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How Have You Grown As A Parent?

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I began thinking about how I have changed and grown as a parent since I became pregnant and had my ds. In reading so many of these posts, everyone comes from different life experiences, from childhood to parenthood.

I always wanted to bf and have a natural birth. When I was pregnant, I never thought about questioning vaccinations (as an example). Now, after reading in the vaccination forum and the articles in Mothering, I wish I would have made an informed decision. I think so many of us are in different places in our lives and in our growth. I have changed my way of thinking about vaccines, homeschooling, circumsion and alternative medicine and even in religion and spirituality, since becoming pregnant six years ago. I feel as though, I have truly grown since having my ds. I am more patient, tolerant and gentle in my way of thinking and so passionate about parenting.

How have you changed and grown personally, since your children have arrived in your life?

Thanks for your input!


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I have learned not to be selfish! I have learned that it is what you do with your children that count in life....not material things! I used to strive to "look Good" in other peoples' eyes. Now, my goal in life is to create a safe, healthy, fun and loving environment for my children. I have learned how important it is to "save" the environment b/c I want my children and their children to live on a safe planet.

These are just a small few of the things! I'll lay in bed tonight and list many, many more in my head!!!!
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I've chilled out in some ways. I am more relaxed. Not as superficial. Not so into "me". I know this is trite, but I really do stop to smell flowers. And watch the clouds and count stars in the sky.
In other ways I have become even more uptight. When it comes to my children and anything that can hurt or negatively impact them, my lioness side comes out.
I notice things that I never noticed before. Here in NY, 4 children have been killed at the hands of their parents in the last 2 weeks. I have a hard time making it all the way through the newspaper without collapsing in a heap of tears.
I care more about the environment. I think about what I can do both big and small to make the world just a little bit better.

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More and more self-actualized

I would say that her presence makes me step up to another level and really walk the talk, lol. I'm more self-less and patient and happy with simple things.

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I question so much more now. I pay attentoin to everything we put in our bodies and I make sure we take time to nourish our souls, also.
Like jasnjakesmom said, I stop to notice the flowers or the little bug walking across the sidewalk. I take my children out to see the tides change and watch the moon rise.
I enjoy spening time with my children in a relaxed way, rather then always thinkng of what needs to be done. I used to have a hard time with this. I could never fully enjoy the moment because I was worried about dinner.
Now, I would much rather eat a little late and go to bed with the memories of playing pretend with my daughter

There is so much more!
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