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Hiccups at top of belly?

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This baby is making me crazy! I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and she still seems to move a lot. She was definitely head down (well... head in my hip, so sort of crooked) last week when we did a quick u/s. But her butt moves all over the place... all the way down the side of my belly sometimes.


All the sudden, the night before last, I felt hiccups in the top of my belly. It's happened 2 more times since then and I'm freaked out.


I went to the midwife today and she felt around. She said she was pretty sure the baby was head down... but kept making faces and saying "well... that COULD be a butt... that COULD be a head." The heartbeat seemed stronger down low, so that's hopeful. She spent a long time feeling and listening. Even though she said she though it was head down, I didn't feel like she was 100% convinced.


If the baby did flip to breech, I don't know when it happened. I assume a flip like that would be pretty noticeable by this time. I'm holding onto that hope....


Soooo... anyone know their baby is head down and still have hiccups at the top of their belly instead of the bottom?


I keep hoping the baby will get them again and they will be low like before. 

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In my experience the baby can stay head down and depending on the position of the rest of the body I feel hiccups in all different parts of the belly.  It's probably just that the hiccups are strong enough to make the babies whole body jump and you are feeling the butt move with each one.  Happens to me all the time!

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My baby is definately head down and I feel the hiccups mostly where his/her butt is. I agree that you probably have a strong hiccuper! Or the way your lo is tilted could make it so that the butt is sticking into your belly more whereas the head is more inside your pelvis, so you're feeling the movements in your belly moreso than your pelvis, if that makes any sense. I wouldn't worry too much!

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i find where i feel the hiccups also depends on how i'm positioned when i feel it. a couple weeks ago i felt them more in the middle of my belly when i was laying in the bath, but the baby still had them later when i was sitting up and then i felt them much lower...


so, i don't know if you were laying back or not, but that could also affect it...


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I've had Bekah have hiccups up high as well and she's head down.  She is ROP currently.  I've had hiccups lower right hip, left hip and top right.  Go figure lol.

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