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39 weeks, no indication of labor

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Anyone else? I had BH w/ mild cramping for many hours over the weekend, but learned at my appt on Mon that the cervix is still only 1cm w/ baby's station at -3. So all those (mildly) painful BH for nothing.


Anyone else tired of waiting? I want a healthy baby & trust the process, knowing that he probably needs a few more weeks to grow (especially since brain myelination is really just starting now), but waiting is really no fun. I feel like my life is on hold, though in actuality there are several things I could/should be doing right now...

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I will be 39 on saturday and I have no signs at all yet really...cramp here and there, no plug, cervix pretty far back as far as I can tell. I'm sure I'm dialated a bit due to this being my 4th...but besides that, not much going on!

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Yep. He dropped lower, but that's about it. Sigh.

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I'll be 39 weeks on Sunday, and I'm thrilled to be so far pregnant (DS arrived at 37+2), but since I have learned that my placenta is a grade 2-3 one, I'm watching for signs desperately, cause what if my placenta looks terrible next Monday??? I don't want an induction at ALL...

I don't know about my cervix, I haven't had it checked, but I have had contractions here and there, last Saturday for quite some time but they went away again... No mucus plug, I did have tons of discharge in the 38th week and now very little, the mw said it might have liquified and that was it...

I'm on EPO now and daily intercourse, but nothing! That stuff doesn't work this time around ;) - Baby E is totally low and it is hard to walk, but that's about it. Next week on Monday I have another ultrasound, yikes, and then will see the midwife. We might talk cohosh or castor oil then... I won't touch that now just yet. I wouldn't do anything really if it weren't for my ancient placenta.

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It's so hard to wait!  I don't have any signs and am only 37+5 but I'm already feeling like I want it to happen yesterday.  Sometimes I feel so close, then I feel like I have forever to wait.  My first was 43 weeks and the second was 42+1.  The thought of going to my due date seems fine but the thought of having FOUR weeks left and going to 42 weeks is a painful thought!

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With my first I didn't have any indications of labor until I went into labor. She didn't even drop until D-Day.

My second was similar but I was dilated before labor to 4cm and had some braxton hicks.

This one is similar to my second but Ive declined cervical checks so I don't know if I'm dilated at all. Im either 39+2 (according to the wheel) or 38+4 (according to the ultrasound/my guess)

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My suggestion? Don't wait around. Make plans, do things, take naps, see movies, read books, get pedicures, go for fancy dinners.


The worst that will happen is you will have to cancel. I made reservations at a super fancy restaurant on my due date. I waited around last time and it was awful. I refuse to do that again!

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I had NO symptoms, wasn't even uncomfortable with my first.  I never felt a BH, I could have gone on pregnancy forever!   I went into labor on my due date,  and delivered him in 4 hours.   Everything happened all at once.  I guess you just never knew.

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Great advice and stories from everyone. And good to hear that I'm not alone! smile.gif

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I am  having some signs but nothing has happened yet.  I am 39.5 weeks.  With my first two I didn't have a single sign before labor began.

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I'm 38+3 today.  I've had a metric ton of prodromal/Braxton Hicks but that is it.  Can anyone tell me what the difference is between prodromal and BH contractions?  No one seems to have an answer.


With my first, my labor was textbook.  Lost my mucus plug on a Monday, membrane sweep on Wednesday, labor began Thursday night with water breaking.  It's a little more frustrating this time to just trust the process, since with my first, the process was so orderly.

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i'm 38wks 3days today and i've been having some signs...but it might just be wishful thinking on my part. with ds i didnt have any signs other than those of pre-e and i ended up getting induced on my edd, with dd1 i had a week long labor, (starting at 39 weeks) contractions all day long that just wouldn't get stronger and my mw tried to get them to stop and nothing worked...finally real labor kicked the day after my edd. i'm not too hopeful i'll have my baby before 40 weeks...but i totally wouldn't mind if she came a little early.

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I had painful menstrual-like cramps last night for several hours, but there was no regularity or pattern. They have disappeared today. Are these the "prodromal" contractions you're having, Aidenn? There is a lot of contradictory info on the net about them, particularly about their effects on the cervix. I have no idea if they are productive or just a nuisance. Regardless, I kept wondering last night if it would turn into real labor, since they really did hurt...

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I have the hardening of my whole stomach/uterus that feels wavy - I can feel it grow harder and then taper off.  I timed them last night on Contraction Master because I was curious and they were 25 seconds long and coming every 5 minutes.  Just uncomfortable, but not painful.  They don't stop if I lay on the couch, but if I am asleep in bed, I don't notice them.  I get about 100-175 of these each day, if I were to guess.  It's pretty much from the time I wake up until I go to sleep.


Occasionally, I have ones that wrap around my back and those are more like menstrual cramps where they are achy and begin in my back and move to the front, but they come and go from nowhere and don't reappear with any regularity.


I don't know if they're doing anything or what Braxton Hicks feel like versus prodromal.  I'm just trying to bask in the unknown magic of it all and trust that she'll come when she's ready, but I am getting exhausted of having symptoms that I don't even know what to call them.

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I had both Braxtons and prodromal with my last labor. Where I've never woken up from a BH contraction, prodromal contractions were intense enough that I would wake from my sleep, but not so strong I felt like I needed to go to the hospital. Other than that, they felt similar. I've never really believed the part about how Braxton Hicks contractions don't hurt- mine always have, but in a different way than labor contractions. Where labor contractions felt like a sudden vice grip, BH were more like...a slow tightening that's pretty dang uncomfortable at the end.

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See, this is where my confusion lies.  My labor last time was all back labor and it always felt like a wave.  I've never had the tough "vice grip" suddenness you describe.


Sorry for hijacking this thread with my prodromal vs. BH questions!

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My first labor was back labor too and felt very different from the prodromal contractions I have now, which are low in the front and gripping and taking my breath away by putting pressure on my lungs (sort of like I am being squeezed)... Woohoo loose bowel movements today, but who knows. We also scheduled the Lowes carpet people to carpet the basement for tomorrow, let's see if we have to cancel, I highly doubt it though!!!

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Last night I had PAINFUL contractions for about 6 hours. They would last 10-60 seconds, come every 10 minutes for a while and then eventually every 20-30 minutes, and felt by far worse than any menstrual cramp I've ever had. The pain was located in my entire pelvis, back and front, and upper thighs/hips. I lost my mucous plug at 6am. In essence they occurred about three times an hour throughout the night, never hitting that desired pattern of 5-1-1 (ie. every 5 minutes, lasting 1 minute, occurring this way over an hour).


I thought for SURE that this would be the start of labor, but today have had these kinds of contractions again randomly. Most of them have been less intense. I called my doc, and was told to go into L&D. The nurse checked my cervix (only 2cm!!!!), did a NST (was fine), checked serial bp's (borderline high), drew labs due to isolated high bp readings (CBC, LFTs, renal panel all fine).


So, the result of all that pain was that my cervix only dilated to 2cm, and I lost my mucous plug. BUMMER. These contractions were so painful, that I now completely fear hardcore labor. I wish that my water would just break & put me out of my misery. I am DREADING the possibility of experiencing this for another several days.


Nurses said that sometimes labor starts this way, and can persist for several days (even a week, ugh!)...

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Joining the 'club'. No contractions, BH or otherwise, she has not dropped, and I am completely closed. SIGH. 39 weeks today. Come on body, lets get this show on the road. I hope I am dilated at my appointment on Monday!

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My labor contractions are the same as my bh except for intensity. Oh and they're usually much stronger in my back when they're "real." They start slowly, increase, and then, taper off. Thing is, my bh contrax are almost always around a minute long. 

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