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Childbirth Classes in and around Harford County, MD?

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Can anyone recommend a Bradley Method class to me, which is in close-ish proximity to Harford County, MD?  If there is another method that you think is good, could you let me know that too and why you think it's good?  Thanks so much!

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Did you check bradleybirth.com? Or read "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" by Susan McCutcheon.

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Jessica Groves teaches a bradley based class in Harford county I believe.  Also Emily Pelton teaches a great evidence based natural childbirth class in Northern Baltimore City (right off I-83); www.baltimorefamilybeginnings.com.  I would tell you about my classes but Catonsville is a long drive ;-)



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Jessica was my doula & she's actually a training to be a MW now! I didn't take her class, but from all I know of her, I'd recommend it. (I took a Bradley-derived class that I wouldn't recommend.)


In addition to Bradley, the other method I've heard the best things about is Hypnobabies. I believe it is similar to Bradley in that it provides a lot of factual info on interventions & side-effects & such to help you become an informed healthcare consumer. But it focuses more on relaxation and what's called "hypno-anesthesia" to help reduce pain. I've seen some posts from those who've done both & felt Hypnobabies was better at reducing pain for a more pleasant experience. I even know of a hypnobabies teacher who used to teach Bradley & switched & felt it was superior.


I'm a big weirdo & just not scared of pain, and way too analytical/left-brained to be open to the concept of hypnosis, so it didn't appeal to me at all personally. But from lots of reading on MDC, I recommend it for others if you think it could be a fit for you.


I do NOT recommend Hypnobirthing, on the other hand. If you want more details, I can dig up a great thread on Hypnobirthing vs. Hypnobabies that was running about a month ago on the "Birth & beyond" forum.


I've also heard many good things about yogabirthing - http://yogabirthbaltimore.org/Home_Page.html

Not super convenient to Bel Air, but not too bad. (It's not a 'franchise' type of thing, but a curriculum Heather created herself, so you can't get feedback on the "method" on the other forums like you would on the other 3 I listed above.)

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Jessica is now affiliated with Brio Birth:  http://www.briobirth.com/


Quite a few former Bradley teachers have changed their affiliation to Brio.

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Yes, but Brio is in a legal battle with The Bradley Method.  I wonder if Brio will still be able to teach "Bradley".

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The legal battle only covers copyright. Brio originally was "Bradley Reborn"  That name is the issue of the legal battle not the classes themselves.

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Granted, I haven't taken a Brio class, but from all the information I have seen, Brio teaches partner-coached normal/physiological childbirth, with a medication-free labor and delivery as the goal, just like Bradley. They shared some sample materials a while back and the basic content that was presented was almost identical, just presented differently. I'm sure a Brio teacher could explain any differences for prospective students.


I think more important is the instructor and her (or his) teaching style and knowledge base, rather than who she is affiliated with. So find someone you like and who has good recommendations from people who share your values.


We took a Bradley class with Lorrie Leigh in Columbia in 2008 and it was great. She has since become affiliated with Brio, but knowing her personal values, knowledge, and teaching style, I can't imagine the class would be significantly different. I'd recommend her classes to anyone in Howard County, even if she had no affiliation.

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Well, The Bradley Method is the "tried and true" method that has been around for many years with over 80% natural births. Brio Birth can't say the same thing. It's too new... only time will tell. Brio Birth is NOT Bradley.

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Yes, both Jessica and Lorrie are now with Brio Birth, which is based on many of the tried and true pioneers of childbirth.  In fact, both Lorrie and Jessica helped write the new workbook, which is just AMAZING.  There are several Brio Birth educators in your area.  I would recommend you call and talk to any educator you are interested in and ask them questions and see if you hit it off.

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Germin8--No, Brio birth is not the same as Bradley...it's completely updated and current and full of exciting and powerful information!  I am one of many "new" Brio teachers although I have been teaching for over 10 years to over 250 couples.  Even though I may have switched organizations, my goals, enthusiasm and love for teaching are still the same :)  I agree with whomever said in an above message that it's not WHO the teacher is affiliated with but rather whether or not they are a great teacher.  You can have horrible teachers in a good organization or wonderful teachers in a horrible organization--that's why it's crucial to actually speak to the teacher and also look into what former students have to say.


Nicole, CBRE

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Also wanted to add that if anyone is interested in seeing the kind of experience most Brio teachers have, you can go here--to the Brio Birth Facebook page--to see the teachers listing their teaching experience.  You will see that MANY have been teaching upwards of 10 years so even though Brio is new, the large majority of the teachers are NOT ;)



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Lorrie here.  Yes I have switched to Brio.  I am thrilled about having up to date research and gorgeous materials to work with.  Brio is truly childbirth education for 21st century parents.  I am one of the editors of the book and its wonderful.  Great information, great color pictures of actual women laboring (my placenta is in there, lol).  The teaching techniques are contemporary as well.  I encourage everyone to look at Brio as well as all your other options.

