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Magnolia Louise arrived last night!

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Magnolia Louise arrived last night at 10:03 pm.  37 weeks 1 day gestation; 7 lbs 15 oz (my biggest baby); 20"


Here's sort of a rough draft of our birth story...


Long early labor after my water broke at 11:19 the night before, and eventually had midwife check (around 6:30 pm) and I was still only at 4 cm, so they mixed me a cocktail of orange juice, a small amount of castor oil, almond butter, and Lemon Verbena Essential Oil.  Midwifery student in attendance had been hearing amazing things about the LVEO for helping labor progress and even "euphoric labor".  It tasted like drinking a candle ;-)  I went up to get some rest, but gave up as strong contractions started hitting regularly and often.  I began leaning over a birth ball, on all four on the floor, and was frequently needing to pee.  I never did have a bowel movement from the castor oil, and the castor oil hasn't seemed to have any affect on that today either.  It was getting very intense, very quickly, and I asked for the birth stool because I was already feeling pushy, though I could tell I wasn't full dilated.  The quickly set up, in my husband's office because it was the warmest room downstairs, and that is where I had been leaning on the ball since it was the only room with carpet.  They set up the birthstool in front of my Mom's airbed, so I would also have a place to lay down right after.  I got on the birth stool and was checked again and was only 7 cm, which felt disappointing, and soon started having the classic, "I change my mind (about everything)" feelings, but after laboring 5 times, I really knew this was transition, and that helped so much.  I was very worried I'd throw up, and kept burping up the Lemon Verbena oil, but never did, which was amazing as I have always been nauseated the *entire* labor, and certainly always threw up during transition.  I had taken 2 doses of homeopathic Ipecac earlier in the day.  It was only 30" (maybe less) before she started crowning.  This started happening while I was leaning on the ball, but I wanted to be able to feel her head and help pull her up so I switched to the birth stool -- I said I wanted to, but didn't know how to do it, and the midwife said, "you're just going to make up your mind to do it, and then make it happen," which I did immediately.  Then I started looking around telling everyone to get my kids up (they wanted to be there and had been put to bed a couple hours below), and my midwife said there just wasn't time.  So I told them to get my Mom (I could hear her doing the dishes in the kitchen)...I think everyone else was so surprised it was happening so quickly, they weren't thinking of all of this...and I leaned back then and was trying to focus on letting everything stretch and resist the urge to push with all my might.  Midwife thought I was doing this to keep from having baby until everyone was in place, so she sent Grandma to go get the kids, and then I really did hold back for them.  They made it down and her head came all the way out then and I reached down and held it.  Was able to wait a minute for another contraction and pushed out her shoulders and pulled her up but had to hunch over because her cord was so short.  The placenta immediately followed.


Her apgar scores were 9, then 10.  She soon latched on and nursed for over an hour!  All went well for her exam, we got cleaned up and headed to bed!  She nursed so much last night, more than any of my newborns ever have, but today has been more sleepy.  We're all settled in for a lovely babymoon....



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Congratulations! Shes beautiful!

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Congratulations!  She is so precious!  Enjoy the babymoon!

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Beautiful and congrats!  Great story and great outcome!

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congratulations! and welcome magnolia! she's just beautiful!

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Congratulations!! She's beautiful! And it sounds like a great labor :)

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What a beautiful baby girl! Congrats!

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congratulations what an amazing photograph!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful :) 

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congratulations! she is beautiful... and what a great welcome to the world, with the whole family around!

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love.gif Congrats, Toemizanol & welcome Magnolia Louise!! love.gif

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Congratulations, she's beautiful! And welcome to the world, Magnolia!

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Congratulations!  What a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.

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oh dear what a sweet baby girl :) congrats!

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Congratulations! So cute!

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Congratulations! She's so sweet!!

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Hooray! Congrats, mama!

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Congrats! She fits her beautiful name!

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Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Congratulations!!!!

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Love that picture, congrats!

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