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Frequent urination in toddler

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My dd pees constantly! Seriously, I counted 6 times in four hours this morning. She is potty training, so I'm more aware of it, but it was obvious even when she was exclusively diapered. This seems like a lot to me... its as if she never slowed down from infanthood. And she doesn't drink very much at all. I brought this up to our ped. and he said it sounds unusual and we could look into it after she is potty trained. Does this seem right? Am I just paranoid? I would hate for her to have a uti or something and have it go untreated until she is 3! Any advice?
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She's not drinking a lot of extra fluids huh? Perhaps her bladder just needs to grow some more. Is it a lot each time? Or is she just piddling?
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not drinking much might mean concentrated urine - this irritates bladder and causes frequency - up the fluids to see if it helps
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As someone with childhood and then adult bladder problems, I second the suggestion to have her drink more. The less I drink, the more irritated my bladder is, the more I feel I have to pee.

Water, Water, everywhere, and every drop to drink!

If that doesn't help, then take her to the Dr. for further testing.

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Thanks. I didn't think of the drinking... I'll try that. She's not a huge water fan, but I don't give her juice. And as to the ammount, it seems like a lot to me. I'm not sure how much toddlers pee, but it is not just a few drops or anything.
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Here's what we do with the child I work with - 1/4 juice to 3/4 water. He likes it WAY better than water but it doesn't have much sugar. He drinks LOT and pees a LOT. (He's 5 now but I've been working with him since he was 3.)

The other day he had peed twice in 2 1/2 hours and then we were working on oral/motor therapy (he's got autism) and he peed while we were working! He's only had 1 pee accident since I potty trained him over a year ago. I thought, what's up! THen I realized that he'd had a lot of water/juice, and then we were playing with wet washcloths and ice cubes. I think that did it and he couldn't help it. Because then when I took him in the bathroom afterwards, he sat and peed some more! YIPES!

Plus, when we potty trained him, he peed ALL the time, sometimes more often than your daughter. She's probably getting used to the "I have to pee" sensation and honoring it each time. After a few more weeks, she'll go longer and get used to how it feels when she actually *needs* to go.

I wouldn't worry about a physical problem if there's a lot coming out. I'd only worry if it was a tiny bit and she felt like she HAD to pee - urgency with uncomfortableness soon after she'd just peed.

I think with extra water with a bit of juice, or a bit of a vitamin powder like Emergen-C for taste (and vitamins!) she'll be fine.

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...and I would dress her a little warmer. Make sure her kidneys and belly are always covered and wear two pair of underpants on her. Kids sit on the floor a lot and can catch cold 'down there'.

So often we wear dresses on little girls for church and socks, when it is really pretty cold still. From the car to church a cold draft could weaken their immune enough to get a slight UTI. I am one for keeping the kids faily warm.

Did you take her swimming lately in a chlorinated pool? Or used bubble baths? Both should be avoided.

But the need to pee will pass again. If she is not in pain or running a fever, I would not do anything about it besides giving her more to drink and dressing her warmer.

I hope you don't think it's too old fashioned, but I also always wore a hat on my kids unless it was 60 degrees or more, and none ever had an ear infection nor did any ever need antibiotic. (They are 32, 34, 35 now.)
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