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Baby Name websites?

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Anyone know of some good babyname websites?


I can't believe i'm 38 weeks pregnant and my DH and I can't decide on a name.  Well, we can't AGREE on a name is more like it.


We have a girl first name picked out but I'm going to go out on a limb and say this one is a boy.  And we have NOTHING.  We can't agree on one.single.name. 


Ack, help! 

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Just off the top of my head, behindthename and the babycenter one.




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We're right there with you.  You can try www.nymbler.com, www.babynamer.com or www.babynames.com Not that they've done us any good!

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I like http://nameberry.com/  and http://www.nancy.cc/ .   Nameberry is wonderful and has a very active community.   I wrote in to Nancy's site a few days ago and within a day she put up a post on her blog for me with suggestions.


Good luck....we have chosen a name yet either!!!!

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I second nameberry.com.  It was very helpful for me and my husband, even though he's not picky with most names I pick out.  He just vetoed the ones that were too hippie for him.

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I really like nameberry.,com, and babynamewizard.com is good, too.

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Dont feel bad.   38ish weeks here and still not settled on a name.  DH is stuck on Caleb but nothing has stuck for me yet.  I think its okay but Im not sure its the one.

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Well Ive heard of parents naming their baby the first word they saw after they gave birth.. There was NoSmoking and Cervix.. Kidding, well not about the names but about actually suggesting you do that..

Ive used the babycenter one to look up the meaning of the name. All of the names we came up with, except for Alexandra, were family names. DD1's first name is my middle name and my great grandma's first name. DD1's middle name is MIL's middle name. DD2s first name, when we came out of the ultrasound we were a little suprised to find it was a girl (I had thought it was a boy all along because the pregnancy was so different) and I got an overwhelming sense that it was a girl and her name was Alexandra. The name fits her perfectly. Her middle name is my Grandma-in-laws middle name. DS's name is a combo of my grandpa-in-laws first name and my grandfathers first name.

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DH and I took many a date to our local bookstore to skim over some of the babyname books. We would just sit and read names aloud to one another. Maybe getting out of the house and into neutral territory would help? smile.gif

If it is any consolation, I'm 40 weeks on Thursday and we just tonight settled on a last name for our child/ren. I'm trying not to go back to the table on it. Naming is hard!!!

Good luck!
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Thanks!  I went through both of those websites and we STILL CAN"T AGREE.


Ugh.  We have a girl's name picked out but chances are this is a boy and we've used up the names we could agree on on the last 2 boys. 

We found a few names we are "ok" with but I don't want to settle for a name that is just "eh" to us.


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We are in the same boat. I went through every single name A-Z on the Nancy website and made a list of ok names. Which my husband pretty much ruled out because he didn't like them or they were too hard to say. lol. This little monkey is never going to have a name.

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