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i was exactly in your position 6 weeks ago. my baby flipped to breech at 35 weeks. I started going to the chiro right away and i swear after that first trip (webster technique) that baby was well on it's way to flipping back. i wanted a homebirth too and i was paranoid of a c section. I read as much as i could about delivering breeches and was actually set and determined to deliver a breech at home. so i kept up with the websters, going once a week when it was confirmed that the baby was headdown again at 38 weeks. i got my homebirth and a healthy baby! just learn all that you can.
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Originally posted by OnTheFence
I've actually heard of CNMs and OBs doing these in an office setting. Scarey.
That *IS* scarey!
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thanks again

No change yet but I've been trying out all your suggestions including chiro which was very gentle. Also moxa, handstands, breech tilt, talking with baby etc. Really appreciate all this knowledgea nd support.

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Originally posted by Raven
Originally posted by OnTheFence
That *IS* scarey!

I've done a version at home - twice. The first was successful, the second the baby wouldn't budge, so we stopped.

At home, versions are MUCH different than in the hospital.

There is no "Grabbing" of the baby and forcing the baby over.

We massage the mom, or have her take a warm shower, drink some herbs to relax or a small glass of wine.

We oil up her belly, and while my assistant listens to heart tones the whole time, I gently nudge the baby over in a direction.

What usually happens is the baby will get transverse (sideways) and then naturally dive down into the pelvis.

There ARE risks to EV - whether they are done at home or in the hospital. I have found versions done by doctors are typically more forceful and more painful than ones done at home by midwives.

Provided everyone knows their true risks, I believe there is a place for versions done at home.

However, not everyone agrees and that's why we have hospitals. It's about choice, not being reckless.
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Youre right about doctors generally being more forceful. I must admit tho that if my midwife was able to do an EV and offered to do it at my house the way you described I would've concented - buts thats only because she and I are close and I have complete trust in her. I think these two aspects are far too often overlooked by doctors. Having said that I dont think I would've let the dr who did my EV's do it anywhere else but in the hospital.

At the end of the day you have to do research and feel comfortable with the choices you make.
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Pam for some reason your Version sounds more like the one we did at home! NOTHING like I have seen or read about from CNM or OBs. You have never struck me as the type to do something even comparable to what I had experienced.
We did something very similar at home and I could feel Elizabeth trying to go head down but she would go so far and then pop back into her weird position.
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I remember with dd I went for accupuncture and I could also feel her trying to turn but then not managing to go all the way. I think this was b/c she was bigger than average and I was about 38 weeks at the time.
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success, thanks all

Hi all,

Just wanted to thank you all for your help. My baby turned after accupunture yesterday (and the Webster technique and moxa and visualization and music and chatting to baby and all your suggestions) Really appreciate it.

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MY DS did the same thing, only he continued it for a bit. Turned Breech at @36, head-down at @37, breech at @38, and then about 3 days later, when I was yelling at the dog, head-down again. And stayed there. I felt it very acutely each time he "flipped" .

He liked it so much head down he stayed until 42 weeks and 2 days!

We think he may become a gymnast some day
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Oh, that's terrific!
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My hubby and I had an unassisted homebirth of our twins. Our daughter was a footling breech and born vaginally with no problems.

My midwife had an older relative who was also a midwife who used to turn vertex babies into the breech position because it was considered easier on the mom back in those days! Sooooo, it just goes to show that opinions change.

Personally, I feel a non-invasive approach is best with breeches. I figure, there's a reason the baby is breech. We don't necessarily know what it is.

My daughter just wanted to show off, I think. She timed her birth perfectly with a train roaring by...plus, there were big spurts of blood and lots of yells on her part.
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Oops! Hadn't read the end of the thread before posting! Yay! That's great to hear. Wishing you good birthing vibes.
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I just left a message about not turning breech babies - but then noticed your baby had turned. Best of luck with the birth!
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Glad you didnt have to do anything too drastic! Congrats!!!!

How did you find the accupuncture?
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