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Having a great teacher, provider and birth facility are all VERY important.


As an educator when I hear anyone quote statistics, I want to know more. I encourage you to research that 80%. Call and ask questions. I would encourage my students to question stats that their provider give them too.  Just because someone says something doesn't make it true. Ask, ask ask.

 Are c/s included in that number? How is that number determined. When I taught AAHCC classes, I can tell you not all clients get back in touch with thier teacher after the birth. To my knowledge, the stats are based on birth logs that the teachers send to the academy each year. So how can a number be accurate if not all the data is submitted. 

I certainly wouldn't buy a house on the word of the previous owner, I would want an inspection, KWIM?


I would ask you to consider HOW many teachers that were once affiliated with many other organizations have switched to Brio. It is THAT GOOD!  I can name numerous just in our area. Lori, Jessica, Me, Pam, Nicole, and several others. Brio is natural childbirth classes that combines the proven techniques with modern day advances. For example, Doulas, Rebozo and the such. 


PLEASE understand one class is not the right and one is not wrong. Different classes work for different couples. But please educate yourself on what is out there. I would be happy to talk with you about Brio. I taught with AAHCC for many years and it is a great class, it is afterall what I took. 


Brio has brought natural childbirth classes current and up to date.


And I will end with saying WELCOME TO PARENTING! lol! This is what is is all about, learning , research, and deciding what is best for you and your family.

All my best.


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Thanks Lauren, 


My classes are definitely seeing some change.  But, I feel they are going to be the better for it.  New materials, new outlines, new techniques.  Being able to draw on all the great resources and techniques for achieving natural childbirth.   I have a Brio class right now and they seem pretty happy and a nearly full class for next series.  I am enjoying stretching new muscles in this expansion.

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The lawsuit just affects the name.  The org is now using Brio Birth. 

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Brio Birth has over 300 educators after only 4 months of existence.  Brio Birth is comprised of instructors wanting to teach an updated evidence-based curriculum. 


(www.BrioBirth.com for the Brio Birth educator in your area)


Here are a few comments from instructors who just got their first sneak peek at the Brio Birth 200-page workbook:


"OMG...that workbook is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!!! I can't begin to imagine the work that went into making it and how incredibly comprehensive it looks to be. WOW WOW WOW! Thank you everyone who produced this...you should be very proud of the work you all did!"


"It's so gorgeous, I don't even have the words to describe how excited I am about it! Thank you to everyone involved :)"


"Holy cow wow!!! We were about to watch a movie, and now I can't do anything else but read through this amazing piece of work! Thank you everybody for all the time committed to this and your incredible team effort!!!!!!!!!"


"WOW WOW WOW it is amazing! Great job to all who worked so tirelessly on this workbook. If there was an Academy Award for workbooks - this book would get it. I will be so proud to give this to my clients! Thank you!"


"LOVE LOVE LOVE the workbook! When I look through it it's crazy to think how much stuff was missing from you know where. I have a 5 in binder that I used to have to supplement with!! You can really tell all the time that was put into this, so I'm happy we had to wait. I thank you all so much!!!"


"Yep, I cried a little reading it. THANK YOU, WORKBOOK TEAM!!!"


"Brava, Brava, Brava! Beautiful ladies! A big thank you for a wonderful resource! My husband took a peek and said, "Wow, there is information in it!""


"FANTASTIC! There is SOOO much info in it. THANK YOU! ♥"




"I LOVE this workbook! I love that so much attention goes to life after baby."


"I just spent some time with the workbook. It is amazing. THANK YOU to those who dedicated their time and wisdom to this project. You deserve to get a huge amount of credit!! Can't wait to get the print version. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


"Again, I don't get a lot of time to read, but I did want to say that I LOVE THIS WORKBOOK! Thank you so much."



Brio Birth = a compilation of knowledge, materials and updated research from some the best natural childbirth instructors in the United States.  Brio Birth already has Regional Representatives to connect with and learn from, will have annual conferences and learning capabilities for CEUs for instructors and so much more!!


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Thank you for all that information about Brio.


ETA: ntengwall3, you mentioned "No, Brio birth is not the same as Bradley...it's completely updated and current".  For anything to be updated, it has to have started from something... so, if Brio is not Bradley, then it would leave one to ask what was Brio updated from?  (I don't know if that made any sense... *lol*... but FYI)


Also, Bradley does have a new website... from what I understand, they are updating.  Bradley is Bradley. Brio is Brio. I never took all Bradley classes, just the first four.  So, I have their workbook and would LOVE to see Brio's workbook. (BTW, I read Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way to labor the Bradley way.)

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Germin--maybe I didn't state that the correct way.  What I meant is that all of their information is up-to-date and current (unlike a lot of the other materials I used to have to use!)  They are presented in a beautiful and appealing manner and look very professional--not like a 3rd grader designed them ;)

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Yup, After many years they finally did update their website. It looks nice. I hope they keep it up and update their videos and workbooks too. It all benefits Mommas and Babies!

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