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I had my baby.....

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Friday Jan 21 at 11:55am. 8 pounds 9 ounces. 21. 5 inches long. Healthy. Happy.


Unfortunately it was a hospital birth .....story later....here is a little bit.....


--I will have to write out the birth story. The hospital experience was like the Twilight Zone. When we arrived at the LABOUR AND DELIVERY unit the nurse was completely and udderly confused as to why we were there. asking us a couple ti...mes with a really confused look on her face.....she gave us a lecture....then walked away leaving us standing there. So....we kind of looked around for another nurse. I asked where the washroom was...and the second nurse was not going to tell me where it was unless I told her what I planned to do in there....I tried three times to explain that I just wanted to know where it was....not that I had to go right then.
In the first 45 minutes we were there they got us to move rooms THREE times.....in labour....FUN!
Then the nurse had to start an IV, she tried twice, didn't get (I have the huge bruises to show) ....I think it may have been easier if she would have waited until between contractions instead of right in the middle of them. LOL.....but who am I? LOL.
Then the lady came in to take blood....which she did it the middle of the contraction...I have a bruise from that too.
(The IV was started first try from the midwife...no pain....no bruises....though she didn't do it during a contraction either....)
And they are building a new hospital so they aren't fixing or cleaning anything in our hospital.....it is really really really gross. My husband said "hold on , I am going to rinse out the shower, someone was in there with their boots on..." NOPE that was the FLOOR.....dirty. YUCK.
BUT>>>>I only had to stay 12 hours total. That is not the whole story.....I will get to it soon. 

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That is freaky.  Congrats on your little one...in any case.  I can't wait to read the rest of it.

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 What??!? How freaking bizarre. I am glad that your little one is happy and healthy. Congratulations, and looking forward to your tale.

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Crazy! I am glad everyone is healthy and okay.

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