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This is so personal, clearly, but I would do it at 40 this time.  Just becasue wouldn't it be nice if baby and grandpa shared a bithday AND a middle name.love.gif

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thanks for that story.  I went to the doc yesterday and even with the VBAC he's willing to let me go to 42 weeks without any sort of induction- woo hoo!  He offered pitocin but said that that decreases the VBAC success rate.


I may still have the membranes swept-- he didn't mention it yesterday and that's fine with me since I'm not even 40.  I think I'll wait until 41  weeks and some days, as you did.  Just enough to use it as a possibility to avoid a section.  I would much rather labor begins when my body is totally ready.  Last labor was 36 hrs and baby never came down.  I want to stack the odds in this ones' favor :)


Glad to hear that it didn't hurt- that's one of my other fears.  Like I said, I'm a pain wimp!


That's great that it worked so well for you!



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