and a chocolate brown shirt. So I say, "Yeah, it's ok, I understand, it's not like females wear brown or blue together or anything" and looked her up and down. She just agreed with me and didn't get it at all.


All that to say. Our DD does have clothing that is girlish too. And if and when we have a son, he will wear her hand me downs. When he gets to an age that he doesn't want to, I will not force him.

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Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post


At 18 mos., I would use the hand-me-downs. I would just be prepared for all the mistaken comments about such a cute girl. Since pink is traditionally worn by girls in this culture, I wouldn't get upset about them though.


By age 4 or 5, I'd be a little more sensitive about potential teasing, but if he wanted to wear something pink I would give it to him. I'd probably try to help him anticipate teasing and negative comments, role play and coach him on how to respond. If he doesn't want to wear pink, for whatever reasons, then I'd try to find a substitute. Second hand shops, freecycle, etc. are always good sources for inexpensive children's wear.  


This exactly!

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This is sore spot for me.  Girls don't own pink.  All colors are for all people.  My ds's favorite color was pink until he was about 6.  Then, he started getting teased and he changed it to red.  There is no rational reason boys shouldn't wear or like pink.  It is a wave-length on the spectrum of light just like all the others.  Sorry, rant over.  Put your boy in whatever you want. 

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I think that as long as he's okay wearing it, it's okay.  An 18 month old kid doesn't have an opinion on a thing like that, so you're in the clear.  

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Go for it. 

My son is currently wearing a matching necklace and bracelet set he made.  All plastic hearts in pink, yellow and white.  He did a very nice job on it and wears it every single day.  Well, unless he wears a collared shirt because then "it doesn't go" so on those days he only wears the bracelet.


He's 4.5.

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Well I'll be the odd one out, I guess.  At 18 mos in my backyard I wouldn't care (at any age I wouldn't care.  Although my 4.5 year old was grumbling about pink gloves the other day, so I would respect that).  But I wouldn't take a toddler out in public/send them to school in a pink snowsuit.  Nor would I judge someone who did, though.

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I'm all for kids wearing warm clothes that fit and can be played in regardless of gender stereotypes. I know boys who rock the floral pants and girls who only want to wear camo. 


What is your reaction going to be when you hear 'what a cute little girl'? Really it's a whole lot about you. Your 18 month old doesn't care. Your 3 year old might but not your 18 month old. Do you have a response that will empower you and your children? Personally, I think it's cool to mix it up. But I've had my share of 'really, you think my child in the pink dress and pigtails is a boy' and been turned off by it. And really, most folks don't have a filter and shouldn't be taken too seriously.


You saved to showsuit to be used again. Use it yourself and show your kids that what you have as valuable as what others may think you should own. Or trade it with a friend and teach the eternal lesson of sharing and cooperating.


I guess, my sense, is it comes down to what lifestyle and values are you hoping to empart to your kids.

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mmmmm  well, we're kind of traditional too in terms of boys and girls wearing 'different' clothes culturally.  BUT...I bet right now if DH was here and I asked him about this post, he would say for a baby it makes absolutely NO difference.  ;)


I happen to have 3 boys and one girl, girl is 2nd child.  She's been wearing her brother's hats for most of the winter because I *did* buy her a set (she needed the scarf) and she lost the cute purple hat with glittery thread and turquoise hearts.  One of  her brother's old hats happens to fit her perfectly.  It is bright blue.  She doesn't care.  :)


I think what I am going to do from now on is just buy more neutral-ish (like black or royal blue or something) hats and stuff for the oldest and just let them pass on down.  ;)


Also DD has been known to play in her brother's jeans, and things like blue sweatpants have been handed on down from toddler to toddler regardless of gender.

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