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religous exemption

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My daughter is almost 4 and wanting to start preschool. I really dont know if Im going to put her in or not because I would prefer homeschooling her until we move from here (2 years) but it got me thinking about the fact that I should probably already have all the info for an exemption. Is it something I need to bother with before I do put her into school? We do not do routine check ups, we only take them in if something is wrong which has consisted of an ER visit for each and thats it. I also have been wondering how the exemptions will work for going overseas. My hubby is military and we hope to get back to Alaska in the next years and I know they make everyone get up to date shots. I should just be able to give them the religious exemption though right? I know we will have to get our health signed off by a dr but I dont want any hassle with this because Its a battle I will not give in to. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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For NC:


"There is no form for requesting religious exemptions in North Carolina. To claim a religious exemption, the parent or person requesting the exemption must write a statement of their religious objection to immunization, including the name and date of birth of the person for whom the exemption is being requested. This statement would then be provided to schools, child care programs, camps, etc. in place of an immunization record. If a family is requesting a religious exemption for more than one child, a separate statement should be prepared for each child. Statements of religious objection to immunization do not need to be notarized, signed by a religious leader, or prepared by an attorney. They do not need to be submitted to the state for review or approval."



Unless your child will be attending a military school (I hear this can be trickier) then I wouldn't think you'd have an issue. Pretty straight forward


For alaska same thing: but you fill out a form instead of writing a statement




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Awesome thank  you! Now if we ever get back to California, its probably best to just keep with the religious exemption rather than do a personal right? I just dont want anyone ever thinking theyre going to question it because I have changed it at all. We hope to hop around from Cali, Alaska and Oregon after here because we are sooo not east coast people.

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Yes, Id keep consistent with whatever exemption you do.


The only reason why you may want to do a philisophical one in CA is if you decided to vax your child selectively.

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Hello.  I thought I'd chime in here - I'm the new CA State Director for the National Vaccine Information Center.  California has only two exemptions on its books:  the medical and the philosophical.  CA has never had the religious exemption, however our philosophical exemption is an extremely broad exemption.  (It could be argued that the philosophical exemption encompasses the religious exemption, but we do not have a specific waiver card for the religious exemption.) 


You may use your philosophical exemption for all private and public schools and daycare, for students up through and including 18 years of age.  Private universities/colleges may use their discretion when it comes to vaccination; some are far more lenient than others when it comes to certain vaccine requirements.  Some private colleges will accept non-vacc'd students on a case-by-case basis, depending on what the reasons are, for not vaccinating (i.e., medical exemptions to certain vaccines are oft times acceptable). 


Also, when using your philosophical exemption, you may send in a written letter, stating you oppose vaccination on a philosophical basis; please note you may use this exemption for whatever vaccinations you elect to opt out of.  You may also elect to use your exemption re: the new CA Tdap booster mandate.  Just be sure to have your exemption in your student's file before OR ON the first day of school for the following school year.


With reference to the blue/waiver vaccination/waiver form:  ALL schools are mailed these blue card waiver/vaccination forms by the California Department of Public Health.  So I'm a bit puzzled as to why so many of Mothering's Forum posters have stated they receive xeroxed copies of these state forms, with the exemption language redacted.  In retrospect, I can only assume this is happening because there is no language contained within California's regs/statute which enforces/requires school district personnel to inform parents of their right to use these exemptions.  That language needs to be inserted within the statute's provisions, but that is a process which has to undergo legislative change.  Remember - the agenda of the CDPH is to ensure maximum vaccination rates, thus, it's most likely the language requiring the schools to properly inform parents as to their right to use exemptions, was deliberately kept out of the regs.  Colorado has just passed a Bill into law, however, which does require all its schools to inform parents about their exemptions; hopefully, CA someday will follow suit.


Peggie O'Meara spoke at the National Vaccine Information Center's last Conference, held in Washington, D.C. in October/2009.  I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Peggie myself, years ago regarding a PKU issue I'd had with my then newborn son (although she may not remember it - it was almost 18 years ago).  Since I'm the new NVIC Director, I thought I'd join the Mothering forum and help with any questions any of you CA parents may have regarding our exemptions and/or the new Tdap booster mandate.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!  I'll try to answer any questions you may have and help in any way I can.


-Kim Kovalchik-Ii

California State Director - National Vaccine Information Center

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